Herman Cain singing at National Press Club

A lot of people on Twitter are swooning over this. Some are declaring that “Cain just won the election!”

Which is silly nonsense. He hasn’t even won the nomination, yet.

Having said that, though, Cain has just struck a note
that will resonate for many in the country, particularly African Americans in the churches. Don’t minimize the effect his lovely basso profundo will have on people who are looking for something a little human, a little authentic and a little consoling. Do not underestimate the impact this stirring little ditty will have on some.

Of course, if he overdoes the singing, he’ll get some fretting about it, too. As I noted here, Marcos used to sing, too.

Whatever the truth is about the charges of sexual harassment leveled some years ago, and I have no idea what’s real on that, the timeframe was at the height of the “paintings of nudes make me feel violated” hysteria that signaled the end of strong, sane feminism in favor of shrinking-violet vaporism, so I’ll bide my time on that story.

And Cain may well have neutralized it, just now, anyway. I mean, he sang about “Amazing Grace” — to the tune of “Danny Boy.” Covered a lot of constituent ground there!

No, this did not “win the election.” People need to calm down — I swear, we’re like a nation of drama queens! But as James Pethokoukis tweeted: he certainly helped himself.

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