Quick Housekeeping Note…

Those who have subscribed to my RSS feed may notice that the posts are abbreviated. I’m trying something new — let me know if you like that or if you prefer getting the whole post in one shot! Thanks!

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  • Nathanielle

    Please ditch the abbreviated posts! I usually download my reader feed whenever I can access a wireless connection, and read it throughout the day as I commute. Now I have to be actually on the internet to read your posts, as I can’t just get them through my reader feed.

  • Mike

    Whole post please!!!!!

    [I should probably point out that when you click through, it counts as a page view, and since part of my pay is directly tied to traffic....and mommas got a baby needs tuition....;-) -admin]

  • http://myfourrooms.blogspot.com Jeannine

    Full post please!

  • Robert_H

    I appreciate you needing the click-though traffic.

    However, I mostly read my RSS at my work on lunch and sometimes the internet-nazis in IT won’t let me come through. For instance, Crescat’s old blog used to be denied because the filter thought it was a dating service! (I think I can see you and her new blog on Patheos, but I haven’t tried. Yet.)

  • http://hicatholicmom.blogspot.com Esther

    I will come to your blog to read your posts (and not through Google Reader) if you promise to post the entire post here. Mahalo. :-)

  • Ken Rastatter

    Please make the entire post available using the RSS feed. It makes it much faster to read on my cell phone.

  • Chris

    Whole post, please.

  • kelleyb

    I appreciate the entire post, please.

  • rachel

    I was so disappointed when I saw posts were being abbreviated! I usually read your posts through google reader on my phone (nursing mom– lots of downtime with only one available hand!). My phone will sometimes refuse to load the full posts on different blogs, and honestly, I usually end up unsubscribing from abbreviated ones, or just not reading full posts even if I’m interested. (Though i’ve been reading you for years, dear anchoress, and can’t imagine unsubscribing now!).

    [It's an experiment....may not last -admin]

  • http://www.theten0clockscholar.blogspot.com Kerry

    whole post, please! :)