Obama’s HHS: Bring on the Penal Laws! – UPDATES!

Sure and it begins to feel like Grandad’s auld sod, what with the elites getting comfortable with the notion of telling us what we can and cannot do, what business we may or may not conduct, what materials we can or cannot own…because we’re Catholics.

Over at NPR’s Bench Memos Ryan T. Anderson ponders illegalities in the making:

Here’s an aspect of the HHS preventive-services mandate and the “compromise” announced on Friday that has gone unnoticed: It will soon be impossible, because it would be illegal, to be a faithful Catholic in America running a health-insurance company. Friday’s announcement — that health-insurance companies will be required to provide free coverage of contraceptives, sterilization procedures, and abortifacients — entails that citizens cannot operate a health-insurance company in accord with their moral values, if those moral values happen to align with historic Christianity rather than Obama.

Maybe market forces have made it all but impossible to be a major player in the health-insurance industry while holding to these views. But the outcry during the past three weeks about the HHS mandate shows that there are plenty of potential consumers for just such a health-insurance plan. In a free society, shouldn’t an entrepreneuring individual be legally able to run such a business? Not according to Obama.

Well, t’was ever thus, wasn’t it?
They’ll be going after the home-schoolers, the crisis pregnancy centers next. And it will go on from there. This is what elites do when they wish to maintain power over folks who have the actual arguments against their doing so:

**Exclusion of Catholics from most public offices
**Ban on intermarriage with Protestants; repealed 1778
**Catholics barred from holding firearms or serving in the military
**Ban on Catholics buying land under a lease of more than 31 years; repealed 1778.
**Ban on custody of orphans being granted to Catholics on pain of 500 pounds that was to be donated to the Blue Coat hospital in Dublin.
**Ban on Catholics inheriting Protestant land
**Prohibition on Catholics owning a horse valued at over £5 (in order to keep horses suitable for military activity out of the majority’s hands)
**’No person of the popish religion shall publicly or in private houses teach school, or instruct youth in learning within this realm’ upon pain of twenty pounds fine and three months in prison for every such offence.

Of course, in the traditional way of the bigot, Catholics who fall in line (“the good ones,” as Archie Bunker might say) will still be allowed to associate with the elites. All you have to do to be “one of the good ones” is unite with the administration, over your church.

UPDATE: I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Scalia has gone extreme.” And I don’t blame you. But then…did you know that the Obama administration just changed the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, so that it now excludes those connected to the churches?: Brad Hirschfield writes:

So after telling us that pretty much everything qualifies, even going out of its way to highlight that neither the type of work nor nature of the organizations matters, the government slips in the fact that if faith or worship are part of your work, you don’t qualify. What?! [Emphasis mine]

. . .If the government wants to re-visit making loans to those who study for religious careers, fine. I would oppose any change there, but I get it. Likewise, if the government wanted to revisit the tax-exempt status of religious institutions, I would get that as well. I would also oppose that, but I would understand it. But taking this out on those who can least afford it is simply wrong.

I actually agree with Hirschfield in that “I get it” but, as he writes:

Perhaps the forgiveness program should be based on overall earnings, as opposed to public-/private or for-profit /not-for- profit distinctions. But as long as those are the distinctions being made, excluding those who work in the religious sector is misguided and counter-productive.

Especially given the otherwise broad definition of public service according to this law, clergy and religious teachers should be considered public servants. On balance, there is no doubt about the public value of faith in America.

I keep wondering if this means soon students at religiously-affiliated colleges won’t be able to get federal loans? I mean…that would be the next logical step, right? Tell me again that he has no animus toward religion.

Marc Thiessen writes today:

. . . many religious employers (including EWTN) “self-insure.” This means the religious organization acts as its own insurance company — paying for care directly and using insurers only to manage benefits and process claims. Many religious organizations took this step so they could opt out of state mandates to provide morally-objectionable services. As a result, in the case of religious employers like EWTN, there is no insurance company to provide the “free” abortion drugs and contraceptives Obama has mandated.

Bottom line: The Obama “accommodation” is a sham…

UPDATE II: Speaking of the Irish, Ed Morrissey notes the Notre Dame faculty is not falling in line, as they were probably expected to:

Three years ago, Notre Dame University provided Obama a platform to speak to Catholics and awarded him an honorary degree. Yesterday, the faculty at the Catholic university — which would be subject to the mandate — gave him the third degree instead, excoriating Obama for a “grave violation of religious freedom”

The press, with a few “credible Catholic liberals” in place,
is treating this matter like it’s a done deal; the president, in his benevolence, had doled out to us a measure of something like our constitutional liberty, but it’s not the same, really. If he meant it, he’d never have intruded where he did not belong, in the first place. Once again, if his actual concern was providing pills, condoms, tubal ligations, vasectomies and abortifacients to whoever wants them, he had a ton of options. He wanted this battle with the churches.

Barack Obama:
the most oppressed guy in the country! Even with the mainstream media and others running all that interference for him!

MORE: White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew this weekend:

. . .the policy holds true to the “core principles of our country,” which call for respecting religious liberty. He noted that the revision had earned support from liberal Catholics and lay groups.

“The solution that we reached is consistent with those core principles. That’s why it got the support of a range of groups from the Catholic Health Association and Catholic Charities [walked back - admin] to Planned Parenthood,” Lew said.

George Weigel: Live and Let Live is not the Endgame, here

Bad Catholic: writes a second letter to the president, with couple of gloriously funny captions

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  • Gerry

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    What has largely gone missing is the right of any employee to free exercise of religion. Shockingly, the “pro-choice” crowd does not want to allow those who have moral objections to a “health” procedure to enroll in an insurance plan that does NOT cover it, so they are no forced to pay for evil through their premiums.

  • Mark L

    O Paddy dear, and did you hear the news that going round?
    The shamrock is forbid by law to grow on Irish ground;
    St. Patrick’s Day no more we’ll keep, his colours can’t be seen,
    For there’s a bloody law against the wearing of the green.
    I met with Napper Tandy and he took me by the hand,
    And he said, “How’s poor old Ireland, and how does she stand?”
    She’s the most distressful counterie that ever yet was seen,
    And they’re hanging men and women for the wearing of the green.

  • Richard

    Elizabeth, my fear (actually my prediction) is that the USCCB will fold on this. After years of promoting liberal policies and hobnobbing with politicians of that stripe, they’ll be anxious to be part of the “good ones”. I fervently pray that I am wrong.

    [Dolan is not looking for love form this admin -admin]

  • Ann

    I was just thinking about two things you mentioned in this post, the Penal Laws and homeschooling. Homeschoolers [and all of us really] better watch their backs, that’s for sure.

    Maybe we should start building hidey-holes in our homes for the priests. And start scouting out remote locations up the mountain to hold Mass in secret. St. Nicholas Owen pray for us.

  • gracepmc

    What a mess. Anyway I was reading some commentary over the weekend from the Southern Baptists representative (sorry I don’t have a link and am not knowledgeable about the SB) and this point was made exactly. Apparently the SBs either self insure or own a number of insurance companies that provide insurance to their members and organizations. What this administration is doing clearly goes beyond religious freedom of conscience. I am concerned that they will succeed by trickery, but I am also concerned that the RCChurch will in the end accomodate this Administration. I certainly hope not. Ironic — this Sunday at Mass there was the Catholic Faith Appeal — soliciting money not only for Catholic ed. etc. but for those Catholic organizations which help anyone in need. And I might add that often includes Americans and illegals in need. Like I said, so profoundly :), what a mess.

  • Signe

    What do you make of Paul Rahe’s Ricochet post from Friday?

    American Catholicsim’s Pact with the Devil.

    At the moment it’s the first item.

    [Haven't had time to read it -admin]

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  • kevin

    Rush is on the radio now and actually doing a pretty good job of following the trail of the bishops’ descent into socialism, and utopianism, to Cardinal Bernardin.

    I don’t believe Rush is Catholic but he gets it. Benedict XVI got it too, warning the bishops months ago that this was coming.

    [And rehashing the past is helpful, how? -admin]

  • kelleyb

    I agree this is a mess. But we have the we@pon necessary to destroy the evil directed at the Catholic Church-the Rosary. We must get out of the “cafeteria” and remember we are the Church militant.

  • Manny

    Obamcare and its mandates on the insurers and providers will be the final blow to classical liberalism as a functioning philosophy in this country. This has been going on for a long time but now it’s come to a head. It will be of the utmost irony that the people who call themselves Liberals will have killed classical liberalism. When we are no longer free to buy the products we want, we are no longer free.

    Obama must be defeated and Obamacare overturned. In a way I’m grateful that the Catholic Church is at the head of this controversy. I just hope the Bishops don’t get weakkneed and start making compromises.

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  • kevin

    I do think it is helpful to know how we got here. Not to dwell on it, but to see where the mis-steps were, and find the way back to the entrance to the socialism cave so we can walk out of it.

    My fear though is that many bishops are still married to the concept of Obamacare as something Christian that they will knuckled under to this. Time will tell.

  • conservativemama

    The left wants power over everyone. Understand that, read your history, and you will see that our worst nightmares can come true. The Church has to be removed and eviscerated for the left to achieve all its dreams. Soviet Union! North Korea! Cuba! China! Eastern Europe! and on and on…………it’s not a new story. We’re just witnessing the American version.

    Europe gave up on Christianity and now they are literally dying off. Please everyone wake up on this and understand that we are under attack. The Church must stand firm because it is a bulwark against this attack on our basic freedoms.

    Sadly, the left doesn’t understand that the light of the Church, its uncompromising position on life saves all of us. Better that we have our leaders focused on life and not death. There is no hope in death.

    Life. We should all welcome each day with applause, as Trig Palin (according to his parents) does.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    When so-called Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are in bed with this monstrous creature and his minions, how can we defend ourselves? I’ll tell you how – by repudiating them and their ilk as loudly and firmly as we can. We cannot buy into the Obama lovefest that the liberal media is attempting to foment and we must, absolutely must, support a viable alternative in such a way that The Won is not reelected. I still fear that if he loses in November he will try to declare martial law and invalidate the election but even that we must handle if and when it comes. This megalomaniac terrifies me as no other president has ever done!

    This man of foreign thought processes does not understand the American people. That is OUR strength and HIS major weakness.

  • http://attheturnofthetide.blogspot.com Caspar

    Yeah, the chutzpah of the man is astounding. What’s worse: the original mandate from the fall comments period is now written into the federal register and is pretty much the law of the land…a thing done on the same day as the accommodation was announced.

    “…Despite what President Obama said at his White House press conference, the actual regulations make permanent the “interim final regulations” issued August 3, 2011 — the ones that sparked the furor in the first place…

    the words that have the force of law appear on pages 18 to 20. That’s where the actual amendments to the Code of Federal Regulations are made by three departments — Treasury, Labor, and Health and Human Services — that Congress previously granted joint oversight of employer health plans…

    Translation: The Obama administration Friday afternoon put into federal law the very regulation that drew objections from almost 200 Catholic bishops, some 50 religiously affiliated colleges and universities, 65 North American bishops of Orthodox churches, numerous other Jewish, Evangelical and Lutheran leaders, and even some liberals — and without changing so much as a comma.

    From this point forward, any changes to this regulation have to go through the formal regulatory process all over again…”

  • vhayes

    If the Supremes overturn this it becoes a non-issue. Right?

  • amanda

    My dear Anchoress, The Obama administration is getting rid of all Catholic based entities. With laws that prohibited discrimination against homosexual couples Catholic adoption agencies closed. In California (and I think a few other places) churches cannot let other organizations (such as AA, scouting) not immediately affiliated with the church to use their facilities for meetings. This administration is using similar tactics to shut down all the Catholic social services (education, medical, etc.) Once the Catholic agencies are out of the picture the government will essentially have a monopoly and can then regulate and manipulate individuals at will.

  • kevin

    That we’re here is depressing me a tad. I don’t feel like I can do anything about it, very frustrating. Hopefully with Anchoress and other bloggers leading the way, the media won’t control the narrative.

    Right now, I am seeing in my mind’s eye that scene in A Man for All Seasons where the Duke of Norfolk defiantly reads the Act of Supremacy to the assembled bishops, and demands to know if they accept. Henry demanded 100,000 pounds as an insult to them, as well. Only one or two bishops stood up to the state back then. We are doing better at the moment, but I’m nervous about the long term….

  • Brian English

    “If the Supremes overturn this it becoes a non-issue. Right?”

    The personal mandate is severable from the rest of the law, so if that gets overturned it would not automatically invalidate the rest of the law. Obama would just have to figure out a new funding mechanism.

  • Bender

    What do you make of Paul Rahe’s Ricochet post from Friday?

    He sounds like the disaffected Catholic that he claims he “used to be,” as well as sounding like many rad-trads do, with a poor understanding of the Church in the United States.
    The “seamless garment” has NEVER been the teaching of the Church in the U.S., and it has been, since it was first proffered, seen to merely provide cover for the advancement of left-leaning ideology. Cardinal Bernadiin advanced the “consistent ethic of life” in all good faith, but he was naive, and he later understood that it was being used by those who were not at all pro-life.
    Even so, Cardinal Bernadin was NEVER “the leader” of the Church in America. And the Church was NOT essentially silent or mute on abortion before, during, or after Roe. The Church has had many LOUD voices who have led the fight for human life in the U.S. (So much so that more than a few lawsuits were brought against abortion laws on the silly claim that they amounted to an establishment of the Catholic religion.)
    And if he has “never” or only “rarely” heard homilies on pro-life matters or on marriage and family or Humanae Vitae, it is only because, disaffected, grudge-holding Catholic that he is, he has heard only what he wanted to hear or not hear.

    Rahe’s piece — unfortunately given national voice by Rush today — is full of errors, inaccuracies, and falsehoods.

  • prairie wind

    Catholics should not be forced to pay for contraception. True.
    Insurance companies should not be forced to offer specific kinds of insurance. Also true.

    With all the focus on the religious aspect of this mess, don’t lose sight of what the Obama administration is doing to the insurance industry: Eliminating their power to compete.

  • archangel

    Brian… the personal mandate is NOT severable from the rest. If SCOTUS finds any part of ObamaCare unconstitutional, then it has the option to find the WHOLE unconstitutional. The severablity of the law was neglected in the Congress’ haste to pass it; whether it was by design or just plain carelessness, who knows. Either way… the individual mandate is NOT severable.

  • Teresa

    Re Brian English’s comment, the mandate is not severable from this law. Usually Congress includes severability in laws but they specifically did not do that with Obamacare. So if it is overturned by SCOUS the whole thing goes down.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Feb. 12, 2012: The DAY Obama LOST the ELECTION.Yesterday after masses across the country, Bishops’ letters condemning Obama’s “accommodation. Our Bishop’s letter (posted in the link) was so strongly worded, I suspect excommunication, exorcism, or a combination of both will be the next step. And several of the parishioners didn’t think the letter went far enough!!!

  • Brian English

    Archangel and Teresa:

    Judge Vinson in the District Court had ruled the personal mandate was unconstitutional and not severable, so the whole Act failed. However, the 11th Circuit, while affirming that the mandate was unconstitutional, overruled the holding that the mandate was not severable. This is one of the issues the Supreme Court will be looking, but right now the law is that the mandate is severable.

  • Robert F

    There is a lot of talk here, but do we share the spirit of the martyrs, or will we be unwilling, Catholic and Protestant alike, to witness to the truth of Christ if it really requires sacrifice?

  • Peggy COffey

    You are now all “shocked, shocked I tell you” that Obama has gone after the Catholic church. You were all played like violins. I have no doubt that you will all double down on stupid and vote for this moron again. If you don’t get it now, you will all be hiding in the hills to hear the Mass within the next four years.

    [Who are you talking to? I don't think anyone who frequents this site voted for Obama -admin]

  • Left Coast Conservative

    Fast and pray – use the Catholic weapons of battle. And, speak out to all. Thank you anchoress – I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • Ron19

    Constitutional? We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitutional.

    We got Executive Orders!

  • kevin

    I’m trying not to let my loathing of this administration reduce me to a crying jag.

  • http://www.jordanbuilders.com stan

    While I wholly agree that King Barack has no right to dictate to the Catholic Church and its members, why has the Church and its members (at least most) been so ready to to conflate government confiscation and control over my freedom through wealth redistribution policies with charity? Government coercion is not charity, and now suddenly the logical progression of the church’s blessing on the socialist agenda has occurred, the infringement on the church’s rights. Amazing how loud everyone screams when it is their sacred cow that is gored, but could care less when it is someone else’s. Maybe now the Church will realize that it might be a good idea to get government out of everyone’s lives, and help to get the first King of the Unted States out of office.

  • John Tordoff

    Amen Stan, Amen.

  • Marilee

    I’ve been struggling with the frustration and angst this circumstance has created within me. I have been praying about it, and speaking with my parish priest. To his credit, the priest was wondering what the bishops expected when they supported Obamacare. Catholics have always given charity freely to all those in need. This administration wants to mete out death freely and convince the poor of the need for the death of their own. What do we do? We need a large scale Catholic response. I understand that the bishops are standing up, but the media is ignoring them. The politicians need to hear from all of us. Perhaps a day of Catholic Prayer. No marches, no noise, just the silence and empty streets that would result from all Catholics praying in their churches. I don’t know. I only know that this crisis is immediate, but potentially longlasting. We can not move slowly or we will be run down.

  • Elaine S.

    I have to say that I was one of those who used to think that The Anchoress and other Catholic bloggers had a bit of a “persecution complex” and were exaggerating the level of threat to religious freedom when Obama was elected, and again when Obamacare was passed. I always prided myself on NOT being a paranoid tinfoil hatter. Now, I’m beginning to realize they were right.

    It’s one thing for the reliably traddie bloggers to say that persecution is coming and religious freedom is threatened, but when 90+ percent of U.S. bishops say it, and when even Cardinal Mahony and the National Catholic Reporter say it, then it MUST be pretty serious.

    To use an analogy from my “weather geek” side, it’s like the difference between a run of the mill tornado warning based on Doppler-radar indicated rotation two counties away with no funnel cloud in sight vs. a live tower-cam shot of a giant F5 tornado and a visibly shaken TV meteorologist pleading with viewers to take cover immediately. The moral cloud that Anchoress and others saw rotating suspiciously several years ago has now morphed into a giant wedge tornado headed in our direction. I guess we’ll know in November whether or not it makes a direct hit. In the meantime, unlike a real tornado which can’t be stopped, we CAN do everything possible to stop this figurative one!

    [Heh. Yes, I remember when you were rolling your eyes. You know what finally convinced a friend of mine yesterday? That first update -- the exclusion of students who work at churches from the loan forgiveness plan. That shook her up -admin]

  • Mike R

    Look we can sit here wringing our hands and hanging our heads or we can move to action and also prayer. Do we allow anyone, including CINOs high jack the faith?. Do we allow so called religious who are also CINOs, high jack our core beliefs? Our faith has been attacked before and I think the first repsone should be prayer, fasting and charity. In fact, I hope all of our bishops call for a day of fasting and prayers. Then we go into action. But it can’t just be letter writing it needs to be personal grass roots witnessing. It means reaching out to your family and neighbors who say they are Catholic yet support this policy. We need to put ourselves on the line and take the risk of being rejected by these people for explaining- not preaching to them- but hopefully shedding the light onto them of the Truths of our Church. We have started these conversations already within our extended family and yes some have ridiculed our position, but I believe this will be the only way. The MSM will poison the message, CINOs will give the wrong message. Therefore it is up to YOU and hopefully bloggers like Elizabeth and others. It’s grassroots in conjunction with what appears to be a renewed vigor and leadership of our bishops.

    [I'm going to say right now that I absolutely hate the of the word CINOS to describe other Catholics (just as I hate the word RINOS to describe Republicans). And by the way, I've been called both by "purists" who think they've got it all down. And I'm not even a Republican. Can we please lay off the "Katholic" and "CINO" stuff. It is not helpful, and I'm sure it's not good for any writer's soul. There are better ways to write -admin]

  • Robert F

    As Christians, what we have to remove from our thinking is that our core values are ones that the majority in this country, or any other country for that matter, support. Most people in this country are practical pagans, even though they may call themselves Christian, and have a viewpoint that is closer to Hinduism than Christian theism. The majority in this country are on the Administration’s side in this, and they don’t have a high regard for religious liberties, and don’t care much about Constitutional guarantees, either. As long as the Administration exerts authoritarianism in a soft way, speaks softly and in soothingly reasonable tones, and eases slowly, incrementally and surreptitiously into full scale oppression and persecution, the populace at large will go along with it quietly. The Administration was too obvious and unsubtle in stating its intentions when it announced the new policy initially, and that’s why there was a rumble of concern in the population at large. But now that Obama et al have remembered their Machiavelli and are finessing their way back into the somnambulant confidence of the American public, that short-lived concern has quickly evaporated. Keeping things quiet and keeping a calm surface is what will facilitate the changes the Administration wants to implement. That is how abortion became pervasive in this country. And it is not just this Administration that threatens us. This is the net result of the unspoken ambitions of any secular (that is, pagan) state. We cannot rely on our fellow citizens to see us through this; we can only rely on the spiritual weapons of prayer and fasting, even as we utilize the political channels that are still available to us. And even as we recognize who are enemies are, we must not forget to PRAY FOR OUR ENEMIES, even as the first Christians prayed for the very Emperors who persecuted them.

  • Mike R

    ok so what do we call people who say they are Catholic but dont practice the faith? Its your blog so I will defer to you, but you have now done what you ask me not to do- you have insulted and judged me. I think yoiu have some nerve to write “I’m sure it’s not good for any writer’s soul.” You know what’s in my soul. You know what- so long

  • Brian English

    “Who are you talking to? I don’t think anyone who frequents this site voted for Obama -admin”

    Todd probably did.

    [Why are you guys talking about Todd when he's not here? Is that necessary? Why provoke?-admin]

  • Gerry

    Really? – Todd always struck me as a disciple of the Obamessiah.

  • archangel

    Severabilty of a law is determined by the language of the act passed by Congress. It ususually is a “boilerplate” line inserted into every bill. As I said, either by design or haste, Congress neglected to put the clause in… no matter what the 11th circuit found on the subject. That finding was more of a “political” finding knowing that the full SCOTUS was going to hear the case. Had the 11th circuit ruled the other way, implementation of the other parts of Obamacare would have been stayed. As it is now, only the individual mandate is stayed… which also explains why we are now dealing with the current insurance portion of the debate. Chances are, with the EWTN suit, the current controversy will follow the same path concurrent with SCOTUS hearing the full ObamaCare case.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Prairie Wind, yes, we must remember the injustice being done to insurance companies, too.

    They are being forced, by government fiat, to pay for things they haven’t chosen.

  • prairie wind

    Rhinestone, my fear is that if the pressure is let up on Catholics, everyone will heave a sigh of relief and go back to their dinners. In the meantime, the insurance company is still in the same position the Catholic church was in–forced to provide something against their will. I do not like the assumption that insurance companies are amoral entities.

  • Brian English

    “Severabilty of a law is determined by the language of the act passed by Congress.”

    Usually, but the 11th Circuit relied on a Supreme Court case called Morrison to hold that even in the absence of a severability clause, the mandate was still severable. Now there are some good legal arguments that the 11th Circuit misinterpreted Morrison (including one made by one of the attorneys in Morrison), and a group of over 100 economists submitted a brief to SCOTUS indicating it is impossible from an economic standpoint to sever the mandate, but the absence of a severability clause has not carried the day so far.

  • Howard

    This crisis is more like the Cuban Missile Crisis than the usual comparisons I see.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis was all-or-nothing: either nuclear annihilation or back to business as usual for the Cold War. Those who want may point out that not only were no cities destroyed, no missiles were launched, and from that wrongly conclude that there was no danger.

    I suspect that in the end, this crisis will pass without disaster, disaster being reserved for some crisis as yet unguessed. Even if that is true, though, the danger is real. And like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the stage for what we see today has been decades in the making. In the Cold War it was set up by a nuclear arms race and a strategy of brinksmanship; in the culture war it has been set up by bishops failing to do even the bare minimum.

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  • sally r

    Folks – sorry to bore everyone with a point on severability, but the HHS mandate is not in the Statute — it is a regulation promulgated by an administrative agency. Therefore, you don’t need to “sever” it from the statute, as it is not part of the statute to begin with. If if is unconstitutional, then it is just beyond the authority of the Secretary of HHS to promulgate.

  • doc

    Sally makes a good point. The issue is not one particular law. The issue is the Democrats and those who are their allies (the abortion industry, the gay lobby, and other enemies of the church). Until Democrats understand that there will be an electoral price to pay for these assaults on the Church and on traditional morality in general, they will not stop.

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  • Brother O’Shaunessy

    Mark L, a tip o’ the hat for remembering that old ditty. Brought a tear to me eye.
    And steel to my soul. Time to fetch down me father’s……
    I see this as a good thing. Now that Moloch is on a triumphant march again, we will see who is really Catholic. This will weed out the sunshine parishioner, weakling bishop, turncoat priest. The faithful will be much fewer, but much more devout. Many will be martyred….
    Once again, the Church will be forced to clear her throat and loudly proclaim the truth. No more mumbling, or dissembling, or getting into bed with Caesar. It will be hard truths to be relearned, again; but relearned they must be.
    As Robert F said, Christian values in general, and Catholic ones in particular, are not practiced or tolerated in American society. We have no friends or allies here. This war is ours and ours alone. May God give us strength for this fight!