HHS Mandate Serves Totalitarian Mindset

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  • Frank Juliano

    In all due respect father, there is only one book you should be advocating for . Fj

  • http://te-deum.blogspot.com Diane K

    Excellent commentary by Fr. Barron.

  • http://www.friendsofportia.blogspot.com Judith L

    Glad to see you posting again, Anchoress. I was concerned for your health. Fr. Barron is very reasoned and convincing.

  • http://elizabethk-fthnfort.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth K.

    I love Fr. Barron. And we need to start seeing this problem in its full scope. I thought initially this was a crazy overreach by an inept administration–I don’t think so anymore. I’m watching the papers, listening to the talk shows–and I think things are unfolding exactly as they want, with a complicit mainstream media paving the way. I am not in despair, but I am very, very concerned. An administration willing to lie like this one is a force to be reckoned with.

  • vox borealis

    Fr. Barron hits another HR. What a blessing to the Church is his ministry.

  • kevin

    Barack’s formative years were spent in Indonesia and it shows. He doesn’t have the same regard as most Americans for things like the Constitution and Bill of Rights. His chief mentor was a notorious Communist. I have no question that he and his wife have totalitarian mindsets.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I hope this is a wake up call for Catholics, especially the Church herself. Yes, this move by the Obama administration is clearly un-American and I suppose God willing with a Conservative Supreme Court it will be stricken down. But even on top of that important principle is the notion that we can have government run health care and not violate principles of freedom. It is an impossible task to maintain over the long haul. It’s like you’re feeding an alligator by hand. Sooner or later that alligator is going to take your arm.

    The beginning of Fr. Baron’s talk was even more important in my opinion than the Obama power grab. I don’t know if I’m the only one saying this. I imagine I’m not. The more society concedes responsibility to a secularized government, the more we drift into atheism. Am I the only one that sees this relationship? Taking care of our fellow neighbor is a human responsibility, and best done through our religious institutions. By off loading that work to an abstract entity such as the government, we lose the power of Christ’s touch and the connection to the spiritual. We become concerned not through love but through taxes and political maneuvering and special interest appeasement. Has it been a surprise then that while government power and responsibility in the last hundred years has grown we have slowly been drifting toward a loss religious faith? Look across the world. The countries that have the least faith have the highest concentration of government power in people’s lives. There is a reason why Marx was against religion and why all socialist experiments either control religion or outright try to destroy it.

    The Catholic Church should be against all forms of Government power.

  • Ellen

    Notre Dame Law prof Cathy Kaveny doesn’t think much of Fr. Barron’s video over at Commonweal. She seems to think that what Jon Stewart thinks about the issue, and by extension, Catholics, is more important. She asks, “How’s that New Evangelization goin’ for you?” because Jon Stewart makes fun of Catholics and supposedly has a huge influence on young people..


  • vox borealis

    If Kaveny is bothering to react to Barron’s video, then it’s working.

  • Katherine

    Could anything ever be clearer? One side sees new life as a gift from God, the other side sees it as punishment.

  • Jerry

    Very well referenced, researched and stated. Thank you Fr. Barron.

  • kenneth

    You guys wouldn’t know totalitarian oppression if it bit you on the hindquarters like a pit bull. We’re talking about a setback in one public policy decision. A decision in which you were able to win a significant, if unsatisfactory concession. A decision which may yet be revised further by public opinion, an upcoming election, or any one of three levels of judicial review. If you really think you’re living under the heel of a jackboot regime, run it by some people who really know the drill for a perspective check. Go to Syria and take it all in for a week or so, and tell those people how hard you have it and see if they shed any tears for your lot in life.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Actually, Kenneth, the idea is that we start fighting back against stuff like this, before we get to the point of Syria—or the Copts, in Egypt.

    Cuz by the time tyranny starts biting you in the hindquarters like an angry pitbull—or an enraged liberal—it’s too late to start fighting back by that point. That’s something Christians in places like Iraq and Gaza have learned the hard way; when the government comes after you, they start with the small stuff; laws, rules, regulations, hemming you in. The Nazis didn’t begin by hauling Jews off to concentration camps at first; they started out by penning them in with laws, and herding them into ghettos. After they accomplished that, Auchswitz was mere child’s play.

    And you’re welcome for the lesson.

    Yes, yes, I know. . . we’re very bad for resisting the wisdom of the Wonderful O. /Sarc.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    (By the way, Kenneth—do you really think screaming insults at us, and demanding we go to Syria is going to make us change our minds? C’mon, d’you think we can’t see through what you’re doing? This bully stuff is old hat, and has been, ever since the 60′s, i.e., “If you support the Vietnam war you’re a warmonger, that’s what you are! A mean old meany-face hawk!” Yeah, yeah, it worked in college cliques, when kids wanted to be seen as “cool”, and teachers used it to bully students into agreeing with their politics. . . but it doesn’t work anymore.)

  • kenneth

    Bullying? Hardly. I’m putting forth a challenge for you to get a hold of yourselves a little bit and get some perspective of your plight on the real scale of human tragedy and oppression. Of course I can’t make you change your mind, but I can point out the utter absurdity of the hysteria which constitutes this cry of “totalitarian oppression.” The 99% of the world which is aware of bigger problems will see it for what it is. If you still want to cast every move of Obama’s pen and mouth as the end of freedom and Christendom in the West, well, then we’ll hire some physicist to play a mournful tune on a nanoscale violin….

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Because, of course, there is no reason to question Obama’s acts! None at all! None whatsoever!

    Silence, and simply obey the Wonderful O!

    Actually a lot of the rest of that 99% of the world, is undergoing persecution of one kind or another—religious or political. It would be nice not to have that happen here.

    And you’ve yet to show, empirically and rationally why our fears here are absurd. Despite the many posts the Anchoress, and others, have produced, stating their reasons why they think what Obama is doing is wrong, you don’t address the issues they’ve raised; you simply rant at us for our “Hysteria”, and defend Obama.

    So, yeah, you’re using bully tactics.

    But they won’t work.

  • doc

    Kennneth, has it occurred to you that we don’t want to become like the rest of the world? This country is unique and we wish to keep it that way. The Democrats appear to be pushing us to be no different than Greece or the UK. Sorry, we prefer our traditional brand of exceptionalism.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, of course, when I last checked, Greece and the UK, not to mention the rest of Europe, had plenty of problems of their own.

    Not to mention Africa, Mexico, Russia and much of the Middle-East, where the Arab Spring is fast turning into a very chilly winter. Large parts of Asia, such as the Philippines and Maylasia, are having problems with that peaceable religion we’re not supposed to criticize. Not to mention, yet again, the widespread persecution of minorities such as the Copts, Bahai’s, Christians, political dissdents, etc.that I mentioned hereinabove. So, I’m wondering—where is this 99% of the rest of the world that’s supposedly judging us for our silly fears—and why should we care what they think? Shouldn’t they be more concerned with getting their own houses in order?