Yearbook Photos; Cruelest Part of Politics

It’s really kind of early in the campaign for such an inevitable nadir to be reached, isn’t it?

The Atlantic examines the high school pictures of Republican presidential candidates (and, for some reason, Sarah Palin).

Really? Isn’t jeering at high school photos a bit, you know, high school? But I suppose it’s pro-forma in an election year.

I wonder how many journalists would want their high school photo hauled out?

Anyway, they’ve decided Rick Santorum’s high school picture is the one to make fun of:

A quick office straw poll here at The Atlantic, conducted amidst uproarious laughter, confirms that this is, in fact, the single worst year book photo that most of us have ever seen. An outright disaster.

Having myself graduated in the 1970′s I don’t think he looks that bad. I am sure it’s not the worst of the era. Mine was pretty awful, I think. Considering myself to the the most unattractive beast in nature, I never wore make-up. I seem to recall one of those capiz-shell chokers and a dreadful shirt with flowers embroidered on the collar. I’m sure it is grotesque.

But, if high school yearbook photos are now somehow relevant to presidential elections, then in the interest of balance, or fair play, I think it’s only right that we see the high school photos of the last two or three Democrat equivalents. I offer them without comment (because making fun of how people look is really stupid) except to note that Obama looks pretty cool (somehow “Barry Obama” is sort of disco) and I like Joe Biden’s the best. I also came across Dubya’s high school picture while I was looking, so I threw it in the mix, to be fair.

Let’s face it, yearbook photos suck. They just do. They’re a snapshot of a moment, and usually not a great moment. I think everyone tries to do the best they can.

I thought about it and realized that anyone who posts the yearbook pictures of others should be willing to put their own yearbook picture out there, too, otherwise it’s just kind of cowardly.

Yes…it was the dreadful choker and high embroidered collar. The preposterous chin. Egad. And I’ve only gotten worse, and grown more chins, with age.

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