The Christophers at Patheos!

A new year is a good time to forge a new partnership and I am (as Hubert H. Humphrey used to say) “as pleased as Punch” to announce the arrival of a new blog, Christopher Closeup, here on the portal!

Anchored by the tireless Tony Rossi (who has contributed many excellent pieces to Patheos in the past year), Christopher Closeup will feature the exclusive online debut of new and upcoming podcasts, hosted by Tony, wherein he chats with entertainers, writers, sports figures and the interesting people of our day who believe — like The Christopher’s founder, Father James Keller, that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

It is a distinct pleasure for us to have an association with The Christophers, a distinguished organization whose only agenda has been — since 1945 — to point our attention toward what is good and the positive and truly helpful, and to encourage humanity toward its better angels. A look at the breakdown of who and what is honored each year at the prestigious Christopher Awards gives evidence of that commitment. We are so glad Tony and his podcasts are now so accessible to our readers!

Beyond the podcasts, Tony will be using the blog to further introduce some of his favorite subjects and also share some of his own thoughts on a variety of topics. Having been privileged to take a gander of what he has in store for you in the coming days, I promise, there is some fascinating stuff just head, including a tremendous story of one man’s life of hell and heroism — and you’ll get access to it “close up”, here at Patheos.

Welcome Tony! Welcome Christopher Closeup! Welcome Christophers, still shining that light!

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