You have been given three talents!

A combination of issues — doctors and deadlines and bears, oh my — has necessitated my asking for a little assistance on the blog, this week. Coming to my rescue are three outstanding bloggers who will inform, entertain and perhaps challenge.

Kathy Schiffer is a writer and multi-media whiz whose blog Seasons of Grace admits to bearing “reflections on faith, family and the future of America, but if you’ve followed her at all on Facebook, you know she is capable of dropping a wicked bonmot at exactly the right instant. Kathy is the wife of a Deacon, and you may have seen some of her articles appearing here and there around Patheos, in recent months.

Father Dwight Longenecker is the prolific author of several books, including The Gargoyle Code and Listen, My Son; Saint Benedict for Fathers. Father Dwight is a former Anglican priest; he and his family were received into the church in 1995. Last Lenten season, Patheos was pleased to showcase a droll satirical series jumping off from The Gargoyle Code and you no doubt know his achingly beautiful blog, Standing on my Head

Finally, the whip-smart writer and speaker Elizabeth Duffy,, who recently began a twice-monthly column here and is the thoughtful proprietress over at Elizabeth’s twice-monthly column The Constant Convert runs here at Patheos, and she has very quickly acquired a strong following here, because she is a crackerjack writer with something to say and a perspective that always goes just a tad outside the lines and makes you sit up.

All three of these very gifted writers will be taking over the running of The Anchoress for this week — I’ve given them the keys and they’ve promised not to drag-race with it! Seriously, I am exceedingly grateful for their willingness to help me out by giving me a little room for the rest of my life to get seen to, over here!

I may be popping in for a little “light housekeeping” if need be, or if there some sort of breaking news that I just can’t help myself about, but otherwise, Kathy, Dwight and Elizabeth have the keys, and I know you will find them to be provocative reads worth checking out again and again. Thanks, guys, for the help!

Be nice to them in the comboxes. Yes, I’m looking at you, Todd! :-)

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  • Deacon Greg Kandra

    What a great team — and I’m tickled to see Kathy on board. Wives of deacons ROCK!

    Deacon Greg
    Husband of a Wife of a Deacon

  • The Crescat

    Welcome to you all.

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  • Gina

    My parents go to Our Lady of the Rosary and love Fr. Longenecker!

  • Kathy Schiffer

    Thanks, Crescat! Now go easy on us!