Greetings from the West

Hello fans and friends of The Anchoress and a huge thanks to my friend Elizabeth for inviting me to take the helm for the day here at one of my favorite blogs! Like you, I’m a longtime follower of Elizabeth’s work, so being here and having the opportunity to interact with you in her space is indeed a joy. As I line up my thoughts for the day, I thought I would invite you to pose a few questions or comments below on any topics you’d like to see discussed today. Those can be related to faith topics, the news of the day, to popular culture, or even personal questions for me.

To give you a bit of context, I’m a Catholic wife and mom of two sons. My husband Greg, an Emergency Medicine physician, is a convert to the faith. Son Eric is a sophomore at Harvard and my wonderful Adam is a junior in high school. I am the founder of, which isn’t just for Catholics or even just for moms. Elizabeth is helping me to celebrate the launch of my new book, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. Personally, I’m a cradle Catholic, a major geek and loving all things New Media, a Notre Dame grad (licking her wounds from a football trouncing this weekend), and love spending time in the company of family and friends.

I’ll be back soon to pose our first discussion topic of the day, but until then I invite you to send your thoughts and comments via the comments below. I hope you’ll also join me in continued prayers for Kitty and again thanks to Elizabeth for her hospitality.

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Lisa Hendey is the founder and webmaster of and the author of The Grace of YesA Book of Saints for Catholic Moms and The Handbook for Catholic Moms. Lisa writes for several online and print publications, enjoys speaking around the country and is a frequent television and radio guest and host. Visit her at

  • Lisa Schmidt

    Archbishop Chaput recently issued (in part) the following statement: “We should see ourselves as Catholic first — not white or black, or young or old, or Democrat or Republican, or labor militant or business owner, but Catholic first as the main way we identify ourselves. Our faith should shape our lives, including our political choices.”

    One of the many things I admire about you is your ability to take what could be and have been controversial issues within our Church and pose them in a respectful Catholic-first, Catholic-forward manner. Does the Archbishop’s statement resonate with you? Do you consciously attempt to approach your work in this manner?

  • Pat Gohn

    Hi Lisa,

    In terms of your book launch…. how about a word or two on your fav saints and what is so attractive about them in your life?

    Have fun!

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Great to see you here!

  • lisahendey

    Great questions Pat and Lisa (and Hi to Fran!). Look for response posts soon and keep those topics coming friends!

  • K P Winterer

    I hope one discussion may be on the Church’s lack of any response to supposed Catholics
    (Sibelius, Pelosi, Christy) who mouth off about their actions not agreeing with the teachings of the Church. It’s scandalous to those who sacrifice to keep the tenets.

  • Manny

    Welcome. :) What are your thoughts on stopping the whole gay marriage legalization? Are we fighting an impossible windmilll or can we persuade the general culture? I see you’re from California. Is California as anti Catholic (or anti religious in general) as it seems?

  • friscoeddie

    Manny..’Is California as anti Catholic (or anti religious in general) as it seems?’

    No Manny .. most of are cities are named after saints and the capitol is named after the Eucharist.. .. What are your cities named after?

  • Manny

    fiscoe – Those cities were named after saints in a long ago era. You mean the California that is the center of the Hollywood culture, the center of the porn culture, the leading state in abortions, and the center of the gay lifestyle? Where one of its major cities wanted to outlaw Jewish circumcission?

    Yeah, I think it’s a debatable term, anti religion is within the perview of a legitamate opinion.

  • friscoeddie

    Manny.. Paul embraced Corinth… look it up. I note you don’t mention your backwater residence. so I could do snark too.

  • lisahendey

    Manny, I’m working on a post about this for this afternoon — the topic of being Catholic in California. The Church is so amazingly vibrant in so many ways here in our home state. I hope I can capture some small tastes of that and share it with you.

  • Sherry

    Welcome to the Anchoress’s pad. Glad to see you here too! The pain of Saturday still aches.

  • lisahendey

    Sherry, I hear you girlfriend. The eternal optimism in me is already looking ahead to next year.

  • Diane

    Welcome. I’m a CA born and raised and a Catholic mom too. My daughter graduated ND last year and my son’s a senior there – we’re all still recovering from a very painful Saturday as well!