PEEK-A-BOO! God and the Bornean Rainbow Toad

Wrap your mind around this (can you see it?). It’s a Bornean Rainbow Toad.

God, in His infinite wisdom and creativity, designed a panoply of creatures so diverse, so fantastic, so colorful, so… well, so HUNGRY.

And because no one—not even a lowly amphibian—likes to be someone else’s lunch, God thought up a bunch of cool ways to hide. It’s called “cryptic camouflage” and it allows a toad or a moth or a caterpillar to blend into the environment so well that a hawk or a sand crane is unlikely to see it and think “Dinner!”

Scientists recently discovered and photographed the Bornean Rainbow Toad, a species long thought to be extinct. I was charmed by its weird beauty and so want to show you just a few more examples of God’s handiwork, some of the winners in the “hide from the enemy” category.

The Walking Stick is a favorite at my house. The 4″- or 5″-long brown stick-like insects drop from the trees and fall onto our house. Children giggle. Old people gawk.

The Flounder is not one I’ve seen personally—but check out how this guy plays on the rocks with his Invisibility Shield.

The Gumleaf Grasshopper looks like dry, dead leaves on the forest floor:

Isn’t God, too, wearing camouflage? He’s in all of His creation—so there he is, in the Rainbow Toad and in the birds and the trees and the mountains and the seas. He’s there in all the people—fat and skinny, short and tall—out buying hot dogs and beer at the convenience store this afternoon.

Can you see Him?

  • Marieanne

    Thank you for this. What a wonderful way to start my day.

  • Mark L

    Are you sure you have never personally seen a flounder? Even a frozen fillet counts.

    I live close to Galveston Bay, and Bay and Gulf waters teem with flounder. On many a time I have gone down to the fish markets in Seabrook, TX and picked out flounder for dinner.

    What is fun is getting them butterfly-filleted (slit along the top, bones and innards removed). Then you stuff the cavity, and bake them.

  • Katherine

    Brutally Honest has a post dated 10/11/11

    that has a great God glimpse, watch that then contemplate your finger print. God marked you as his own.

  • Melissa G

    Thank you, I so needed to hear this today. I was reminded this week also that we need to remember God is there even when we are experiencing spiritual dryness. Even the teacher is silent during a test.

  • DeLynn

    I really don’t understand how people can believe in evolution.

    Great post.