Everything that exists is thought, poured forth

Faith is not the resignation of reason in view of the limits of our knowledge; it is not a retreat into the irrational in view of the dangers of a merely instrumental reason. Faith is not the expression of weariness and flight but is courage to exist and an awakening to the greatness and breadth of what is real.

Faith is an act of affirmation; it is based on the power of a new Yes, which becomes possible for man when he is touched by God. It seems to me important, precisely amid the rising resentment against technical rationality, to emphasize clearly the essential reasonableness of faith. In a criticism of the modern period, which has long been going on, one must not reproach its confidence in reason as such, but only the narrowing of the concept of reason, which has opened the door to irrational ideologies. The mysterium, as faith sees it, is not the irrational but rather the uttermost depths of the divine reason, which our weak eyes are no longer able to penetrate. It is the creative reason, the power of the divine knowledge that imparts meaning. It is only from this beginning that one can correctly understand the mystery of Christ, in which reason can then be seen to be the same as love.

The first word of faith, therefore, tells us: everything that exists is thought that has poured forth. The Creator Spirit is the origin and the supporting foundation of all things. Everything that is, is reasonable in terms of its origin, for it comes from creative reason. . . The mysterium is not opposed to reason but saves and defends the reasonableness of existence and of man.
– Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), A Turning Point for Europe

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  • http://www.thecatholicbeat.com Gail Finke

    I am slogging through Edward Feser’s highly readable book “Aquinas” (my brain is the problem, not the book) and this argument reflects Aquinas’s “Fifth Way” to prove God. If I read it 8 more times I might FINALLY get this “detail-rich” stuff into my “big picture” head. The Fifth Way is very exciting, and (as Feser says) a lot bigger claim than the intelligent design theory, which is pretty much the old absent watchmaker stuff in new words. The Fifth way is all about thought, and about the necessity of a Thinker. How beautifully the Pope puts it in the piece you used for your headline.

  • Dynan

    Dear Ms. Elizabeth,

    The Father has and is all knowledge, has thought the whole universe out. Jesus is
    all matter and the Holy Spirit is all energy. That is all there is. You and I ingest matter, our bodies convert matter to energy, to the Spirit. Hopefully, we do our own will which is His will. In about 6 billion years, our Sun will go Red Giant or White Dwarf based on too little hydrogen or too much helium. Gradually, the Father
    is sharing His knowledge with us. As St Augustine wrote ~1600 years ago, “I am and know and will; I am knowing and willing. I know myself to be and to will. I will to be and to know.” Truth is the Trinity. The Father loves the Son and the Spirit and
    ALL He has created. The Way is the Truth and the Life. Humility is the way to Faith.

    You have done well, Elizabeth. I must rest now.