Dear Press: The Seniors Don’t Believe You Anymore

Yesterday we talked a little about the dialogue between David Gregory and Newt Gingrich, and I wrote:

Our “free press” is no longer free. It’s becoming more like Pravda — the house organ for the party to which it is enthralled — every day. If you look at the Gingrich/Gregory exchange from that perspective, then that was a pretty remarkable segment. Sometimes, what someone in the press does not say, or where they do not interrupt is as telling as what they bellow.

I don’t know if the press even realizes (or cares) how much of their credibility they used up in the election of 2008, and basically every day since then. But no one believed and trusted in the press more than the senior citizens, and — if remarks from our parents this weekend were any indication — they now see the press very differently. They believed and got fooled into voting for Obama in 2008. They won’t be doing it again. And they are absolutely disgusted by the press’ willingness to take the HHS Mandate story and try to turn it into a sob-oomp fest over birth control.

The Democrats and the press are accustomed to being able to scare the older people into line — the GOP is going to take away your Social Security! You’ll be eating dog food! You’ll freeze to death for lack of home heating oil!

But the seniors have heard enough, and they’ve seen enough.
These folks still believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of the press, and they can see with their own lying eyes that this administration (and its lackeys in the press) are straight-out manufacturing a “contraception crisis” that is really a “constitutional crisis”; that the White-House-Media tag-team is attempting to both manipulate them against their church and distract them from the truth that their grandchildren will not have the chance to live as they did — in broad freedom, with opportunities to work hard and make their own way.

They’re not having any of that.

This piece, written last September after a family celebration where many frustrations were aired by the seniors who felt snookered, seems worth pointing you toward:

. . .The general consensus was that our president is a failure, the congress is a wreck, and there is no authenticity or originality in our leadership, nor in our press. A majority in attendance—both Democrats and Republicans—had voted for Barack Obama (a few grudgingly, as they had supported Clinton) but while everyone expressed disappointment (there was not a single voice raised in support of the president) the senior citizens confided a deep sense of betrayal—of their trust being shattered. When I asked one of them, a former “Reagan Democrat” who had voted for Dole, then Bush, then Kerry why she had pulled the lever for Obama, she threw up her hands helplessly, “all I knew was what I heard! That other guy seemed too hot-headed and that Sarah Palin; she just wanted to play dress-up!”

And that was the general response from that side of the room: “I paid attention; I read all the papers—they all loved this guy!”

“He was new! We needed change!”

But not, as it turns out, the kind of change we are currently experiencing. Asked if they regretted their vote, to a one they said “yes.” Most of them said they wished, in retrospect, that they had voted for Hillary Clinton who “at least understood that the economy…it’s the economy, right? Stupid?

None of them will be cast a second vote for this president, nor will they be so quick to listen to a press that—absenting an Obama abdication—will cast the flop-sweat from its brow and once again lift him to their shoulders, chanting new slogans and dire warnings about the opposition, but no longer singing songs from The Student Prince.

Anecdotal, sure, but the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in. Once you’ve given up your credibility in order to work an agenda, it’s over.

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