Gibbs, Jarrett and Mrs. Obama: The Tussle

So, former WH press secretary Robert Gibbs apparently tussled with Obama’s seeming mother-substitute Valerie Jarrett, and he was very rude to the woman, in discussing First Lady Michelle Obama.

This cartoon has foul-language (you’re warned) but depicts what seems to have gone down.

Well, I’m not surprised that Gibbs tussled with Jarrett. Gibbs, after all, is a white Irish Catholic, and as we all know, white Irish Catholics enjoy an occasional donnybrook.

Perhaps that is why Michelle Obama doesn’t much care for them.

When your intent is not simply to lead, but to rule, you really don’t want to have to tussle with anyone. It’s so time-consuming when there is so much to be done, so many $45,000 a ticket fundraisers to bar the press from, so many smaller “for show” fundraisers to pose for, so many lavish parties to prevent the people from knowing about, so many smaller, “for show” parties to pose for , so many visitor’s logs to purge, so much advice to give to the sycophantic press (“be more sycophantic, or else…something!), Who has time for little tussles with annoying white Irish Catholics peasants who don’t know their place?

My snark aside, the fact is, you don’t use language like that in the White House, or about any First Lady. You just don’t. So, Gibbs needed to apologize.

I admit to never having much liked Gibbs. As an annoying white Irish Catholic peasant who spent too long “knowing her place” I have been all-too aware of his type — the sort of fellow who made a class laugh once, in his all-boys prep school and has forever thought himself a wit of the first order.

But for all that, and despite the fact that I admit he was quite wrong to be so rude, today I find myself liking him just a little bit, after all.

It might be an Irish peasant thing. We’d rather be led than lorded over.

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  • Ann

    Yes, and we’re not looking forward to having to hide out up on the mountain to have Mass again.

  • EBL

    The way things are being run are not good. And the press is giving the Obamas a pass.

  • Gayle Miller

    Why are Irish males such pathetic creatures? I’ve dated more than a few and in general, they are a trifling lot! They are, however, quite cute!

    Irish women (much like women of color) are delightfully feisty and that applies to the beloved Elizabeth in particular! I don’t exclude Hungarian women either. We started ruling the roost centuries ago when our men were off at war with this and that nation and when they returned, we refused to return the reins of power! This is why my mother promised me a very severe tongue lashing (at the very least) if I ever was foolish enough to date a man of Hungarian descent. And I haven’t!

    Valerie Jarrett truly should not, however, be a role model for anyone!

  • Gayle Miller

    Ann, what is it with this seeming compulsion to demonize Christianity and Catholics in particular in the media? It happened again this morning on The View! Who do they think they are to criticize the Pope!? If they spoke like that about an Ayatollah, there’d be an almost instantaenous fatwah!

    [Gayle, what did those biddies at the view have to say? I almost hate to ask. Let me guess: they decided the pope is stupid and mean because the headlines said he went after gay marriage...even though, as Austen Ivereigh pointed out he actually didn't mention it. Here are the pope's remarks. -admin]

  • Peggy R

    Just have to report here that an IL political web site (by a professional journalist) Capitol Fax Blog digs to determine whether Michelle Obama said “white Irish Catholic.” So, a fellow journalist who was the source, claims she never named families or said “white Irish Catholic.” Sure. I am skeptical. This same IL political web site joined in with the Chicago media and gay activists who took out of context Card. George’s concern that the pride parades “could morph into” KKK marches. They all bullied him into the recent apology. This same site allows anti-Catholic bile on its posts such as Card George and the gay adoption stories, but banned a commenter tonight who accused M.O. of racism. If any one wants to check it out, be my guest, but it’s not a friendly site for Catholics. Typical liberal prObama news site. I’ve checked it out periodically as an Illinoisan who was once a state employee. It is good information as far as information is concerned, but anti-Catholic when it comes up.

  • Ellen

    For a while there I was caught in The View hell. No matter where I went; the dentist’s office, the doctor’s office, the auto repair place, etc., The View was on.
    I was in agony. Those vapid chicks give the female sex a bad name.

    [The nurses in my hematologist's office know: when I come through the door, they click the show off. :-) How's that for kind? -admin]

  • Margaret

    So Gibbs is Irish Catholic. He always seemed to me “on the boil” our irish family term for someone about to rant. When all of this is over I would love know how Valerie Jarrett became president in all but name. As for the View I have successfully managed to avoid it since I don’t watch Tv much during the day. I had a doctor who tried to impress me with the fact he had been dinner with Oprah and refused to believe that I had never seen her. You get a lot more time for life when you don’t live vicariously through others.

  • doc

    Obama does the corporate media a great favor by criticizing them. This allows them to continue to act as his palace guard while at the same time claiming impartiality. “You see, he’s angry at us, just like Bush! We’re simply doing our very difficult jobs here, reporting all the news that’s fit to print.”

    What a charade. I only hope the majority of voters don’t fall for it in November.

  • Gayle Miller

    E = you’re correct when you say they jumped on the gay marriage thing with both feet! The only one who even skirted the edge of reasonable was Whoopie (again) who said that religious freedom should be religious freedom, even when others may not agree with it!

    Today they described Romney’s NH win as a “landslide” which nearly made me gag! Wilbur got 32-33% of the vote? That means others got 67-68% – that’s no landslide!

    Romney, like his pal McCain, probably thinks the mainstream media are his pals. And they will be – until he actually gets the nomination! Then they will pile on, just as they do with every Republican candidate!

  • Gayle Miller

    I’m going to clean my bathrooms from now on when that odious show is on! In other words, do more worthwhile things than watch those dingbats!