ACT III: American Fall – The Revolution

Michelle Obama did tell us “Barack Obama will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual”. Specifically, she said:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

Oh, irony. The most cynical, process-disdaining, divisive, self-isolating, disengaged president since Nixon, running arguably a less-transparent administration than his predecessor’s, is going to demand our enlightenment, and oh yeah, he’s going to require you to work.

Not, apparently at an actual paying job. Unless it’s for the government.

Or the revolution.

But perhaps I am redundant?

I don’t think it’s playing well, actually, hence the ongoing nervous breakdown

The first year of Obama’s presidency was Act I: Demonizing the businesses and banks who largely funded the most expensive political campaign in American history. Target “millionaires and billionaires” (private sector, only) and private jets and Vegas conferences. March on AIG businessmen’s homes, to intimidate, and to show you can. It was testing waters.

Second year, Act II was all about Obamacare — the structure upon which the transformed America would be built. Lost a few congressional seats? Worth it. Rise of Tea Party? Who cares? We’ve got unions!

Sort of reminds me of that lyric from Evita:

There’s no risk, there’s no call
For any action at all
When you have unions on your side

Third year, Act III: After a summer full of “flash mob” dry runs and stepped-up rhetoric of class warfare, the “revolution” begins — the “American Fall.”

Very tidy, no?

Say this for them, The Obamas are not liars. They told us exactly who they were. It’s staggering to consider how many were really not listening.

I watched this video advocating violence in order to bring about the socialist revolution (a better world brought to you by Mr. Molotov and as much chanting as we can sustain!), and all I could think of was this post from the ’08 election campaign, specifically the exchange between Barack Obama and Joe the Plumber and this passage from Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch:

““I’ve got a question,” said someone in the crowd of onlookers. “Harry Supple’s my name. Got a shoe shop in New Cobblers…”

“Yes, Comrade Supple?” he said.
“Anyway, it says here in article seven of this here list . . . it says we’ll seize hold of the means of production, sort of thing, so what I want to know is, how does that work out regarding my shoe shop? I mean, I’m in it anyway, right? It’s not like there’s room for me and my lad Garbut and maybe one customer.”
“Ah, but after the revolution, all property will be held in common by The People…er…that is, it’ll belong to you but also to everyone else, you see?”

Comrade Supple looked puzzled.

“But I’ll be the one making the shoes?”

“Of course. But everything will belong to The People.”

“So…who’s going to pay for the shoes?” said Mr. Supple.

“Everyone will pay a reasonable price for their shoes, and you won’t be guilty of living off the sweat of the common worker,” said Reg shortly. “Now, if we – ”

“You mean the cows?” said Supple.


“Well, there’s only the cows, and the lads at the tannery, and frankly, all they do is stand in a field all day, well, not the tannery boys, obviously, but – ”

“Look,” said Reg. “Everything will belong to The People and everyone will be better off. Do you understand?”

The shoemaker’s frown grew deeper. He wasn’t certain if he was part of The People. “I thought we just don’t want soldiers down our street, and mobs, and all that lot,” he said.

Reg had a hunted look. He made a dive for safety. “Well, at least we can agree on Truth, Freedom and Justice, yes?”
There was a chorus of nods. Everyone wanted those. They didn’t cost anything.

Honestly, I don’t know why anyone is surprised at what’s going on in America in the Year of Our Lord, 2010. Obama told us what he was going to do, and aside from embracing all of those Bush policies and wartime excesses he previously abhorred (too much power always becomes “just-right-to-not-enough” when one assumes the reins, oneself) he’s worked very hard to keep most of his promises. If things seem chaotic just now, well, they are meant to be chaotic because the cajolery part is over:

Here’s how it works:

(CHAOS) You spend a few months trash-talking a nation’s economy, and calling it a dire catastrophe, then you (CAJOLERY) shrug and say, “no, man, it’s not that bad; people over-react.”

You say (CAJOLERY) “we need to put on the brakes” then you (CHAOS) step on the accelerator, and toss money out of the car as it flies off the cliff, so that at least everyone is partying/suffering together.

You say (CAJOLERY) “our service people deserve our best,” and then you say, (CHAOS) “but you know…not our financial and medical help for injuries sustained while serving us.” Then you Spin while Dancing in Place (CAJOLERY?)

You say, (CAJOLERY) “these AIG bonuses are unconscionable; we should not be rewarding failure,” but you (CHAOS) don’t ask Jamie Gorelick or Franklin Raines – who made millions and millions of dollars in bonus money, while mismanaging Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – to cough up their ill-gotten booty. Then you plan further Fannie and Freddie Bonuses. This is a tricky scene, because the right hand must not be allowed to see what the left hand is doing.

You say, (CAJOLERY) “this guy is the indispensable man to fix the economy.” Then you say, (CHAOS) “well, yeah…he did oversee these AIG bailouts with the bonuses.” There is some unicycle-esque pedaling back-and-forth.

You say, (CHAOS) “we didn’t even know about these contractual bonuses,” and then you say, “well, we did. But we didn’t. But someone slipped them into the stimulus. (CAJOLERY) But no one we know. And (CHAOS) the bad guys are the businessmen! Even though they all contributed to our campaigns!

You say: (CAJOLERY) These AIG guys should do the decent thing and commit suicide, then you (CHAOS) don’t even guarantee their anonymity when their safety is a concern.

You say, (CHAOS) you’re too tired from fixing all these dire emergencies to do the “smart diplomacy” part right.” Then you (CAJOLERY) go spend a surprising amount of time rounding up sports things.

You support (CAJOLERY) your laborsec’s right to a secret ballot, then you (CHAOS) wink…and push to take away a union member’s right to a secret-ballot.

You say, (CHAOS) “the planet is going to die from carbon, even if carbon is people!” We all need a green revolution! I’m going tax your ass off for your energy usage and call it “cap and trade,” so you have no idea what the hell it all means.” Then you (CAJOLERY) cue up Air Force One nearly every week to continue the “endless campaign” where you smile and joke and smile some more, until everyone tilts the head and says, “awww…what a nice guy…”

You tell everyone (CAJOLERY) you are going to “remake” America into a people’s paradise. But you never tell them what that historically has meant, or (CHAOS) who wrote that particular script. Or how it gets played.

Your Ministry of Culture will provide the reviews.

Oh, and before the play is over – after each incredible scene – you take a bow. The press will help paint over the missed lines.

Ed Morrissey has more thoughts on the revolution

American Thinker: also striking the Obama is just who he is note.

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  • Billiamo

    And now, according to an article linked from the Drudge Report, Orlando is unveiling a Barack Obama Parkway.

    I think it’s foolish to name public works after living politicians; you wind up with situations akin to what happened in Louisiana several years ago, when Gov. Edwin Edwards was arraigned, if memory serves, in the courthouse that bore his name.

  • kevin

    He is fomenting social unrest, which is all he knows how to do. Most of the country has tuned him and his wife out.

  • Kenny R

    Perhaps, like Forrest Gump, I’m just a simple man but what kind of insanity would prompt those millionaires who funded Obama’s ’08 campaign to repeat their support in ’12?

  • friscoeddie

    Joe the Plumber.. [name not Joe.] ‘whosis’ is not a plumber either..
    I say you should get him to run againt Obama.

    Obama “he’s worked very hard to keep most of his promises. ‘sneer sneer.
    he sure did… 1000000 young people have enrolled in mom and pops’ health care to age 26..I have 4 grandchildren in college in their pops’ health care.
    I know many here don’t like that ‘Obama’care but I would like to know how many of the disenchanted signed up the kids and grandchildren..

    [What's in a name? Joe's name is Sam. Barack was "Barry." I'm sure you're not Friscoeddie by birth? I'd much rather see my 26 year old with a job that offers a fairly priced insurance policy that he can accept or decline than out of work,and dependent on the government and living under mandates. Obamacare did not have to become the monstrosity it is. The government had options to help people get affordable health care in the open market. They could have opened up interstate competition. They could have -- as Giuliani did successfully in NYC -- offer folks without insurance the chance to buy-in to the same healthplan the gov't workers had. Obama had choices other than the one he made and then rammed down the country's throat flavored with what he now admits were inaccurate (I'll be kind) assertions that costs would be lowered, and we'd all keep our plans. - admin

  • Pierre

    Well it is obvious that those millionaires are planning on being the ones calling the shots…either you are with them or against them. Millionaires these days, especially in the financial industry, don’t have a lot of morals. Conservatives shouldn’t mistake these easy money types of those sorts of individuals like Steve Jobs who actually built things….these financial types thrive on destruction…or more to the point they don’t care what happens as long as they profit.

  • friscoeddie

    Elizabeth; is Congress, both hose voting and signed by President “rammed down the country’s throat “????/////All my college grandkids are in private insurance plans their parents have… so why do you imply they are in government /socialist plans.. veterans and military are in government plans and these are not socialist either. Some of you would call the Medal Of honor a socialist medal.

    [Oh, be intellectually honest enough to admit that the only reason that bill passed is b/c the Democrats controlled both houses. Rammed. Through. Despite polls and vociferous objections. And it's still not playing well to anyone but the true-believers. -admin]

  • Manny

    I agree, it’s not a surprise. Despite how the media muted it, Obama ran as a far left guy, and everything about his history, documented in his own biographies, demonstrably was far left. Just look at the church he attended for 20 years, the radicals he hung out with, the fact that he was a community organizer in Chicago (as if there are anything but far left in the Chicago inner city), and the code word rhetoric (sometimes not so code word) he had on the campaign. I like the way you broke that down: Acts I, II, III. Let’s hope that Act IV is Obama’s unemployment.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Pierre, what Millionaires in particular are you talking about? George Soros? Hollywood moguls, such as Michael Moore? Somehow, these sort of millionaires never come in for any criticism, from the Left.

    I also remember way back when the banks were getting a bail-out; it was the Left who claimed they had to have it, that they were “Too big to fail.” When those on the right said the market should be allowed to take its course, they were reviled as being heartless, and mean-spirited.

    What about ACORN, and the unions? They certainly seem to want to call the shots, these days.

    Frankly, all the burble about the evils of millionaires, and Wall Street these days, just sounds like Marxist class warfare agitprop.

  • Pierre

    Many millionaires in the financial industry made their fortunes on the back of government regulations. I do not respect their right to their ill gotten gains.

  • grumpy pelican

    The politics of envy is a dangerous game for a leader to play. It’s a cynical method to change the argument from accomplishments or positive policy to division and confusion. If you can convince the 51% that it’s the 49% that are causing all the problems, you might just be able to muddy the waters enough and raise emotions high enough that logic and reason just go out the window. But where will the envy stop? In my 56 years, I’ve noticed that most people have something that someone else would like. I have to add that the quote from Mrs. Obama is priceless. Is it a promise that we’ll all be happy and busy in the new socialist utopia or is it a threat that we’ll be unhappy and overworked? I’m really at a loss. It reminds me that political promises can be very silly indeed.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    If it was the government that helped these eeeeevil millionaires get rich, then shouldn’t the 99% be camped out on the White House lawn, instead of Wall Street?

    Class warfare is an evil game to play, Pierre.

    As Grumpy Pelican points out, envy never stops.

  • Doc

    Yes, Frisco, ObamaCare was rammed down the throat of the American public. The 2006 and 2008 elections were viewed by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama as a demand for a progressive agenda, government-controlled health care in particular. When the public pushed back against this overreach the leftist politicians in charge of the Democrat Party bulled ahead, froze Republicans out of the process, and built this legislation behind closed doors. All the campaign talk of transparency and the most ethical congress ever was a pile of lies.

    And, who would call the Medal of Honor a “socialist medal”? What are you even talking about?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Doc, the health care bill was pretty much rammed through—and, only now, are we actually beginning to find out what’s in the darn thing, because nobody actually read it before. They said we had to pass it, so we can find out what’s in it! Um, after you pass the bill, isn’t it a little late to find out what it actually entails? But the Democrats were determined to push it on us.