Prayers for Kitty, please

Could I ask a few prayers, please, for my Elder Son’s fiancee, Kitty, whose appendix burst over night.

She was in the ER — had been there for six hours, and quite obviously had appendicitis; she presented with every classic symptom.

But the hospital had to wait to schedule a CAT scan; she had to drink down the stuff; they had to take the CAT scan. This is when my son thinks her appendix burst, because Kitty (who is a born stoic, and quite tough) literally screamed in pain as they were moving her. Then they had to wait for a radiologist to read the thing, and finally they rushed her into surgery.

It just seems to me they could have figured out it was appendicitis and gotten to it before the thing burst. I mean, none of us are doctors, but we knew what it was! In a less “enlightened” era, a young woman presenting with obvious appendicitis would be whisked into the ER, and the thing plucked before it could burst and do terrible harm. Now, oh look — the thing burst. Well, thank goodness we have antibiotics!

Except antibiotics are becoming less effective all the time because we overuse them, and even common ones are becoming more difficult to get. So it seems to me we should do all we can to prevent a toxic event like a burst appendix, even if it means foregoing an expensive and needless CAT scan.

This is the state of modern medicine: so lawsuit-conscious it has become careful to a fault; what should have been a fairly routine event is one that is now complicated, and Kitty will be in hospital for at least 5 days, as now the whole thing gets dicier for her.

It seems to me medicine has taken a step backward; hospitals are so busy playing CYA that they lose sight of the patient while trying to cover all their bases. What should have been a fairly simple, straightforward situation will now — thanks to the required CAT scan, the need for a radiological consult, and now additional time in hospital — a much more expensive proposition, all around and a more one dangerous, to boot.

If you are inclined to prayer, please whisper up one for Kitty! Thanks.

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