The Power of Words

A great little video. Words can build us up or tear us down, construct or destruct.

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Speaking of words and power, may I ask a few prayers of those of you who are inclined toward prayer, for a special intention of mine that is all about words and their power.

I seem to have run out of them.

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  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Very moving and a good reminder. You always have my prayers.

  • Boxster

    out of words – say it ain’t so!! Deep breath, and start typing. The words will come. You and your words are needed. You are one of a few who are a guide in this wilderness. Of course, you are in my prayers.

  • Michael Seagriff

    Been a reader for awhile but have never taken the time to comment. I think that will change. What a powerful and timely video for many of us! Thanks for sharing it, your struggles and the gift of your writing.

  • Katherine

    Prayers for you, and your family.

  • Margo

    Margo says:
    Trust in God’s power to restore your words, and thoughts that teach us and give glory to HIM.
    Thank You

  • Margo

    Trust in God’s power to restore your words and thoughts that make us think, and give glory to Him !!!
    Thank you.

  • Margo


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  • TXRed

    I pray that G-d will move you, guide and inspire you, be it towards speech or towards holy silence.

  • jkm

    May the words of your mouth and the thoughts of your heart be embraced by the Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. ~ Psalm 19, with love and prayers

  • john primm

    so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth…it shall not return to me void…you help all of us so profoundly dear Anchoress, you will find the words when you most need them.

  • Victor

    Dear Anchoress,
    You need to pray for U>S (usual sinners) cause you can’t imagine how much prayers we need? Like your film says in so many words, God is dis-appointed in some of U>S and yet His Son, Jesus still helps each and every one of our loving cells that care to listen and when He forgives them, they start thinking that they are gods cause when anything is touched by “The Truth”, “IT” is unchanging.

    When Jesus walked His Father’s World, “IT” saddened Him greatly that these alien so called gods had taken over His planets but still He never destroyed any of “IT”, He simply tried to help these so called gods who made slaves of U>S by telling them that “LOVE” was not going to stand for “IT” but long story short when some of our travelling past ancestrial cells heard these words, like I didn’t come to keep the piece or was that “The Peace”, these so called alien gods figured that after having killed most of His ‘Saints and ‘Prophets’ then all they had to do was to crucify “The Old Man’s Son” and they were home free and NOW had “IT” all. Go Figure!

    I hear ya! Victor, He made “IT” so easy for U>S when He said in so many words, that unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you will not make “IT” to my Father’s Kingdom.

    sinner vic! Enough already! Please? :)


  • Marie E

    Prayers to the Word for words.

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  • anniebird

    I am happy to pray for your intention, good Anchoress.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Prayers are being said on your behalf. In fact, let me share one I learned this week, inspired always by your example.

    Prayer to Saint Francis De Sales: Most loving and lovable Saint, you preached to thousands with the pen, introducing them to “the devout life.” You wrote sublimely about God’s love and made countless converts by your Christlike kindness. Make writers realize the power of the Press and inspire them with your zeal for spreading truth. Help them to write honestly no matter what the subject, so that they will really contribute to bringing about God’s Kingdom. Amen.

  • stefanie

    Elizabeth, you are always a part of my daily morning Lauds prayers as one of my benefactors. Hugs! And thanks for the vid.

    [Thank you so much! I am so grateful...-admin]

  • Mark

    Wife Greta is taken a turn for the worse, but her rosary is nearby and she is praying for those with talent like Anchoress to put that talent to work to end abortion. She firmly believes that this election will in fact either move toward ending legal abortion and in doing so take it from holocaust type numbers to ones we can really try to help with loving actions and support. If Obama is not removed along with his allies in abortion in his party in congress, we could well see another entire generation killed. God has put up with a lot, but she really senses that He is growing tired of those who claim to follow Him and yet support the party of death. She was shocked at what her friend priest in training to become an exorcist told her about what they are seeing her in the USA with Satanic possessions.

    Anchoress, on a personal note, she has had you in her prayers for a while and every month a mass is said for you and your family. We will make it for you special intention. All the kids and grandkids are coming over for a rosary session with Greta and I this evening for her health and we will add your intentions as well. Pray for us as well for she would value your prayers.

    [Mark, thank you for letting me know about Greta -- I will keep her in my prayers. And please tell her I said thank you for remembering me in prayer and at mass. That's very humbling and I am very grateful. -admin]

  • SteveP

    Elizabeth Scalia: May God’s Word dwell deep within you and echo from your soul. To Him be glory and honor and power.

  • DJMoore

    I got baptised recently, after nigh on to sixty years of skepticism. (Not that I’ve lost that. Story for another time.)

    Your words helped me get here, and I thank you for them.

    I pray you are simply suffering through a bout of writer’s block, and that it will pass.

    But if not, if God has another path for you now, I will miss you, but I will pray you find happiness and fulfillment along the way.

  • Maureen

    Praying. Go play hard at something, or go sit in nature (or inside a greenhouse or something). Go listen to live music or see a play. Fill up your brain with good stuff. Possibly get more sleep.