Caritas En Route to Turkey

Being a Californian, earthquakes around the world tend to catch my attention. Today, as we pray for the souls of those impacted by a devastating magnitude 7.2 quake in eastern Turkey, it’s good to know that Caritas International is already responding to the needs of those impacted. From the Caritas blog:

Caritas will assess the needs of people whose homes or livelihoods have been impacted by the quake. Access to the area’s villages, where many mud-brick homes have collapsed, may be difficult. Caritas Europa is in contact with the Caritas team in Turkey and will receive updates as the assessment progresses.

When disaster strikes a world away, I find it helpful to know that we can respond immediately with even a humble donation and know that our support will go to aid those most in need. To support the victims of this quake by making a secure donation to Caritas click here. For information on their response efforts, follow Caritas on Facebook or Twitter.

A question for you: When disasters strike around the world, how do you and your family typically respond — donations to a Catholic  or international relief agency, offering of masses and prayers, or simply a private thought and prayer? Also, do you make a point of discussing these types of events with your family?



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