Encouragement for Frightened Women

Katrina Fernandez, writing passionately and from the heart, with a message to unmarried pregnant women who think they can’t possibly handle being a single parent:

Financially, you may argue, it will be impossible to raise a child alone. You’d be surprised how little a child really needs. All that baby stuff, you don’t need it. Also, your future child will not care in the least what kind of car you drive, house you own or rent, whether you or they wear designer clothes or own a smart phone. All that kids really need is love and you can provide that. I know you can .

Children are wonderful little beings that will change your life and I can sincerely tell you that out of the mistakes you’ve ever made and or going to make in the future, you will never regret the decision you made to follow through with your pregnancy and have your child. Even on your most weary and miserable days you will find yourself saying you’d do it all over again for the sake of your child. Trust me.

However, if you truly feel you can not be the parent your child needs there are plenty of loving people who are desperate to adopt. I encourage you to give adoption serious consideration because the only way you could possibly regret your decisions is if you choose the coward’s way out – abortion.

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  • daisy

    Actually being a single mother is lousy. My mother did it and she suffered. She was a true heroine and I lacked for nothing but there was great insecurity. I spent part of my childhood and all of my teen years being worried about my mother’s health, our money and what horrible things could happen to us. I don’t want to discourage anymone but let’s not sugar coat it. Unless she’s rich or has an excellent family to back her up a single mother’s lot is not an easy one.

    [I don't think there is a bit of sugar-coating going on in Kat's piece; she's not rich; she admits its hard. But she says its worth it. I'm sure your mom thought you were worth it, too. -admin]