Pro-Lifers and the Truth-Phobic Press

Photosource: telecare

Katrina Fernandez has pictures from yesterday’s March for Life, and she promises that more are coming.

Watching yesterday on EWTN, I heard estimates of nearly half-million people marching peacefully and cheerfully, in the freezing rain, in support of life, which is — at its core, as Tim Muldoon writes — a march in support of love:

In our experience, the metanoia of loving has meant seeing orphans not as problems to be solved, but as beloved children who will gladden adoptive parents. If you are pro-choice, or if you are someone who has had an abortion, perhaps it may help to imagine what gives fire to the pro-life movement. Each pregnancy we see as a new opportunity for love, an irreplaceable gift that challenges us to love anew. We see abortion as an interruption of the potential for love, the opportunity for love, and so we hope to build a society in which those opportunities are welcomed. Our hope is both simple and profound: to treat human beings through the lens of love, rather than primarily through the lens of reason.

In the big picture, love is the far more powerful way of looking at the world.

Unfortunately, the “big picture” is hard to come by, particularly if you’re looking for “big pictures” of this well-attended march. We have reached a remarkable era of photojournalism, as demonstrated by the once-noble Washington Post — one where a half million people can march, the headlines can call it “thousands” and the pictures show you none of it.

Someone asked me on Twitter, “why don’t they just report the truth” and I thought, “because they have given themselves wholly over to a lie, and they fear the truth. Having built up the lie for so long that it’s become their foundation, they know they cannot withstand an assault by the truth.”

So they have become truth-phobics, our mainstream media. They can’t tell you the truth about anything, anymore — they can only do whatever it takes to sustain the narratives they’ve constructed.

That’s why you hear no reports about Fast and Furious, or a member of the DOJ pleading the Fifth about that. It’s why you don’t hear about Solyndra and the “green jobs” myth it’s why you hear no caterwauling from the press about the fact that we are 1000 days into this administration without a budget.

You want the truth? You think you deserve it? The press can’t handle the truth; they can’t bring it to you. The New York Times just ignores inconvenient truth, entirely.

That’s why 250 people camping out in a park gets thousands of stories, while half-a-million marching on Washington does not get reported at all, or if it does, the pictures are cropped; the attendees are caricatured, mis-named and under-represented while their opponents are over-represented.

The Washington Post’s ombudsman is Patrick Pexton, and you can contact him, here,
if you want to point out to him just how badly his paper skewed the story away from the truth, and into the designated narrative.

You can try to hold them accountable, but they probably won’t think they need to be accountable to you.

UPDATE: Some more really great pictures from St. Blogustine!

Happy Catholic has more!

Ace and Bookworm link — thanks, guys!

UPDATE: At Get Religion, Mollie wonders “how can pro-lifers help reporters to do a better job?

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  • Mark Judge

    I think my film/coverage was a bit more complete than the Post. Feel free to share.

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  • Devin

    My pictures from the March!

    Lots of pictures of my daughter, but I tried to get some good crowd shots. While my little one didn’t quite understand everything, when I explained to her that we were marching to help save babies, she got really excited. So she rode on my shoulders most of the time and would randomly shout, “We gonna save the babies Dadda!”

    She got really excited when groups of teens would shout, “We love babies!” and she’d tell me enthusiastically, “Dadda! They love babies! They gonna save babies too!”

  • Raymond Suda

    Just as the Nazi’s read Sanger’s works and implemented what they said, so too our press has read and implemented Josef Goebbels theories and have implemented them here in America. Go figure!!

  • Katherine

    So we are in that part of the bible where they call evil good, and good evil. I don’t like that part. Thanks for getting the word out.

  • Eddie Baby

    I don’t know if the newspapers will survive in digital age, but reporting the news might increase their chances for survival. I would never know about this annual march and many other news stories if I wasn’t for reading right wing blogs.

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  • Alexandrag

    Thanks for the post and the links. The photos show a wonderfully diverse group of humans marching for life. What an uplifting sight!!

  • Veronica Ripp

    I totally agree with you, Elizabeth! I wrote a similar post to yours venting my frustrations on the dearth of coverage:

  • Rose

    “That’s why 250 people camping out in a park gets thousands of stories, while half-a-million marching on Washington does not get reported at all, or if it does, the pictures are cropped; the attendees are caricatured, mis-named and under-represented while their opponents are over-represented.”

    You put it into words so well, Anchoress!! I was able to attend the March this year and it was awe-inspiring. The amount of young adults there was insane. I loved it! And I recapped my experience on my own blog. :)

  • Nicky

    Started to comment on Pexton’s page, saw his haircut and knew it was no use. Too cute for a man his age. It’s not, “where have all the flowers gone”, it’s where have all wise men gone…

  • Bud Norton

    I’m so old I can remember when the media used to cover the news instead of covering up the news.

  • Miguel

    Incredible! This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m a news junkie. The MSM is so over the top in it’s bias. Wow…

  • Judith L

    I’ve dreamed of going to D.C. to march. But more and more, it looks like a young peoples’ event. Which is as it should be. You can’t fool these kids. The first pictures in their baby books are sonograms. They know what “contents of the uterus” really are.

  • The Crescat

    Here’s my pics.

    ps- I’ll publish my reply to Wapo, if I even got one.

  • zmama

    I haven’t been able to attend the march for the past 2 years but hope to attend next year and possibly bring my daughter. It is such an uplifting experience. Going back to the very early years if the March for Life my dad used to organize the buses to the march for our parish and he would always feel somewhat dejected at the low numbers reported in the press. This slide show from Wapo is beyond the pale but we must believe that even though our media refuses to let people know and see the truth, God does know and does see all. Katharine wrote above that we are in those times of the Bible when good will be called evil and evil good. It is a time for taking sides-either towards the light or towards darkness. God knows what is in each of our hearts. That is why I will continue to attend the march.

  • doc

    Those here who complain about the lack of coverage in the corporate media, are you really surprised? I mean, why would you expect anything different? These people are not newsmen, they are agenda pushers. How many here purchase their products? If so, why do you choose to contribute to a corruption of the culture? Anchoress, is the NYT crossword puzzle really worth your contributing to their corruption of the culture? If you object to that description, what do you think they’re doing? If you agree, how can you justify your support of them? (If you no longer support them, well done.)

  • Greta

    Well, a day after my return and I am still fired up on all the wonder these old eyes saw in our nations capital. It seems I have come home with a cold on the way which my doctors warned me about. Colds and chemo do not work well together so looks like my next treatment will be delayed.

    Anchoress, I just want to thank you for the truth and honesty you bring to this blog and your wonderful writing skills and how you are bringing them to the use of our Lord. We need strong voices out there attacking the overwhelming bias of the media toward everything that those of faith and morals are against. Father Pavone gave a very nice talk about the media and their hatred of morals and values that are so essential to a free America Under God. He mentioned that he even sees this is blogs that call themselves Catholic, but are often in open attack either directly on the Church, or use the tactic of throwing out dissent and then letting the commentors have free reign to add lies and distortions without correction. He did not mention his situation directly, but as a long time friend and supporter, talked one on one with me about the peace he has found in his situation. He has placed the entire matter over to God and the Church and will obey whatever comes as a result. He was angry with his situation and allowed that anger to have an impact on him because he is so focused on the pro life cause that anything getting in the way had become more than a challenge, but an attack on life itself. The person I talked with was almost like a new man with a light shining from him that reflected his surrender all over again to God.

    There is no doubt we are under full attack by Satan at this time. I also met with an old priest friend who is in training as a excorcist in Rome. What he is learning about what is going on in the world in this area is truly frightening. I was shocked at the total number of possessions they are seeing and clearly have identified with satanic possesion which the Vatican seems to believe is reflective of something going on in that which we cannot see coming to some sort of climax. He also believes this is reflected in the overall evil presence in so many world leaders who favor things like abortion, family, and religious freedom and who have an outright hatred of the Catholic Church. Many souls are being lost in this era and people need to repent and pray. It chilled me to my very core to see what an impact this service is having on this priest. He said they are recruiting priests for service and need hundreds more since so many drop out when confronted by this pure evil. So what you are posting here is indeed reflective of what he was describing going on all over the world.

    I doubt I will live more than a year or so if that unless it is by the grace of God so I will not live to see how this all comes out. However, what I do know is now is the time for those who have surrendered all to Christ to fight to save all the souls possible in the full frontal direct assult by the ruler of the earth, satan. I would hate to go into battle without Christ in my heart, soul, and mind for you will lose. Keep up the wonderful work and don’t let anyone intimidate you into toning down your work or bowing to tolerance of evil for that is surrender. Chemo starts so so I will be disappearing for a while and just wanted to say one more time thank you. I would like to go to Deacons Bench site and say much the same to him and seek that he look deep and fight for the Catholic Church in the same way you do, but I am banned from his site. So pass it along for me. My husband goes there now to fight some of those who comment on his site, and suspect he might be banned as well. good bye for now…and maybe for a long time

  • Sherry

    “Nothing that concerns you has happened. Nothing that concerns you has taken place.” –little Mary Sunshine, the musical.

    One of these days, someone who wants to be a reporter will actually come to the event and see all these people and see. Here’s hoping.

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  • fiestamom

    Greta, you are in my prayers.

    Anchoress, thanks for this right on the dinero post. I facebook “shared” it with all my friends who went to the pro life march on Monday. I guess if the press doesn’t report it, then they didn’t attend!

  • Anne Ashford-Hall

    If each of the marchers, or members of their families, choose not to purchase print media for Lent and offered it as a fast, donating their savings to Emergency Pregnancy Centers I’m quite sure at the next March for Life the Media will be more attentive. But how many people are willing to sacrifice their morning paper for 6 weeks? Is it not worth it?

    Of course you have to inform the media of what you are doing and why.

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  • Nathan

    Which is worse, the Washington Post’s misrepresentation of the March For Life (in the print edition, one story in the Metro section covered as, essentially, “St Cecilia’s Catholic Church field trip”) or the New York Times and Wall Street Journal neglecting to mention the March at all?

    In Christ,

  • doc

    Anne, I’m not so sure the media would respond by being more attentive and honest in their reporting issue. I have a feeling these fanatics are so hard core they’d prefer to go out of business than bend what they see as their principles.

  • tadcf

    The real truth about why this march didn’t attract more attention was because it was primarily a religious movement about a religious cause—anti-abortion.

  • Amy

    Nary a word in print in our paper, nor did I find reference to the March on any of the cable news channels.

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  • DaveJ

    The more things change, the more they remain the same; or SOS-DD.

    I was stationed in Philadelphia when the first March for Life was held. The Wash. Post didn’t cover it at all. “Nobody knew it was going to happen.”

    The Left simply doesn’t understand and cannot cover- certainly cannot honestly cover- anything not in line with it’s “Narrative”. With it’s strangle hold on education it won’t need to try in another generation or so.

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  • zmama

    @Greta-I will be praying for you as you face chemo. And thank you for sharing about your priest friend. I agree with you regarding the times we are living in.

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  • RMW

    CBS was even worse than WaPo, if you can even imagine it. They posted a slideshow: “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary” ( and they only showed pictures of pro-choicers! Jill Stanek calls them out on it here:
    Talk about truth-phobic!