The Cheese Stands Alone With a Question

Well, my week of guest bloggers has passed, and I offer all of them my heartfelt thanks for their enormous output, their engagement in the comboxes, and their generosity in sharing their gifts with us. I hope you really enjoyed them. I know I did. They disproved Ben Franklin’s adage that “fish and company stink after three days.” I kind of liked having them around!

But they’ve all gone home. Father Dwight Longenecker has gone back to Standing on His Head, so he can see the world from a different perspective, Kathy Schiffer is off to discover the Seasons of Grace and Elizabeth Duffy is back pondering how big the seemingly small things can be.

They’re all gone, and here I am: the cheese stands alone — as overripe as the fish or the company!

Well, fear not. You can of course go visit your newly-favorited writers at their blogs, and I urge you too, because they’re places out-of-the-ordinary. But the good news is this: over the course of the month, all three of them — Dwight, Elizabeth and Kathy — will begin blogging in new digs, here at Patheos.

I have this driving need to gather a bunch of great bloggers and writers under one roof. And soon I intend to put up an antenna, so we can catch what’s in the air, too!

Speaking of great writers, blogging at Patheos, look back here around noontime or so for news of another blog debut. J-Lo has competition

Until then, I have one question and I hope ya’ll will answer
in the combox below: Did you hear anything at your mass this weekend about the HHS mandate? My schedule led me to a neighboring parish and from its pulpit came forth…not a word. Nothing in the bulletin, either. This is a very pro-life parish, but they seem to be completely unaware of the issue. What about you? Did you have a bishop’s letter read, or a priest talking about the Obamacare mandate forcing churches to cover contraception and sterilization?

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