Prayer Request

From a woman who wants to be The Anonymous Protestant:

I’d like to request prayer for an 81 year old man who is dying of renal failure, congestive heart disease and pulmonary fibrosis. He has been arguing with me about the existence of God for over 30 years. When I read a post, some time back, by Julie at Happy Catholic about talking to her dad and getting him to promise that if he saw Jesus reaching out to him in the moment of his death to reach back and take Jesus’ hand, I asked my friend do do the same. His face softened and he said”Of course. I’m not too proud to admit if I’ve made a mistake.” I am praying for grace now for my friend in his final hours.

I think Julie had a really inspired moment, making that request of her father, and depending upon the mercy of Christ. I will be keeping this gent, and his open mind and heart, in my prayers, hope you’re join me.

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