WH never “botched” contraception question

I have my own thoughts about last Friday’s “accomodation” by the White House and the HHS, but I am saving those for my First Things column, tomorrow, so here is what has developed over the weekend on that front:

Law Prof William Jacobson remembers the “odd” debate question:

Remember when George Stephanopoulos, at the New Hampshire Republican debate on January 7, brought up and harped on whether the candidates thought states could ban contraception?

Everyone, at least on our side of the aisle, shook their heads in disbelief as to why Stephanopoulos was bringing up the issue. There was no active controversy over contraception, it wasn’t in the news, and there were far more pressing political issues, yet what seemed like an eternity of debate time was devoted to the subject at the insistence of Stephanopoulos.

Read it all; watch the videos.

Oh, and in case you have not heard, over the weekend Catholic Charities has walked back its initial approval of the Obama “accommodation” which the press insists on calling a “compromise” and the administration calls a “negotiation”, as in “we are done negotiating with the Catholics”.

Which leads one to ask, “negotiating? When did you negotiate?”

Kind of like that moment in Friends, when a terminally dishonest Rachel says to Ross, “I’m over you!” and a stunned Ross asks, “you’re over me? When…when were you under me?”

Ace: Explaning the Shell Game

Francis Beckwith: The Right not to do Wrong and the Politics of the Ruse

Rod Dreher with a MUST-READ: Quoting a “liberal Catholic” friend (you know, one of the “good” ones to the bigots) who has seen enough of the administration:

I do not see how anyone serious trusts him now. What can be done by executive fiat can be undone by executive fiat.

Read it all: Democrats to Catholics: We Don’t Want You!

WSJ: The “Accommodation” Makes it Worse

Kathryn Lopez applauds Obama for the clarification he has brought. She’s not the first to say it, but she brings it up to date!

Boxer’s bad stats

Phil Lawler: Analysis of the “accomodation” and the Bishops second repsonse

Archbishop Chaput calls the “accommodation” — hey, it’s the first word the White House used — “insulting and dangerous

Today is a busy day of writing for me, but check back — I’ll add more links as I find them.

HHS Mandate and the Cloud of Witnesses

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