March for Life Roundup – UPDATED

If you’re going to be taking part in the annual March for Life in Washington DC, or elsewhere, Marcia Morrissey has a piece that will prime your pump:

Going out to the sidewalk on a brutally cold day, bundled up against the snow, she felt that ugliness return. She thought, “Oh man, I didn’t know I would feel this way again, I hate this place—I don’t want to be here! Lord, you are going to have to help me, because anything that comes out of my mouth is going to be wrong, and I feel totally inept. Empty me out, and fill me up so that anyone who drives in here will see you—not me, and everything will be okay.”

You’ll have to read what happens next

Since it’s going to be cold out there, Terry Nelson has some personal thoughts on a cold day!

Crisis Magazine: Will Pro-Choicers do a 180 Thanks to This Video?

Katrina Fernandez has thoughts about the debate on graphic, um…graphics

Pat Gohn talks with Leticia Velasquez, a pro-life powerhouse.

Post-abortion journey offers thoughts on grace.

Bad Catholic is all psyched up!

Hadley Arkes:Roe Anniversary is a Time of Turning

Francis Beckwith gives a tantalizing glimpse of his opinion of Roe v Wade and its Progeny

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Santorum and Pro-Choice Women

Imagining a World Without Abortion. Tim Muldoon’s piece is from last year, but worth a re-read this weekend.

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Deacon Greg has a must read homily suited to the day!

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  • Wade

    There are pictures from the San Francisco Walk for Life up at

  • Gayle Miller

    WE Catholics are excoriated because of our abortion views and our views on so-called gay marriage. Yet Muslims are not condemned for their desire to kill women and children or their penchant for hiding behind those selfsame women and children.

    However, as a Catholic woman of a “certain age” – I gave up expecting “fair” a long time ago!

  • Leslie Palma

    Not smart enough to copy a link with my phone. Go to and search Matt Clinger. A beautiful piece about men’s silence.

  • Manny

    I so wanted to go this year. But I am just too tied up with work to take off. I’m even going to be in Virginia at the beginning of the week but just not close enough to swing by D.C. Next year, I hope. God bless all who March on Monday.

  • Greta

    We have not missed a year march in Washington in over 25 years. What we see is every year, the crowd gets larger and it also continually gets younger which is very encouraging. Our parish will have 6 full buses going this year with average age 26. We do not go on the bus because they drive over, get very little sleep, go to mass and the march, and then board for the ride home. We are too old for this so we fly over in private plane with friends and spend a few days to allow our old bodies to have some rest. Also gives us a chance to catch up with some of Dominican friends over there. We do our march with some of the older Dominicans while the younger ones tend to get in with the young crowds from our Dominican parish.

    I saw Deacon Greg post and was glad to see him talking about the holocaust of 3,500 (really closer to 4,000) innocent babies slaughtered every day, but disappointed that he got emeshed in the seamless garment discussion which is a distraction from getting people to vote the party of death that supports abortion out of office. Also would have been nice to see him mention what started the decline he alludes to in his homily on the decline of morality in the US which was when many priests and bishops did not support Pope Paul VI on Humane Vitae. The Pope said if Catholics abandoned God through use of birth control, certain things would follow. What Deacon listed were all predicted in that encyclical. But the real solution is to get politicians and judges in place that will begin to rebuild america into one nation truly under God. When you have legal holocaust of innocent children by the thousands every day, it sends a strong message of what this country stands for and that message leads to general decline. Change the law and you can then also start to change what people believe.

  • Greta

    Just read an interesting post by a liberal democrat supporter of Obama on the HHS decision taking away religious freedom.

    Thoughts after reading this article in the liberal catholic paper.

    I have deeply disagreed with Michael Sean Winters in the past on most issues, but always saw his writing ability as first class. Here he uses the Zola style of “I Accuse” toward Obama for this action. He calls this decision “much more than a disaster”.

    One sentence in the statement from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stands out: “The administration remains fully committed to its partnerships with faith-based organizations, which promote healthy communities and serve the common good.”

    What can those words “fully committed” possibly mean? They have punched Sr. Carol Keehan and Fr. Jenkins and many other Catholics who have taken shots for this Administration in the nose. They have jumped over the First Amendment to coerce religious organizations to do something we find morally objectionable. They have given people who loved the Affordable Care Act reason for pause, great pause. They have given the Republicans a huge battering ram with which to beat swing voting Catholics over the head.”

    Winters is right that this decision is a huge blow to liberal Catholics who have tried to cover for Obama. Winters is wrong that the President’s decision comes as any sort of surprise. Of course Obama would throw his liberal Catholics supporters under the bus to please his leftist secular supporters. Obama’s wedding with liberal Catholics has always been one of convenience and he just filed the divorce papers. I therefore find it hard to sympathize with liberal Catholics who are shocked by this decision, because I’ve been warning for years that their relationship with Obama was bound to end in heartbreak.

    I respect Winters for standing up for religious liberty and to criticize a President he supported as a candidate. I applaud him and I hope that more liberal Catholics acknowledge how foolish they have been to support Obama’s anti-Catholic policies. I urge them to join all Catholics in common cause to begin to address this deplorable state of affairs created by this most abortion loving president in our history. He has certainly shown why Planned Parenthood called Obama their Partner on their web site.

    Meanwhile pro abortion liberals where out in force trying to lock Obama in on this decision less he backpedal to the Catholic church.

    Today, in a huge victory for women’s health, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that most employers will be required to cover contraception in their health plans, along with other preventive services, with no cost-sharing such as co-pays or deductibles. This means that after years of trying to get birth control covered to the same extent that health plans cover Viagra, our country will finally have nearly universal coverage of contraception.

    Opponents of contraception had lobbied hard for a broad exemption that would have allowed any religiously-affiliated employer to opt out of providing such coverage. Fortunately, the Obama administration rejected that push and decided to maintain the narrow religious exemption that it initially proposed. Only houses of worship and other religious nonprofits that primarily employ and serve people of the same faith will be exempt. Religiously-affiliated employers who do not qualify for the exemption and are not currently offering contraceptive coverage may apply for transitional relief for a one-year period to give them time to determine how to comply with the rule.

  • Walk for Life West Coast Committee Member

    All, we packed the San Francisco Civic Center. Estimates are 40,000 to well above 50,000. We’re growing!!

    God blessed us with sunshine between big storms, a peaceful walk and by placing us in the heart of the city that has one of the highest abortion rates. Sadly, one of our elected officials was out reassuring the pro-aborts that they’d still have legal access to safe abortions. Blech.

    This liberal SF news site did make me smile though claiming that we prolifers did more than the Occupy SF was able to do:

    Hope some of you will come and join us next year. It is a fantastic experience.

    May God bless all the marchers in DC

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