Update on Kitty and Where I Am -UPDATED

Hi folks! I hope you’re making Lisa feel welcome (I have no doubt of that) and can’t wait to see what she does while aboard. I may pop in and out, today, myself — or I may not — but wanted to quickly express my thanks for all of your kind prayers for Kitty. She is still spiking fevers, her heart rate is still accelerated today some draining of the abscess is going to happen; the doctors say she will not be released from hospital until at least Wednesday, so as you keep her in your thoughts, please know we are most appreciative!

And thanks to Lisa Hendey
— wife, mother, author, blogger and entrepreneur of staggering energy — for minding the helm today. While planned over a week ago, her take-over has ended up being providential in several different ways; it turns out I am insanely busy today and so her presence here is a true boon. Traveling this weekend I had her book A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms and as a mother, I am loving it; I’m thinking this is an excellent Christmas gift for any Catholic mother you know (hello, my neighbor! Hello my young niece, mother of three rambunctious girls!), so perhaps your Christmas shopping begins today.

Finally, a quick head-up — I’ll be showing up tonight on Currents (the nation’s only daily Catholic news broadcast) out of NET-NY in Brooklyn, where I’ll be talking about the student loan bubble and Occupy Wall Street . We may touch on the just-released note on financial reform released by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, if I get a chance to read it, but even before I take a glance at it, I am reminded of what our Holy Father said in October of 2008, when the world economy first hit the earth with such a bang:

At the end of the Sermon on the Mount the Lord speaks to us about the two possible foundations for building the house of one’s life: sand and rock. The one who builds on sand builds only on visible and tangible things, on success, on career, on money. Apparently these are the true realities. But all this one day will pass away. We can see this now with the fall of large banks: this money disappears, it is nothing. And thus all things, which seem to be the true realities we can count on, are only realities of a secondary order. The one who builds his life on these realities, on matter, on success, on appearances, builds upon sand. Only the Word of God is the foundation of all reality, it is as stable as the heavens and more than the heavens, it is reality. Therefore, we must change our concept of realism. The realist is the one who recognizes the Word of God, in this apparently weak reality, as the foundation of all things.

Welcome, Lisa — you have the con. I think that’s from Star Trek.

UPDATE: Thomas Peters on Why Benedict has not called for a “Central World Bank”

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  • http://conservativecommune.com Dan Collins

    Poor Kitty! I hope she’s well soon, and that your son graduates on time! Both in prayers.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Hee’s another prayer for Kitty. It’s a tough road and I’m sure it’ll take some time to fully recover.

    As to the Pope advocating a central bank – I have no expertise on the issue – but I think it’s a huge mistake on his part. First of all, no one in any Government is going to take the Pope’s opinion on this. It’s like who cares. Second, he can only ostracize people, both from the left or the right. As you can see there is an incredible animosity from both sides on banking. Heck, it goes back to the foundation of the US. The Pope should concentrate on theological and ethical matters, not whether it’s better for society to have a centralized banking system. What is the Church’s expertise in economics? Come on. For crying out loud, the Catholic Church is already the center of criticism and cynacism by other than devout Catholics, and that includes non devout Catholics. This will only increase the cynacism. The Pope should be concerned on building the Church, not the optimum economic policy.

    PS, You would think the Church had learned it’s lesson from involving itself in politics.

  • Patti Day

    Continuing prayers for Kitty, ES, and the families.

  • http://breadhere.wordpress.com Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Kitty is in my prayers and the prayers of this parish!

  • http://seasonsofgrace.net Kathy Schiffer

    Prayers continuing for Kitty. What a sad situation!

    I am left scratching my head on the Vatican’s statement regarding the “reform of the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority.” I am not an economist– hardly. I am not a Church critic– ever.

    But I am reading the critics’ assertions that Pope Benedict, in this statement, is more socialist than is President Obama; that Benedict’s call for a “world political authority” brings us closer to “One World Government” than ever before, and would seem to demand that America relinquish its leadership authority to this new, untested group; that he wants to take from the wage-earners, who will happily relinquish their wealth for the common good. And all of this talk resonates with me.

    I believe that the truth of the Gospel has applicability in all things. Maybe the analysts will, in the coming days and weeks, persuade me that the Church is really competent to speak on these complex matters. It seems to me, though, that we’ve gotten pretty darned specific in outlining the means by which the world’s governments should change. If nature (and totalitarian regimes) abhor a vacuum, then I’m afraid that as soon as we open our purse strings there will be plenty of houligan countries in line to break the windows and run away with the stock. Maybe we should go back to praying and giving alms, and get out of the international banking industry?

  • Pat the Protestant

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Praying for Kitty!
    Pat the Protestant