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Yesterday K-Lo at Large (aka Kathryn Jean Lopez) and I had an opportunity to spend twenty minutes or so talking together with Pat Gohn at her great Among Women Podcasts, specifically about the HHS Mandate, and why it is a destructive and illiberal business.

Do listen online, here or at itunes. Pat is a golden-voiced and knowledgeable moderator, and there is a wee inside joke going on at one point, about how we speak when we are passionate.

What can I say…Lizzie almost blew out a mic. It’s an Irish thing.

Also, do yourself a favor and read Pat’s wonderful piece on Adoration and the power and consolation found in the silence and contemplation one finds there. It’s awfully good.

Meanwhile: HHS Secretary (the egregious Kathleen Sebelius) is dodging reporters and refusing to answer questions on this issue, and EWTN is filing suit against the mandate

Cardinal Wuerl thinks this is winnable. Well, yes, if this is still America, of course it is!

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  • Mark

    Excellent job on the pod cast Anchoress. We cannot let this be about birth control, but about what is next in this administration agenda. I also think it should not be Catholic alone. My wife as CEO of a large organization refused to allow any plan coverage for employees to include those products or services which the Church did not support. She did this as a lay Catholic and it became something that was more expensive and harder to find. With this new law, organizations which wanted to hold to certain moral values also would be under attack. It of course is part of the flaw of having the employer furnishing healthcare insurance or the government for that matter. Health insurance should be something that each family or individual does as part of their overall requirement. It is expensive because of government involvment and if it had been allowed to stay as a market driven solution, there would be multiple programs to handle various needs. The only role government should have provided was to protect the individual from being punished for things they have no control over such as disease. It would have meant that if you have a lifestyle that is dangerous and costly to care for, you would have had to foot the bill for that lifestyle. The same is true of auto insurance. Bad driver means you pay more. However, we are where we are today with massive government involvement and this is but another very bad part of getting the government involved in things that are not in the Constitution, especially on a federal level. But if this stands, and ObamaCare stands, we have given away most of our freedom to the state. Again, this is not about birth control, but about testing the water for what is planned to come later.

  • Ken

    How tone deaf is Sec’y Sebelius? She said:

    “So that one of the reasons I think that the final rule anticipates an additional year for compliance is to work, reach out to those stakeholders, work with groups to figure out arrangements where both women have available, affordable contraception at no additional cost and the church can find a purchasing arrangement that meets their tenets.”

    Hello! There is no “purchasing arrangement” that meets the Church’s tenets. That’s the whole point! What makes this so sad is that this woman claims to be Catholic. More damage seemingly comes from inside the Church than outside.

    If the Lord hadn’t guaranteed the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church, I’d start to wonder.

  • Scott in Ohio

    I totally agree this is not a Catholic issue, and that it is the beginning of a slippery slope that we don’t want to be on. I’m ashamed my favorite evangelical website hasn’t even mentioned this. Not Catholic here, but realize this is very much deeper. I appreciate Elizabeth saying this won’t stand if this is still America.

  • kevin

    This is all over the Drudge Report now. Fire is out of control for Obama White House. Good.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    I understand fully EWTN’s desire to file a suit. However, I think a class action suit — not only involving all Catholic agencies but non-Catholic religious ones, as well — would be a better tactic. The (potential) plaintiffs must engage in the most effective legal strategy possible. To me, that would mean combining forces.

    Also, this should be the time to start discussing the possible impeachment of the President. If his summary action doesn’t violate consititutional principles of limited government, then nothing does.

  • kelleyb

    This is a great podcast, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Pat Gohn
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