Occupiers as Mindless Drones -UPDATE

Wow. And they say religious folk want to be told what to think and what to say!

This is pathetic. It reminds me of kindergarten. It’s actually kind of terrifying: “just tell me what to say and I’ll parrot it.” Completely mindless.

UPDATE: At the urging of a few commenters, I looked at the video again, and concede that this may in fact be less a mindless-drone-fest than I had thought. As some know, I don’t venture forth into crowds very often, so I have not experienced or witnessed microphone-free people having their every word repeated by a crowd for the sake of others. That seems to be what this, in which case I gladly admit my error. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong. I wonder if any of the folk in that crowd would admit that some of what they’re repeating is wrong. Or at least distorted?

But I still say “the whole world is watching,” chants we hear elsewhere are stale, that ultimately the “Occupation” is going to backfire because the populace is in no mood for being told what to do or having anything rammed down their throats. And I do think many are watching with a combination of disgust and morbid fascination, and thinking, “second time farce.”

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