“ABC: Anybody But Catholics”

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, Writing at the USCCB Media Blog:

There seems to be a new unwritten reg at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It’s the ABC Rule, Anybody But Catholics.

It showed up in a letter from HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to advise the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Office of Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) that it would not receive a grant to continue its services for victims of human trafficking.

The USCCB program excelled because of its anytime-anywhere approach. It had extraordinary reach, something valued by people who work to free men, women and children from slavery. Because of USCCB’s organizational capacity, MRS could respond immediately. Should an Immigration Enforcement official find a vulnerable child, for example, a call to the MRS program got safe housing immediately. There was not the delay of weeks that one associates with programs that lack such a network.

The program worked well on the ground. but not so well for distant administrators promoting the abortion and contraceptive agenda, who bristle at the fact that in accord with church teaching, USCCB won’t facilitate taking innocent life, sterilization and artificial contraception. MRS anti-trafficking programs ran successfully for six years in harmony with these moral convictions until the American Civil Liberties Union brought suit against the government for not forcing the USCCB program to provide these services as a part of the program. The suit’s outcome is pending, but ORR apparently has made its own decision apart from any judgment of the court. So much for the Administration’s guarantee of conscience protection.

Read the rest. This administration is doing everything it can to strip the churches of rights and influence, and the loss of established, community based, well-organized help on the ground, for people in need, is apparently “worth it.”

Maybe abortion really is the secular sacramental

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  • DWiss

    Better dead than Catholic, I guess.

    Who wouldn’t want a partner who could provide the heavy lifting in exchange for a simple grant? I am no longer surprised by this. Back when Obama and Boehner had their first budget face-off and Boehner was pushing for Planned Parenthood cuts as part of the deal, Obama drew the line and said he’d rather shut down the entire government than accept those cuts. Boehner blinked. But, when did Obama ever move aganst abortion? Never, that’s when. God willing, this will end in a year’s time.

  • http://maxedoutmama.blogspot.com MaxedOutMama

    I think he has a bunch of causists in his administration, many of whom just hate the Catholic church. The positions taken by this administration seem to be a mark of those who are intolerant of any bounds to their own power. Hubris.

    As the ancient Greek playwrights would have told them, and as the Scriptures would have told them, it’s not a successful way. They wish to take Catholics completely out of religious life (and all other faithful Christians as well). It’s bizarre, really.

  • zmama

    Oh Anchoress-some days I wish I could invite you over for tea! This post brings to mind the story of Chai Ling, one of the leaders of the student movement in Tiananmen Square. After fleeing China and coming to the US, where she earned graduate degrees at both Harvard and Princeton, she converted to Christianity and has most recently begun a movement entitled All Girls Allowed in response to China’s One Child Policy. She publicly shares her own experience of forced abortions.
    I thank God for Chai Ling and hope that He continues to bless her work. She is perhaps one of the few people who can get through to those in our country who support oppressive population control policies worldwide. Chai Ling’s autobiography A Heart For Freedom was just released. Out of 31 reviews on Amazon right now, 30 are 5 star and 1 is 4 star. Perhaps we could send copies to Kathleen Sebelius and President Obama? How can people not see the link between these policies and human trafficking? With the elimination of so many female children through abortion in countries such as China and India the rate of trafficking of young women has skyrocketed due to the gender imbalance and the difficulty of many young men to find brides. Evil only begets more evil.

  • TJM

    And I would bet that Sister Mary Ann Walsh, like all other fake, liberal Catholics, voted for Obama. And now they’re “shocked” that he’s anti-Catholic. Maybe like Inspector Renault they will come to the fight, albeit, belatedly.

    [FAKE? Exactly who the hell are you to decide who are the "real" and the "fake" Catholics? Do you actually know Sister Mary Ann Walsh, so you can make that judgment? I have met sister and she is a lovely woman and yes, a Catholic, like you and me, albeit one who chose to consecrate her life to Jesus Christ in service to this church. But she's a "fake" Catholic whose vote you somehow magically know was cast for Barack Obama? You need to think about this comment and whether God has appointed you the arbiter of who is and is not a "real" Catholic and who is "fake." From now on, comments like this, that make unfounded and unfair accusations about others will be deleted, and the commenters will be banned. I've had enough of the "better" Catholics who think its their job to decide who is "real" and who is not. -admin]

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I hate to come across as partesan all the time. I have great respect for the Catholics who who support the social justice side of politics to improve people’s lives, which happens to be on the left side of our political divide. I have a difference of opinion on how people’s lives are improved, but I do support their goals. I can understand how they may vote for Democrats.

    But, there is no way one can tell me that the Democratic Party is not hell bent on destroying religious faith in this country. Add ABC to the list. Just look at the judges they appoint, the laws they pass against traditional and religious values, the way they squeeze religious out of public debate. You can count on one hand the number of pro-life Democrats in Congress, and we know Obama is the most pro abortion president ever. It is incumbent on us to come together and kick out all the anti-religious Democrats, and if there are anti-religious Republicans we should throw them out too.

    Has anyone seen the Pelosi statement about the bill cutting money from Planned Parenthood? You can find it here:

    This is all so disgraceful.

  • Peggy Coffey

    How can any of the pro abortion Dems say they are Catholic? The church needs to kick these people out of the church and stop supporting the Democrat party. I really don’t understand it. Is the US church not taking the pope seriously? I am sure he would not support what the Dems are doing to the church. Granted I am a long lapsed Catholic, but I would never belong to an organization that could coddle these people that want to murder babies in the womb.

  • Greta

    Manny, key in your post is “I have a difference of opinion on how people’s lives are improved, but I do support their goals.” I know from reading your posts that you have some serious issues with what is going on, so this is not totally directed at you in any way. Just an old lady ranting.

    The entire program is built around the eventual goal of a Godless society built in pure socialism with big government controlling everything. On top of that, there is a goal for a worldwide government control and where the USA is simply one of many countries. Until folks get their arms fully around that agenda, everything else seems to make little sense. This is not in any way some big conspiracy theory, but closely watching events in this country and around the world since I was born during the 1930′s. I was blessed with a father who was very involved in everything he could read. He as a convert to the Catholic Church, but knew more about it and its teaching than almost any other Catholic I have ever met. Every night after we had dinner as a family, we learned something about the country, the world, and the Catholic Church and then we said the rosary as a family and went to bed because everyone had jobs to do the following day. today, I am shocked at how little people know about America having lived here their entire life and having been given education at a huge cost. I am appalled by our text books and with some outright distortions built into them as part of some agenda. That is what allows the political hacks to do what they do and get away with it. That is what made getting the big lie of “separation of Church and State” ingrained as if it actually existed in our founding documents. That is what allowed former supporters of slavery and lynching to lie about the word and right of privacy in the founding documents and come up with that allowing legal killing of babies and legalizing and promotion of sodomy being normal. Few parents take the time and effort to educate their children. That is also true about Catholics who know little of their actual faith. So yes, it is easy to see how they are fooled by the “social issues” as cover for killing babies. Just because someone has bought into a big lie does not mean we should not point out that lie to them when the so many lives are at stake.

    Imagine if we had a serious disease killing 4,000 babies every day and instead of curing it, we did nothing and decided to make this normal life and ignoring it legal. I get the Inquisition thrown out to me about Catholics and when you tell them more babies are killed in a day in the US than all those killed in all the years of the Inquisition by the Church, it always amazes them. but it is fact.

    You also get the crusades thrown out at the Church, but few realize that the Islamist had been attacking, killing, and putting people in slavery for about 300 years before the first crusade. Kind of like today where many want to continue to say Islam is a religion of peace as if saying it makes it real. Will it take hundreds of years of attack up to say a nuclear terror attack taking out an entire city before we decide we too need a crusade? I am amazed that 10 years after 9/11 and with all the attempted and successful attacks around the world that so many want to still say Islam is a religion of peace. I guess they miss the cheering in the streets whenever infidels are killed. I guess they miss the hate still being spewed out of Mosques funding by radical so called religious leaders.

    Now we have the people on the streets without a clue and being gushed over by the media and given a wink and nod by the president to expand their mob activity. but I guess all of this has no connections to anyone trying to tear down the USA and the Catholic faith.

  • http://www.shakespeareandcompany.wordpress.com tatiana

    Hello Elizabeth Scalia:
    I have followed your blog for …. seems like ages, and in reading your “ABC: Anybody But Catholics” post, thought I would send you a link to a blog as my most recent post will definately “resonate” (hate that word :) So if you have the time, or can take a minute please give it a read “Seriously? Seriously.” I have been playing with this blog for nearly three years, took about a year off when we lost our Elizabeth, but am trying to get back to the writing. Would be honored if you would look at it. Thank you dear Anchoress (which is why I began to read your blog to begin with ….. the world needs more anchoress warriors.
    your little sister in Christ,

  • Ellen

    What Greta said. In spades.

  • Doc

    Manny, I would also like to echo Gretta’s point. I’m sorry that pointing out the flaws of Democrats makes us come across as partisan all the time. I truly wish the Democrats would stop protecting the abortion industry. I don’t believe that can happen without a series of crushing political defeats for them where it is clear that their abortion stance is the cause of their defeat. Unfortunately, too many Catholics identify themselves as Democrats before they identify themslves as Catholics who reject the evils of abortion. They would rather accept abortion than vote Republican. Who is being more partisan here? Those who accept evil due to partisan politics or those who insist on pointing out the truth of the evil?

    Why, also, do you accept the myth that Democrats improve the lives of the poor with their social policies? This is demonstrably false. Please see Losing Ground (Charles Murray), Parliament of Whores (PJ O’Rourke), The Tragedy of American Compassion (Marvin Olasky), Do-Gooders (Mona Charen), Visions of the Annointed (Thomas Sowell) and the column archives of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Larry Elder, among much other material.

    Only feel bad about being a partisan when you ignore the misdeeds of your own party, like when Republicans defended Congressman Foley when it came out that he was indecently texting male pages. Oh, wait. That didn’t happen. Foley was given the boot after being roundly condemned by his own party.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    “Why, also, do you accept the myth that Democrats improve the lives of the poor with their social policies?”

    I didn’t say they did. I only said the Catholic social justice contingent (as the heirs of Dorothy Day) try to. I said I had a difference of opinion on how to get there. Since the 1960s we have spent trillionson poverty programs and we still have roughly the same poverty rate. I agree with you. It’s a delusion of progress with every social program that gets enacted.

    For the record, I’m not shy about being partesan. There are many comments I’ve written here on Patheos/Catholic about my political beliefs, and sometimes I can be quite strident. But this is a Catholic portal and I desire a congenial atmosphere with those of a different political view. What binds us here is our Catholicism. I don’t wish push people away at the expense of our common focus.

  • Roseberry

    With each passing year I become more convinced that abortion is not so much the most important political issue but that it is, fundamentally, the only issue. Like slavery, until it is put beyond the Pale every other political discussion is tainted. Can anyone doubt that the attacks on protection of conscience initiatives or the specious attempts to equate the proclamation of the Gospel as hate speech, or the other furious attacks on the Catholic Church all stem from the desperate desire to preserve this “peculiar institution”?