Umm….. Elizabeth? H-e-l-l-l-o-o, Elizabeth? Lizzy? E?

Nope, she’s gone—she’s really gone!!—at least for a few days.  And she left the three of us here to mind the store:  Father Dwight Longenecker, Elizabeth Duffy, and moi.

Far be it from me to malign Elizabeth’s feet, but wow!  The Anchoress has left some Really Big Shoes to fill.  I think we can do it, though, if we work together.

I can easily see why Elizabeth Scalia brought in the other two to help out in her absence this week. 

  • Father Dwight Longenecker is a renowned author and blogger, a former BBC broadcaster, a convert to the Catholic faith—oh, and he’s a priest.  So he’s got this “holiness” thing down, and he can be the “Anchor” (or whatever you call the macho equivalent of an Anchoress.)  Anyway, Father Dwight can represent the monastic viewpoint, slapping together a full measure of spiritual nourishment with a side order of orthodoxy.
  • Elizabeth Duffy—Well, she’s a mother of five—so she’s got that “organization” thing locked up.  I read Elizabeth’s blog recently, and she told (still smiling!) of surviving a power blackout and taking the kids for a walk through a nearby field and forest, and I thought, “Yep—there’s one Happy Catholic Woman!”  That’s her schtick.

But then there’s me!  What in the world can Kathy Schiffer bring to the table?  I have a suspicion that I might just be the “experience blogger”—the one whose genuine screw-ups in the journey toward eternity provide endless fodder for conversation.

You see, some years ago I was the “experience teacher” at a business school.  In my state, you can qualify to teach in a business college in one of two ways:  (1) You can earn a Master’s in Accounting or Business Administration or a related field; or (2) You can amass ten years of relevant experience.  I had done that—working in a temporary capacity while raising my family, I had worked at somewhere in the range of 60 different corporations. 

So maybe Elizabeth thinks I’m the “experience blogger.” 

  • Problems with your spiritual life?  Well gosh darn, I’ve had problems, too—and I’ve worked (and am still working) to overcome them. 
  • Problems in your marriage?  I’ve made more mistakes than you can count, and I am more in love with my dear husband than ever. 
  • Problems with your kids?  Your co-workers?  Your extended family?  Are you lazy or self-conscious or struggling with other personal flaws?  Check-check-check-check….

So while The Anchoress gets her toenails painted, I’ve got a few days to chat with you, to see what makes you tick (or what ticks you off).  Let’s get to it!