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Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming Kathryn Jean Lopez and Tony Rossi and now we get to break out the beans and bourbon again, another author and editor-at-large (Games Magazine) who has something to say! I’m am very pleased to introduce you to Thomas L. McDonald, and to announce the launch of God and the Machine, a new blog exploring faith, technology and where things lean heavy or light!

Tom’s CV is exhausting and impressive. Aside from authoring three books, and overseeing Games, he’s been a columnist for Computer Gaming World, T3: Tomorrow’s Technology Today, Game Players PC Entertainment, Cemetery Dance Magazine, PC Ace, and Computer Life . . . the techno list goes on and on, and he also blogs at State of Play. On the faith side of things, Tom is a certified catechist who teaches church history and prepares candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation; a few years ago he started writing about religion as well (you’ve read him in the Register, here at Patheos and elsewhere) and — particularly as he works his way through a masters in Theology — a blog called God and the Machine seems a logical means by which to cull together these intersecting interests and ponder where the lines might be drawn within our longings. I have a feeling we’re going to get some very interesting reads out of this extremely energetic writer!

You can read more about Tom here
, but I personally think his brief illustrated introduction gives quite a comprehensive overview of the fellow, who is — like pretty much everyone writing here at our portal — disinclined to run with the pack except as it runs toward Jesus Christ.

On a personal note, I feel very good about this new endeavor, given that Tom, too refers to our favorite female vocalist as “Miss Ella”

That has to mean something!

Welcome Tom! Welcome God and the Machine!

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