Times Headline and Benedict XVI

Or, as Michael B. Dougherty wrote here at twitpic:This headline would be grabbier if it said “Pope Was Right, Times Wrong”

But then, that’s been known for a while

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  • Jen

    “But, but, but… this is why we must give them condoms! Condoms are the answer! Condoms will be their salvation!”

    Yes, our beloved Papa was right. Smart guy, that Benedict. :)

  • Christine

    I thought the Pope said that about condoms? Not that it shouldn’t apply to all contraception, including depo, but the brouhaha was about his comments about condoms. Depo comes with a “does not prevent stds” disclaimer. Unlike condoms.

    [Pope was making the point, overall that artificial birth control in general, over abstinence, would lead to more, not less AIDS as it gives false sense of security and encourages recklessness, which the Harvard fella conceded was true -admin]

  • Christine

    Just commenting that the article is not about condoms. Unless they are now given by injection every three months. There is a scary visual!

  • Tonestaple

    This reminds me of a discussion I got into on Facebook about one of the egregious Nick Kristof’s egregious columns about contraception in Africa. The sturm und drang was over the expense involved in providing contraceptives to African women, like the one you stick in your arm or (for the sake of parallel construction) the one you stick in your uterus.

    I finally pointed out that the method the Catholic church approves was the only one appropriate for this situation as it is easy for a woman to do herself and it only requires one relatively inexpensive bit of equipment. You should have heard the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments: you would have thought I had said that an unborn child is a human being.

  • Greta

    And long before BenedictXVI, there was Paul VI who was also prophetic in Humane Vitae about the wide use of birth control which is why it is still viewed as sinful.

  • Doc

    One interesting tidbit I’ve picked up while reading The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister (Three Who Changed the World) was that Pope Paul VI was contemplating 2 Vatican reports on contraception and the majority opinion report endorsed making contraception permissable. The future John Paul II weighed in strongly as part of the minority report and his opinion may have tipped the scale for Paul VI choosing that position as the basis of Humane Vitae.