CUA a Pontifical University: No Jesus-Free Places UPDATE

Ali Basiri, 27, prays next to his desk in his office at Catholic University. Ali is an Iranian graduate student who came there to study electrical engineering more than four years ago. Astrid Riecken / For The Washington Post

The Catholic University of America (CUA) a Pontifical University. That means this is a school established by the Holy See, and directly under its authority. As such, it cannot be true to itself while creating “Jesus-free” spaces.

To demand that a Pontifical University create rooms and spaces where the Crucifix is unwelcome, and Catholic iconography is not permitted would be like stepping into a mosque and demanding that, because there are some Christians in the neighborhood, the mosque should install a Eucharistic Tabernacle.

The picture above shows a Muslim student praying in his electrical engineering lab. You can see a whole photo essay and read the article here.

Yeah, those Muslim students certainly look like they’re unhappy, oppressed and loaded for bear, don’t they?

During his more than four years as a graduate student at Catholic, Ali Basiri has become one of the regulars at the small chapel in Caldwell Hall, the oldest building on campus. Basiri, 27, has spent so much time in the chapel’s pews that he has befriended the organist who practices there.
…at Catholic, he has forged new ways to connect spiritually. Several times a week, the electrical engineering student makes his way past the marble statue of the Virgin Mary at the Caldwell chapel entrance and listens in the pews to Islamic prayers on his MP3 player … He has struck up friendships with equally fervent Catholic believers…It was that kind of exchange that prompted Basiri’s attempts to start a Muslim student association. He wanted to help Muslim students connect and gather for prayer in addition to helping spur conversations across religions.

He found a faculty adviser and filled out the required paperwork but heard nothing back for a while.

Then, an administrator pulled him aside and said it wouldn’t work to have a Muslim group at such a major Catholic institution.

When asked about the experience, Basiri is hesitant to say anything negative about a school that he says has embraced him so fully and given him a chance to grow in faith and academics.

“I understand the difficulty,” he said. “In Iran, if you tried to start a Catholic group at a Muslim university, that would be just as strange and hard to make it work.”

Emphasis Mine. Apparently this Iranian student has no difficulty understanding what John Banzhaf, an attorney and professor at George Washington University, cannot. CUA is not just another Catholic University: it cannot — as a part of the Holy See — create “Christ-free/Catholic-free” rooms. It must be allowed to be what it is, representing who it represents; that is the first tenet, I think, of “Freedom of Religion” — that a religion be free to be what it is. Muslim students choose to attend the university knowing what it is.

Banzhaf seems to have an obsession with the Catholic University of America, and he has filed suit against the university for “Human Rights Violations” against the school’s Muslim students.

Earlier this year Banzhaf brought suit against CUA after it announced that it would be doing away with co-ed dorms and slowly re-instituting single-sex housing. Single sex housing, apparently, is also a “Human Rights Violation” in this man’s mind. I wonder if he has brought suit against any madrassahs for putting boys and girls in separate classrooms?

And I wonder if it is CUA’s connection to the Holy See that teases Banzhar’s obsession?

He also alleged in his complaint involving Muslim students that women at the university were being discriminated against. You can read more on those allegations by clicking here.

Banzhaf said some Muslim students were particularly offended because they had to meditate in the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”

“It shouldn’t be too difficult somewhere on the campus for the university to set aside a small room where Muslims can pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus,” he told Fox News.

Again, emphasis mine. Banzhaf is not a stupid man. He knows full well that a Pontifical will not create spaces where Jesus is off-limits. Knowing it, he knows he will be able to paint the school as “intolerant” and “discriminatory.” This leads me to believe that he is either a deeply anti-Catholic bigot, or someone out to make a name for himself by taking on the big, bad Catholic Church via its school.

A spokesman for Catholic University released a statement to Fox News indicating they had not seen any legal filings — but would respond once they do.

“Our faithfulness to our Catholic tradition has also made us a welcome home to students of other religions,” said Victor Nakas, associate vice president for public affairs. “No students have registered complaints about the exercise of their religions on our campus.” [...] Banzhaf said that it is technically not illegal for Catholic University to refuse to provide rooms devoid of religious icons.

“It may not be illegal, but it suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice,” he said.

I think someone is acting with malice, here, but I don’t think it’s CUA, or for that matter, the Muslim students, who don’t seem to be anywhere near as offended as Banzhaf suggests:

Wiaam Al Salmi, a Muslim student at CUA who recently started the Arab American Association, which had is first meeting this week, said, “The community here is very respectful of other religions and I feel free to openly practice it.” [...]“Even though it’s a Catholic school, a lot of its teachings are very similar to Islam,” said Al Salmi. “It teaches respect, community service, love, worship etc. which are things that Islam also teaches.”

I would bet the same-sex dorms that so offend Banzhaf are one of the things the Muslim students appreciate. By the way, there are no crucifixes in the dorm rooms, unless students put them there.

Ed Morrissey writes: So, what is the university supposed to do, tear down the cathedral? and he makes another important point:

The most outrageous part of the story is that the Office of Human Rights thinks it needs six months to probe this complaint:

A spokesperson for the Office of Human Rights told Fox News they had received a 60-page complaint against the private university. The investigation, they said, could take as long a six months.

I can solve this in sixty seconds: “Those offended by Catholic iconography should not choose a private Catholic university for their higher education.” That didn’t take six months or waste thousands of taxpayer dollars. The very idea that this needs six months of investigation tells me that we need to eliminate the Office of Human Rights, and perhaps replace it with the Office of Minding Your Own Business and the Department of Having A Clue In The First Place.

That would require commonsense.

The Muslim students are not the problem, here. A hater with an agenda is the problem, and a bureaucracy willing to entertain hateful foolishness.

UPDATE: Rod Dreher also says don’t blame the students:

let’s not forget that this whole thing was brought about not by Muslim students, but by a cranky law professor trying to make a name for himself. The web is filling up with outrage stories that Muslims are trying to bully Catholic University into accommodating them by suppressing its own Christian identity. Banzhaf is going to bring all kinds of opprobrium down on innocent Muslims, and contribute to religious discord in this country. Great job, jackass. With friends like you, American Muslims don’t need enemies.

And read Francis Beckwith, too!

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  • mary

    Thank you for posting this. I am a student at CUA and was extremely offended by that irresponsible Fox article, which I thought was trying to paint the Muslim students as the author of this suit as some part of a larger Muslim agenda against Christianity, when in reality it was clearly Banzhaf who is the problem. Unfortunately, so many of the comments on that article could not see this. I guess going to the Tower — the student newspaper — was too hard for them. I’m glad you brought the quotes from the Tower to the forefront.

    I think that Banzhaf decided to file this suit as a blind for his earlier suit against the single-sex dorms… see, he’s not anti-religion, he’s defending the rights of Muslims!

  • Mary De Voe

    “John Banzhaf, an attorney” and because John Banzhaf is an attorney, he can send any amount to the taxpayers for his legal bill and the citizens pay for any civil rights case. This will soak the taxpayer until the oceans dry up. Not unlike the atheists efforts to remove God from the public square, these unscrupulous and greedy —will have at freedom forever and not accomplish the removal of our Creator and our endowed unalienable rights, but they have the purse strings until all men are bankrupt or the law is changed. Will this attorney being doing this if the money had to come from his own pocket??? Ask him.

  • Rob Crawford

    There are angels and crosses still in the main spaces of the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul. The Chora Church in Istanbul was a mosque for nearly 500 years, yet the main chamber is still roofed over with a mosaic of Christ. Centuries of Muslim worshippers, in buildings they had absolute control over, left the Christian symbols alone. The exceptions — as a guide explained earlier this year — were those symbols in the direct line of sight during their prayers.

    Banzhaf needs to be disbarred for abusing the process.

  • Tempus_Fugit

    I’m sick of this garbage. If muslims are so offended by Christianity, stay in a muslim country.

  • daisy

    I suppose it serves Catholic U right. If it were a serious Catholic school these students wouldn’t want to be there in the first place. As for Banzhaf too bad someone can’t sue him for being a public nuisance.

    [Really? You're judging how "seriously Catholic" this school is based on the fact that it has Muslim students? Really? Have you been there? Have you talked to students, seen the THREE locations available for daily mass, seen the number of students who take part in Adoration and pro-life marches? Really? You can make that judgment based on this story? -admin]

  • Simon

    “The Muslim students are not the problem, here. A hater with an agenda is the problem, and a bureaucracy willing to entertain hateful foolishness.”

    Well, yes and no. It’s pellucidly clear that this is just the latest from in the bigot Banzhaff’s crusade, and that any legal action that ensues was written before the search for plaintiffs began; that’s just the way so-called “public interest litigation” works. You figure out what result you need to advance your agenda, design a lawsuit to get that ruling, then find some willing dupes to be PINOs (“plaintiffs in name only”). But even with the best-tailored lawsuit in the world, you still need those PINOs to make it work, and if even one student with a grievance is willing to be a useful idiot, that student is a part of the problem.

  • Peter Brown

    Anchoress, I think you’re right that this is more about Banzhaf than about the Muslim students, and that Banzhaf’s problem is fundamentally with the Church, not with particular practices at CUA. In addition to the pattern of litigation you point out, note that the guy teaches at Georgetown, which also has an affiliation with the Church. Now, why would a lawyer who has a beef with the Catholic Church be teaching at a Jesuit university? I’m thinking there’s a longer backstory here than has yet come out.


  • oldestof9

    “The very idea that this needs six months of investigation tells me that we need to eliminate the Office of Human Rights, and perhaps replace it with the Office of Minding Your Own Business and the Department of Having A Clue In The First Place.”

  • oldestof9

    Sorry, I jumped hastily……

    That quote made me laugh out loud. AWESOME.

  • Doc

    “I’m sick of this garbage. If muslims are so offended by Christianity, stay in a muslim country.”

    Hold on…

    I’m sick of this garbage. If Leftists are so offended by Christianity, stay in a Communist country.

    Fixed it.

  • CV


    Just to clarify, the article says Banzhaf teaches at George Washington University (which is not Catholic), not Georgetown (which is).

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I think this is part and parcel of the persecution of Christians in America the Anchoress has been talking about, recently.

    It will be managed legally, and it will be presented as a civil rights issue, i.e., we’re not persecuting Christians, we’re simply defending Gays/Moslems/Non-traditional families/Atheists/the victim group du jour; if you have a problem with this, it must be because you don’t believe in equal rights for everybody.

  • Katherine

    Oldest of 9 beat me to it, …Department of Having A Clue In The First Place.

  • Victor

    Hey thanks for setting “IT” all clear for me Rhinestone.

    Sure you’re not a Rhinestone Cowboy?

    I hear ya! Hey Victor! I hear that the Canadian Looney has increased in value so your two cents is worth a little more NOW! Right? :)

    What do you mean by that? :(


  • Jack

    The mahometan country of Saudi Arabia discriminates against me because as a Christian, I’m not permitted to go to Mecca or Medina.

    Will Mr. Banzhaf represent me and file a discrimination suit in my behalf in this matter in the International Court of Human Rights?

  • NBW

    I am tired of hearing about the “poor Muslims” that can’t practice their faith. If the Iranian student doesn’t like the policies, why doesn’t he go to an Islamic college???? Why don’t we hear more about all the Catholics and Christians being murdered daily in countries where Islam is predominant? Perhaps Banzhaf could go to Iran, or Pakistan and defend the Christians that are being persecuted.

  • daisy

    Actually I have been to Catholic U and have known people who went there. It’s a nice second tier school and the students are very pleasant but the Catholicism is mostly ceremonial. The school itself isnt’ appreciably different from GW University.

    [I have family members who have attended and currently attend CUA and know the school well. In the last decade it has recaptured a great deal of its "Catholic-ness". -admin]

  • Brian English

    “[I have family members who have attended and currently attend CUA and know the school well. In the last decade it has recaptured a great deal of its "Catholic-ness". -admin]”

    The Newman Society agrees.

  • alter Dan S

    While not important in terms of the point of the article (a Catholic institution is a Catholic institution), CUA is not a pontifical university directly under the authority of the Holy See. It is a Catholic university, with ecclesiastical faculties. It is governed by Ex corde Ecclesiae (promulgated in 1990) as well as Sapientia Christiana (1979). The governance of CUA does not depend on the Holy See, as one can see on its website. If it was Pontifical, the Chancellor would be the Apostolic Nuncio, not Card. Wuerl.

    [Some confusion? CUA’s own website informs that it has a papal charter and declares its status as a Pontifical:

    Higher education institutions established under a papal charter are called pontifical universities. The Catholic University of America received its papal charter in 1887 from Pope Leo XIII. Only universities, colleges and schools that have pontifical status are allowed to confer ecclesiastical degrees, which are accredited and certified by the Holy See. Most degrees issued by Catholic colleges and universities — including those in the disciplines of theology and religious studies — are civil degrees, i.e. they are established according to degree requirements and other criteria defined by secular authorities.

    Catholic University’s pontifical status finds expression in ways large and small. For example, the university’s official colors – gold and white – are the same as those of the Vatican. Also, in all of U.S. history a pope has visited an American university campus on only three occasions. Two of those — Pope John Paul II in 1979 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 — were to the campus of Catholic University.

    Ecclesiastical Faculties

    Three of Catholic University’s 12 schools — canon law, philosophy and theology and religious studies — grant ecclesiastical (or Church) degrees. Two of those — philosophy and theology and religious studies — also grant civil degrees. The ecclesiastical degrees are accredited and certified by the Holy See, whereas the civil degrees are established according to requirements defined by secular authorities.

    As a pontifical university with ecclesiastical faculties, the university has a special relationship to the Church, one that is different from her peer institutions. The schools of canon law, philosophy, and theology and religious studies, because they play a significant role within the Church by providing instruction in what used to be called the ‘sacred sciences,’ have an obligation under Church law to not only be in full communion with the Church but also to ‘teach in the name of the Church.’ The ‘canonical mission’ is the obligation of the institution to obtain for the Catholic professor before his/her faculty appointment. Professors on ecclesiastical faculties who are non-Catholic also must receive permission to teach in the name of the Church. In both cases, the permission is granted by the archbishop of Washington, who is also the university’s chancellor…

    - admin

  • Mark Shea

    Banzhaf is a classic example of Professionally Aggrieved Grievance Professional who is desperately in need of Insensitivity Training.

  • Mouse

    What IS this Banzhaf guy’s problem anyway? And is it really allowed that anyone with no particular interest in a place or issue can just sue to annoy people? Can we sue him for his actions of targeting Catholic schools with obvious discriminatory intent to harass them? Class-action suit perhaps?

    If someone freely chooses to go to a Catholic school, they should expect to have the Catholic faith omnipresent, just as one would expect the Muslim faith to be omnipresent if one attended a Muslim school. There is such a thing as being free to be what you are, and we need to uncompromisingly resist attempts to strong arm us out of our identity. Obviously we respect those who are not of the same faith. That doesn’t mean we have to hide our identity or build special facilities or whatever….they knew what they were getting into before they came! It’s not the only school in town… And if receiving or distributing federal funds is the means of lawyers like this guy strong arming us, then give up the money and stay faithful. Who cares if the school will fall in esteem in the eyes of the seculars? Are we living to impress them?

  • Mouse

    PS – I think it is true that this will only stir up anti-muslim sentiment, too – I myself didn’t realize until now that this suit was being promoted by Bahnzaf – which I should have known! and that changes everything. But you know what? CUA can expect many a spiritual attack (that’s what I consider this to be) precisely because they ARE trying to recover their much-neglected Catholic identity. Do you think the forces that love dissenting Catholics are going to let that go by without some jabs? Not likely…

  • Susy

    I think as Catholics, we should open our arms to Muslim students, even if most of the students at our colleges end up being Muslim! Islam has many good things in it, and we should do our best to see that. The professor filing lawsuits must remember he chose to put himself in the environment he now finds unsatisfactory. He is free to find another place that has an on-campus mosque. We need outspoken Muslims to instead put their energies into seeing that Christians and Christianity receive the same welcome, regard, and respect in their own countries of origin. Sometimes people of good will, such as Mr. Banzhaf, have a blind spot, and focus in the wrong direction to gain an increase in faith, hope and love.
    Peace upon all,

  • Confederate Papist

    It seems the Muslim kids are not the problem…AND…they quite enjoy the school and it’s Catholicity. That’s the way things should work in the world and I wish there were more like this in that context.

    Mr. Bahnzaf, however, not so much. The guy seems to be like PZ Meyers with a law degree.

  • CM

    I just visited Mr. Banzhaf’s website. It looks more like the website of an attention-craving self-promoter than a professor at a prestigious university. He is a Professor of Public Interest Law; is that a synonym for troublemaker?

  • Oregon Catholic

    Except for the inevitable waste of taxpayer money I kind of welcome outrageous lawsuits like this. They engender disdain in reasonable people and create a backlash that gets transferred to other, less blatently stupid discrimination efforts.

  • Terrye

    This is so ridiculous. As if there are not enough real problems in the world, now we have silly people making an issue of crosses at a Catholic school. Absurd.

  • Linus

    Why do ” Catholic ” schools like Georgetown ( and the whole long list of other ones) hire instructors who are hostile the Catholic faith???

  • Joseph

    “Banzhaf is going to bring all kinds of opprobrium down on innocent Muslims, and contribute to religious discord in this country.”

    I strongly suspect that is exactly what he wants.

  • craig

    Susy says:
    “I think as Catholics, we should open our arms to Muslim students, even if most of the students at our colleges end up being Muslim! …We need outspoken Muslims to instead put their energies into seeing that Christians and Christianity receive the same welcome, regard, and respect in their own countries of origin.”

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling or simply naive. A Catholic school can open its doors to Moslems only if it is firm in its Catholic identity; if it dilutes its faith into a formless mush to appease the Muslims, that’s worse than if the school never existed! Outspoken Muslims need to see and respect that Catholic faith is spiritually compelling and intellectually serious; bowing and scraping to them will only make them despise Christians as weak. When that happens, the historical pattern is that the Muslims persecute the Christians to whatever extent they are able.

  • craig

    Oh, and what needs to happen here is somebody needs to bring an action to revoke this guy’s license to practice law, on the grounds of barratry. That’s a crime in many jurisdictions, and is against most state bar codes.

  • Gail Finke

    Is Banzhaf the guy who was on Sean Hannity’s radio program this afternoon? I turned on the radio for a short drive and head the end of a shout-fest that seemed to include the man who brought the suit. He said he had brought and won “100 similar suits” in the past.

  • kenneth

    As many regulars here know, I’m not at all squeamish about serving up a ration of crap to Catholics and Christians who I feel are overplaying the victim/persecution card by hyperinflating or manufacturing controversies to sell a narrative. Well, guess what? My kitchen serves Muslims too. Here’s a big steaming plateful, Mr. Banzhaf. Dig in!

  • deiseach

    I Googled Professor Banzhaf, and oh, my.

    The man seems to be a nuisance litigator. He’s done some good work (the anti-smoking ban) but he’s also currently pushing for anti-obesity legislation by bringing cases about the food industry; he also boasts that he is the father of something called “Potty Parity” (to do with women needing more public toilets than men or something – having read his summary, I’m still confused) and basically the man never saw a lawsuit he didn’t like, it would seem, going by this web page.

    He reminds me of nothing so much as the character Mr. Frankland in “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, who sees nothing incongruous in having two cases on the go, one of which is to force the acknowledgement of a public right-of-way across a private estate and the other is to force the closure of a public right-of-way across a private estate.

    The shame is that he’s using the Muslim students as an excuse in his little battle with the university administration over the same-sex dormitories, but the Muslim students are the ones who are getting the blame unfairly for stirring up trouble when it’s this man who is the motive force behind it all.

  • elleblue

    I believe it’s enough that someone is not persecuted for their religious beliefs. If that person is in another country and religious culture and doesn’t have all their needs met, tough! It’s their responsibility to take care of their needs, not everyone else’s responsibility. Toughen up and take control of your own life.

    If being in a very Catholic environment makes you uncomfortable then don’t be there. It seems pretty straight forward to me. What if I as a Catholic decided to attend a Muslim University and complained that I didn’t have a “Catholic place” to pray? Sure, like that would be met with empathy, not.

  • divemor

    We have seen the enemy and he is one of us.

  • Anonsters

    Thank you for your emphasis on the fact that this isn’t a CUA Muslim student issue so much as a ridiculous lawyer issue. Comments like Tempus_Fugit’s (“I’m sick of this garbage. If muslims are so offended by Christianity, stay in a muslim country.”) illustrate that a lot of people out there believe this is some plan cooked up by Muslims as part of some coordinated assault against Christianity and America and baseball and apple pie and … ! (Indeed, being internet-free for most of the day yesterday, I first heard about this story from someone claiming that Muslim students at Catholic U. were on some kind of crusade.)

  • Bernard of Clairvaux

    This episode will surely provoke a backlash.
    St. Louis IX, pray for us.
    St. James the Moor-Slayer, pray for us.

  • walden

    The dialogo of Julius Caesar with his liutenant Brutus, comes to mind: “……. The problem dear Brutus, is not in the stars but in ourselves”.
    In order to be inclusive, we end up standing for nothing. The Jesuits of today and their lawyers, will never demand a freedom of religion in a Moslem country. Read about the martryrdom of Christians in Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan.

  • alter Dan S.

    I may be confused about the distinction, if there is one, between an ecclesiastical faculty/university and a pontifical university. I thought there was a difference, at least in the presence of the papal nuncio having a position in the school. I also didn’t realize a school would consider itself “pontifical” without proclaiming that fact in its name (ie, pontifical college Josephinum or any of the similarly named schools around the world). Any ecclesiastical degree must be granted by an institution that has some sort of papal approbation/delegation to confer such a degree. CUA has that, certainly. I’ll just admit my ignorance and/or error and move along.

  • SKay

    Perhaps the muslims who are enjoying the welcoming atmosphere at Catholic University could show their good will and ask the self pramoting apparently anti Catholic lawyer to drop this complaint against the university. That would go a long way in showing their appreciation and sincerity.

  • Teresa

    Just curious. Does anyone know if Banzhaf is a lapsed Catholic? If so, that may be one of the reasons he keeps going after the Catholic Church.

  • newton

    Funny: I am a Baptist (raised Independent Fundamental, all Bob Jones University-affiliated)… and yet I had no problem attending and graduating from a Catholic university for women. Oh yeah, nuns and all.

    All this man wants is attention to himself. He doesn’t care about how many people he harms – Muslims or otherwise.

    Have y’all noticed a pattern here? They’re going after Catholic adoption agencies and forcing them to close because of their defense of traditional marriage; they’re getting ready to go after Catholic hospitals because of being anti-abortion and anti-contraceptive; and on and on. Schools and colleges are next. If they can bring down Catholic University, they can bring down your local Catholic college or school. The reasons don’t matter.

  • Shan Gill

    Banzhaf is obviously a bully, but is he more than that? Someone observed to me once that terrorists are in fact bullies in the extreme. Banzhaf’s tactics are those of a bully, because he is fully aware of the Pontifical University status of CUA, and even in Christian charity it is difficult to ascribe any high-mindedness to his motivations. His bully-agenda gives all Muslims a bad name.

  • Bobbyspen

    If my Pope has blessed this institution, than my Pope shall say what goes on in this institution. The Obama Adm requires Catholic taxpayers to pay for abortion here in the USA and spread its heinious sin globally, pay for planned parenthood-abortion murder mills, pay for contraceptives and elective medical procedures to avoid and or eliminate pregnancy, (by-the-way some innocent Girl Scout Troops support planned parenthood along with Susan B Koman Breast Cancer advocates) ordain women priests which is against our doctrine as a church, and as a business, if we choose to close on Sunday, they want us to remain open…it sounds like we are being harassed by a bigotted government who hates God! And, this current situation at CUA is an extension of this profane bigotry. Oh, how about all the monies helping Catholic Charities, once given by the government- has mysteriously dried up?

    As Catholics, we need to stop America in its tracks because we are on a train ride to hell! We need to vote more spiritually and profoundly prayerfully in this upcoming 2012 election. We need leaders who believe in God, believe in the sanctity of life from conception, and believe America needs the right change – not the Obama change that has torn down our country in half, making us children of the devil. We need to take all the terrorists out of the whitehouse, especially in our Supreme Court system, the ones Obama so kindly put in to represent America.

    Catholics, we need to peacefully standup and take back America! Washington officials all have their hands in each others’ pockets blinded by the love of money! We can change our country through prayer, novenas, attending Mass, and by repenting to the Almighty God for allowing these people in office. We fell asleep! We have grown lazy in fighting back for our God! We need to vote for candidates who will turn America around, bringing God back into our great nation.

    NAS Isaiah 3:12 O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray And confuse the direction of your paths.

    KJV Cambridge
    As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
    God is standing at the door!

    God is standing at our door and He is knocking!