Dear Press: The Seniors Don’t Believe You Anymore

Yesterday we talked a little about the dialogue between David Gregory and Newt Gingrich, and I wrote:

Our “free press” is no longer free. It’s becoming more like Pravda — the house organ for the party to which it is enthralled — every day. If you look at the Gingrich/Gregory exchange from that perspective, then that was a pretty remarkable segment. Sometimes, what someone in the press does not say, or where they do not interrupt is as telling as what they bellow.

I don’t know if the press even realizes (or cares) how much of their credibility they used up in the election of 2008, and basically every day since then. But no one believed and trusted in the press more than the senior citizens, and — if remarks from our parents this weekend were any indication — they now see the press very differently. They believed and got fooled into voting for Obama in 2008. They won’t be doing it again. And they are absolutely disgusted by the press’ willingness to take the HHS Mandate story and try to turn it into a sob-oomp fest over birth control.

The Democrats and the press are accustomed to being able to scare the older people into line — the GOP is going to take away your Social Security! You’ll be eating dog food! You’ll freeze to death for lack of home heating oil!

But the seniors have heard enough, and they’ve seen enough.
These folks still believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of the press, and they can see with their own lying eyes that this administration (and its lackeys in the press) are straight-out manufacturing a “contraception crisis” that is really a “constitutional crisis”; that the White-House-Media tag-team is attempting to both manipulate them against their church and distract them from the truth that their grandchildren will not have the chance to live as they did — in broad freedom, with opportunities to work hard and make their own way.

They’re not having any of that.

This piece, written last September after a family celebration where many frustrations were aired by the seniors who felt snookered, seems worth pointing you toward:

. . .The general consensus was that our president is a failure, the congress is a wreck, and there is no authenticity or originality in our leadership, nor in our press. A majority in attendance—both Democrats and Republicans—had voted for Barack Obama (a few grudgingly, as they had supported Clinton) but while everyone expressed disappointment (there was not a single voice raised in support of the president) the senior citizens confided a deep sense of betrayal—of their trust being shattered. When I asked one of them, a former “Reagan Democrat” who had voted for Dole, then Bush, then Kerry why she had pulled the lever for Obama, she threw up her hands helplessly, “all I knew was what I heard! That other guy seemed too hot-headed and that Sarah Palin; she just wanted to play dress-up!”

And that was the general response from that side of the room: “I paid attention; I read all the papers—they all loved this guy!”

“He was new! We needed change!”

But not, as it turns out, the kind of change we are currently experiencing. Asked if they regretted their vote, to a one they said “yes.” Most of them said they wished, in retrospect, that they had voted for Hillary Clinton who “at least understood that the economy…it’s the economy, right? Stupid?

None of them will be cast a second vote for this president, nor will they be so quick to listen to a press that—absenting an Obama abdication—will cast the flop-sweat from its brow and once again lift him to their shoulders, chanting new slogans and dire warnings about the opposition, but no longer singing songs from The Student Prince.

Anecdotal, sure, but the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in. Once you’ve given up your credibility in order to work an agenda, it’s over.

You can read the rest here

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  • Eduardo

    Anchoress, I would love to believe you, but I’m skeptical. At the end of the day, my sense is that the majority of seniors will “get scared” (man, how often have I heard that phrase used), and vote for the Democrats to ensure their SS and Medicare aren’t touched. No matter how the proposition is explained to them, they’ll still stick with the Dems. I could be unkind and say there’s no fool like an old fool, but that wouldn’t be Christian, now would it…….?

  • Michael

    Am I to believe that these seniors were so gullible? Something doesn’t sound right because when I think of my parents they weren’t fooled.

  • John

    I know I’m not the typical consumer of news, but if I read something in the New York Times I automatically set my BS filter to maximum.

    In fact, I try to get my news from other sources because I very much do not want to reward the NYT, or any of the MSM, with my business. If the NYT wanted me as a reader it would treat my worldview with respect. NBC execs shouldn’t have to work late figuring out why I never watch their TV channels or visit their websites.

    It’s unfortunate though. By choosing sides so smugly they only help to divide the culture and divide the nation. I’m not expecting them to rehabilitate themselves; reward the upstart media companies instead. Let the dinosaurs fade.

  • Elaine

    Obamacare is enough to scare any senior! There will be cuts to medicare and many things “to be determined” by Health and Human Services sec’y – Sebelius in that bill. Seniors beware! A good press would have questioned and questioned Pelosi when she made the statement “you have to pass the bill to know what is in it.” Incredible

  • Bender

    No matter how the proposition is explained to them, they’ll still stick with the Dems.

    Year after year after year, the tyrants, thugs, and utter disasters who have destroyed the inner cities are re-elected, no matter how hellish things become.

    Make no mistake, their antipathy and knee-jerk contempt for conservatives (and even squish Republicans) far exceeds any disappointment or dissatisfaction they will ever have for even the most despotic and incompetent Democrats. They would rather crash and burn with a Dem than ever have any association whatsoever with one of those untouchables.

  • Iris Celeste

    I’m sorry Eduardo and Bender, but I disagree. Have you thought of praying that those who were deceived in the last election will no longer be deceived? That is a constant prayer of mine. You should try it too.

    Iris Celeste

  • Todd

    Why insult Pravda? Their reporting is far more balanced any current US news outlet. Most US MSM propagandizes for the far left (pro-death, adultery, lies, thefts…) and the lonely Fox way out there on the right – or simply the anti-left…. Fox is far too defensive. If the rest of the US press weren’t so far left, Fox would have nothing to report.

  • Bender

    Iris — God is already shouting at them at the top of His lungs to do right and avoid evil. But their hearts refuse to listen. The truth is plain and there for all to see. But they refuse to see.
    By all means we should pray, we should pray unceasingly. Our entire life should be one long communication with God.
    But no matter how hard we pray, He is not going to override their free will. People are going to do what they are going to do.
    It is good to put your trust in God, but it is foolish to put your faith in your fellow man.
    Rather than engage in folly, perhaps it is time to listen to what Jesus told us would happen and start to prepare ourselves for the coming persecution.

  • DWiss

    Obviously, a lot of people bought Obama’s story in 2008.

    But, it was not a closely guarded secret that, as a senator, he owned THE most liberal voting record in the senate. And for Catholics, his record on abortion was plain. So how anyone can feel that they were fooled is slightly beyond me. OK, there wasn’t an abundance of evidence to show who Obama really is, but it was there nonetheless.

    Now, though, in 2012, we know where we stand. But the polls say that he’ll probably stay in office. In which case, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Someone once said that people get the government they deserve. So, you tell me what’s going to happen in November.

  • RLM

    I agree wholeheartedly with Bender’s sentiments above.
    I’m also skeptical that they’ll pull the lever to defeat Obama
    In addition, people may have read about Obama and seen stories about him in the MSM, but they didn’t do their duty, i.e. they didn’t do their research. My parents are boomers living in Canada and, even though the media up there was swooning over Obama just as much as the media here, they knew he was a radical. I don’t have cable TV and haven’t in years, so I didn’t have access to news shows or talk shows, but I knew Obama was a radical… Hello, the Bill Ayers connection? The Joe the Plumber questioning and subsequent media persecution of someone who dared to expose Obama’s agenda? The long-standing Jeremiah Wright relationship? The Chicago NPR interview from 2001 in which he espouses his view of the Constitution as a a fundamentally flawed document? You know, the same Constitution which he has sworn to defend as President?
    This “I didn’t know! How could I know” excuse is pure nonsense. The information WAS out there. People just didn’t do their research. They believed what they wanted to believe. The situation may have been helped along by the MSM, but people didn’t want to hear anything bad about him either. They were just fed up with Republicans and would have voted for any old clown with the letter (D) after their name. And, now, with Obama’s most recent approval rating at 50%, it seems like people are perfectly willing to be played like a puppets on a string yet again. I wish I could have Ms. Scalia’s optimism, but my bet is that Obama’s going to sail into a second term on the backs of these and other voters.

  • ahem

    The hard Left has gradually taken over the Democrat Party, so stealthily that a preponderance of current Dems are not even aware they are voting for Marxists.

    The ones who already figured it out are now voting Republican.

    I think we’re in trouble.

  • Fool Me Once Shame on You, Fool Me Twice…

    The Dems will probably steal this coming election too they way they did the last one.

    We have showed seniors who voted for BO facts about BO, Catholic seniors, and they do not care what the facts are, they’d rather go down in flames as a dim Dem than see reason, truth or ‘the light’. They follow the shadows on their cave wall and that’s all.

    And to The Republic for which it stands…

  • Peggy R

    This is like my anecdotal experience. My parents, who leaned republican anyway, are disgusted w/Obama. I am involved in some church groups. Some of these folks, not politicized people, voted O in ’08. I know not one retiree who will vote for Obama this year. Not one. Now, I do have an aunt & uncle, not quite retired, sincere wholesome Catholics, who are rather sympathetic to social justice, but are not politicized people. They were young adults in the 60s. He is lifetime military. They vote Obama. They’re very Pollyanna-is, God bless them. I hope they see through him this year. (The uncle just had a stroke while in a foreign country. God brought them home safely, but long term health remains a concern. They are dealing with this now, so O is probably an afterthought.)

  • Rick

    I don’t know how you define “seniors” but I am 63 and I did not vote for Obama and will not. I’m not stupid or fearful. I will vote for freedom and escape from government control.

  • Gayle Miller

    As a “senior” (70 on my next birthday so I am qualified), I can tell you that Herr Obama didn’t fool me then and he sure doesn’t fool me now. He’s a knave and a scoundrel to the ultimate degree, surpassed in his unworthiness to hold his high office only by the enormous lack of ability of the dweebs surrounding him – evil ones at that!

    I find myself heeding the words (paraphrased) of Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz – when you’re wondering what to do, think of “What would Andrew Breitbart do?” and then go do it! At nearly 70, what do I have to lose?

    We must all do what we can and pray for our country unceasingly. Pure evil is afflicting our nation and if we want our Republic to survive, we must combat it now with our energy and our prayers and our commitment to that man’s defeat at the polls. I know that’s what I plan to do.

  • Manny

    I have a little different take on the past media. I don’t believe it was ever really straight forward. Of course I wasn’t there in the fifties and I was too young in the sixties, but we have since learned how Cronkite biased his Vietnam War reporting to get us out. Who’s to say they weren’t biasing other things? I guess the country was less polarized then, or so I’m told.

  • Mark

    Part of my faith work over the last two years is visiting seniors. I spend a lot of time going around senior living centers (a joke of a term using the term “living” for the vast majority of them) and talking with the people. In the last election, democratic groups canvassed these homes and where they found majority “culture” democrats, they organized a bus trip to the pools and got them ballots so them could vote if not able to bus. Many of them said that they were not that enthused with Obama, but the “nice young people” asked us to support him and arranged a nice day out. Later I found out that the nice young people came from one of the local unions and they haven’t been back since. As I go around and visit these people, I spend time with them talking about what is going on in the world and listening to their stories and their view of the world outside. They are hearing all the stories about how the country is going broke and see that they are totally in the government’s grip and fear plays a part. They hear the republican debates about stopping programs and too little about their own security. The republican candidate must make sure that this fear is addressed because it is real and the democrat union “nice young people” will be back for their once every four years trip to exploit this fear. Elections are won on the ground, especially in many battle states with huge populations of seniors.

    If those here want to make a difference, you have to get involved and active. Church groups need to get to the seniors and out of common decency and love give them assurances that no one is going to take away their privledges . We need to make sure that this is indeed the policy of the US government that they are protected and cuts will never be made to those already in the care of the government and in these homes. Many outside them have other resources that allow them to stay free, but millions are “living” in these homes. When it is time to vote, actually work with them to educate them with truth that they believe because you are there with them all year long, not just at the election time. We can make these people actually come alive with regular visits and trying to see things from their viewpoint as so many sit waiting for visits from relatives who seem to have them carefully out of the way and off leading their busy lives.

    This situation is in fact caused by government who out of their secular kindness, created a system that literallly forces the old into these storage facilities. With the huge funds taken from paychecks and borrowed from China, every part of their lives goes not by the seasons created by God or the love that is supposed to flow amoung families, but by the latest changes in Medicare and Medicaid. The system created around this mess since the war on poverty produced these distortions of reality has people moving them about like things that they have to put in various situtions to take advantage of the latest changes and make the most money. No one likes change but especially at this stage of life and even more so when it impacts where and how we live and the security we feel in life. Sorry, we realize you liked that therapy and it was helping you walk again, but that is no longer covered in “government healthcare rules” and so you now have to sit in your storage room even longer each day. We have grandma in storage and out of site and too many times out of mind. Ask most how they like visiting grandma in those places and most if honest will say they hate going into those places and find less and less time. Most of us lie to ourselves and try to say it is a nice place. Try living in one for a month or so. If anyone wants to see the end game on government takeover of healthcare and everything else in our lives by a secular godless state, spend the next month visiting several nursing homes in your area. Don’t visit the ones costing bundles of money serving the wealthier clients. Visit the ones where the majority are being cared for by the godless government who every four years sends their goons out to get out the vote with tales about the evil republicans failing to mention that to pass Obamacare democrats promised to cut a half trillion dollars. Yes, the democrats called it fraund and abuse, a term all in the secular government use. What is the fraud and abuse when you get right to the chase? It often is actual fraud and abuse and should be stopped where someone is getting rich off of others problems. A lifetime living under government care in jail would cut down on this practice. But it is also those who are trying to work out a way for grandma to continue those services which are making her life a little more bearable. You see many in those nursing homes work with grandma every day and know her situation and know cutting off her therapy that allows her to keep moving is not a frill, but a lifeline. But the federal government does not see grandma, only another digit in some computer. The god of the federal government is not love, but manipulation and controlling demanding all of our free will. It wants as much control over our lives as it has with grandma who has often been abandoned by the family and in the clutches of this godless uncaring distant god of hate. Wouldn’t you be just a little scared as well? Make a difference and get involved. Do it out of God’s love and bring that ray of sunshine into their lives. Don’t do it because you want something from them and when an event like election come around, help them to really do what is in their best interest of all THEY care about. Tell them truth that would give Jesus joy to hear. Work to make sure the candidate here their story. Work to stop the secular godless state and return us to on under God. And if you have a mom or grandma, stay involved in her life. Ask yourself if you would want to live where they are stored. Look for better answers as if not finding them would have you in the same place. I have grown in my dislike of the godless federal government and their godless big government solutions. I know I will be attacked saying without the federal government, grandma would be thrown off the cliff. My answer is it is too late. We threw grandma into the storage facilites long ago.

  • Kenny R

    Of the seniors I knew- WWII & Korean veterans-not one of them voted for BO in 2008. Perhaps their combat experience gave them an immunity to dishonest manipulation (otherwise known as bs in GI slang.)

  • dry valleys

    I always watch/ listen to the BBC, of course conservatives think it’s biased, but their “solution” of selling the whole thing to Rupert Murdoch would produce something a lot worse.

    There are those who don’t like the idea of a state broadcaster, but its output is far better than anything on commercial TV/radio, and of course there are no adverts. Compared to the government channels of the third world (now there’s some real bias for you), and the left-wing/right-wing circus of the American media (both Faux and its counterparts playing to the worst prejudices of their respective bases) you’ve got some real quality stuff made by serious people. This of course is what Reagan deliberately abolished when he did away with the Fairness Doctrine, which was one of the few protections against the American media turning into a cesspit.

    Intelligent broadcasting wouldn’t have survived into the modern age if it had to make money, but there is such a thing as the public good and it might be nice if this were acknowledged by a few more people instead of assuming “there is no such thing as society”.

  • JamesR

    In 2008, Obama got something like 53% of the Catholic vote. If being pro-life is REALLY all that important to my fellow Catholics as we are told it is supposed to be, then there are some people who should be pretty damn ashamed of themselves for their voting choices. Just my opinion. I suppose nothing is more sacred than the sanctity of life………except when you are a Democrat who just loves those big government social programs, is into “social justice,” income tax “fairness” (snort), and are mad at that mean old Bush who “lied” us into Iraq, right?

    I mean it not like it has ever been any sort of secret that a leftist like Obama is going to stack the Federal Judiciary from bottom to top with Justices who can pose for “Miss May” on the Planned Parenthood’s Annual Wall Calendar, when they aren’t down at the local ACLU meeting. Is ANYONE that clueless as the the political position of the Democrats, election after election, on the social issue that is SUPPOSED to be of paramount concern to all Catholics?

    We shall see how much of an “awakening” there is among the Catholic rank and file, as a result of this Administration’s shenanigans. MAYBE we will see that 53-47 split do a 180 and turn into a 47-53 percentage split the other way. Or better…..40-60 would be nice, and would probably swing the entire election. One can only hope and pray. Call me a cynic, but I ain’t holding my breath. When the election gets close, the leftys will remind us schmoes in the pews, that we really need another Federal food stamp program for the illegal migrant workers across town, and only the party of “compassion” is going to be willing to do it.

  • Happy Catholic

    Mark, your comments are so poignant, insightful and on-target.

  • doc

    DV, does the BBC present a true picture of the Arab/Isreali conflict? Do the “professionals” at the Beeb tell the truth about the behavior of those OWS scumbags? Give it a rest. Murdoch and Fox drive the lefists nuts because they stand alone as the only corporate media sources who aren’t dedicated progressives.

  • JamesR

    Agree with doc. DV, you are obviously a Brit (“adverts” is as much of a giveaway as if you used the word “whilst”). With the State Run media, you get the State Run message, which is not balanced, but comes with an agenda.

    You also reveal yourself to be brainwashed calling Fox News “Faux” news. Because it doesn’t spout the left of center narrative that CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, et al spouts, therefore by definition in prog world, it must be virulently “ring wing.”

    “Really quality stuff,” — yeah, real good quality that follows the “narrative.”

    As doc mentioned – kindly refer me to any “quality” investigative piece the BBC has ever done on the disasterous march towards Sharia and shameless and cowardly cow-towing of British insitutions to Islam? Or that’s right, there aren’t any. Wouldn’t fit the lefty PC narrative. Here’s another one: Can you refer me to any BBC “quality” stories on the disasterous consequences brought upon Brit citizens by the Govt forced seizure of all citizen-owned firearms a few years back; followed by insane laws prohibiting a homeowner from defending his own house if confronted by a home invader in his kitchen — and the resulting astronomical growth in firearms crimes, home invasions, and crime in general? Of COURSE you can’t. Wouldn’t fit the Progressive “narrative,” which is that only Government officials may be armed, and everyone else is better off in society being helpless sheep, entirely dependent upon Auntie Nanny State.

    Finally, your statement “Intelligent broadcasting wouldn’t have survived into the modern age if it had to make money,” is a load of baloney. The US had intelligent and high quality news broadcasting, that was more or less fair and objective, right up until it took a major left hand turn in the early 60′s. And it was all via capitalistic money making enterprises. Then it became a mouthpiece for the statist left – including the statist left, taxpayer supported NPR.

  • JamesR

    “Right wing” and not “ring wing” in prior post of mine. A preview feature would be terrific, for us poor proofreaders.

  • LisaB

    “and the left-wing/right-wing circus of the American media (both Faux….”
    Stopped reading whatever you had to say at “Faux” news. Anyone who speaks like a kindergartener on the playground ain’t got an argument worth reading.

  • GKO

    Isn’t Hilary Clinton on the board of Planned Parenthood? She said that she admired Margaret Sanger. I saw this in the movie Maafia 21. These websites also reference this.

    If that is the case, if she was president, she may have been even more aggressive in pursuing contraception and abortion as policy. Margaret Sanger?? That is kind of like Clinton saying she admires Hitler for his policies and leadership.

  • Sydney

    I am not so optimistic. I am seeing a lot of elderly patients in my practice who tell me they spend their free time watching MSNBC. They believe the Republicans want to ban contraception and take away their Social Security and Medicare. They haven’t a clue that the whole contraception controversy is about a mandate. I fear we are doomed.