Calling and Revolution and Calling UPDATED

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My piece today at First Things is a little odd, I think. In some spots it is deliberately to the fore, and in others, deliberately ambiguous, and it is talking about two seemingly very different things — the Occupy Wall Street folks who know that they want something, but are not quite able to articulate what that something might be, and impossibility of nurturing a sense of “calling” in our children when we over-manage their lives, from an early age, teach that credentials are all that matters.

So, maybe I’m writing about three things!:

A sense of calling is an idea to which our children often lack an introduction. We tell students they can plot their futures based on test scores measuring information regurgitation; we have no means of measuring their imaginations or their dreams, yet is from these that their deepest and truest longings—and thus their vocations, the things they were born to do—are discovered.

Barely allowed to wander from their backyards or to play away from our social-engineering-fixated eyes—where genders are called relative and roughhousing must be nipped before things get “out of control”—our children are groomed from early ages to fit ever-narrowing norms of thought and behavior; where in all of that can they develop a sense of possibilities and callings, which often have nothing to do with control, or models or entitlement?

These are very strange days. Our youth have been brought up in an environment of parental, educational and governmental over-control, but they are demanding additional and expanded institutional supervision. They have completely digested a spoon-fed illusion that fulfillment can be compelled by some great Daddy or Teacher or Bureaucrat in the sky, who will make sure that everyone has precisely the same amount of everything. One degree equals this. Two degrees equals that. Everyone is special, so no one should have something different than anyone else.

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At Instapundit: “…the federal government has been Wall Street’s partner in crime.”

Charles Cooke notes the degree/credential overplay of which I write in the piece.

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