Kelly Clarkson and the Anthem

I thought Kelly Clarkson did a great job on the Star Spangled Banner last night; not overdone, just the right embellishments and she knew the words! She didn’t sex it up at “perilous fight” as some try to. She was in control throughout.

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  • elizabethintexas

    There were a few jazzed up spots, but she knew the words and didn’t try to make another splash for her career with the singing of the national anthem. I was glad for once that someone could perform that song correctly. Thanks for noting it.

  • Kathy Schiffer

    OK, yes, but did I read something about M.I.A. giving America the middle finger during Madonna’s halftime show?

  • John Drake

    Why are all the players swaying? Nervous energy?

  • Kris, in New England

    Agreed. It was overall an understated performance – pitch-perfect, got all the lyrics right, dressed respectfully, had the kid-choir for back-up. Loved it.

    Unlike my beloved Patriots who just – blew it. :-(

  • gcotharn

    Kelly Clarkson is from Burleson, TX, which is just south of Fort Worth. Girls from Burleson, TX, understand the anthem is more important than themselves.

  • Ellen

    She was all right, but I wish singers would quit with the embellishments. Just sing it. She did a few embellishments, and they grated on me. Just sing it straight people.

  • fiestamom

    Most of the players I saw did NOT have their hands over their hearts. The coaches (older guys) had their hands on their hearts. Would be nice if the NFL would tell the players the significance and all…. The two minutes of the Star Spangled Banner isn’t about them.

  • Charles Culbreth

    Kelly offered a spectacular performance. However, as we were watching the opening with the great drumline fanfare, as soon as I heard the kids I remarked to my wife, “I bet anything those are Henry Leck’s kids from the Indy Childrens Chorus program, and likely his arrangement.” Henry Leck is the pre-eminent children’s choral pedagogist in the world for my money; have met him and he is as gracious as those kids were great backing Clarkson. the arrangement itself (I also compose/arrange) was unique in that there was no bass/baritone/tenor presence in it, save for the snare drums, making it even more ethereal and compelling. A truly stunning and fitting tribute in contrast to the half-time lipsync extravanganza.

  • daisy

    The anthem’s music is taken from a pub drinking song. The original folks who sang it were probably gloriously loaded. Let’s not get too prissy.

  • Harrold

    ” perilous flight?”

    [they dip down into their lower registers and get lost in it. Listen to Whitney -admin]

  • Fr. Peter Marshall

    One of my parishioners was in the choir, so I might be biased, but I thought it was fantastic!

  • FW Ken

    I grew up in the 50s and never saw anyone put their hand over their heart for the National Anthem. That was for the Pledge of Allegience. Pres. Reagan is the first I remember covering his heart for the anthem.

  • Mary

    “perilous fight”

    [heh. writing fast on little sleep. Will fix in a bit. Thanks -admin]

  • Steve Colby

    Oh, the “perilous fight.”
    For years, I thought all those “stars” were singing about the decline of the boxing industry, the “Payroll-less fight”