Pretending Contraception is the Crisis – UPDATED

My husband and I had to attend a late mass today, and we managed to make it to the last available mass at parish in the next town. We haven’t gone to this parish in a while, and as we drove the main thoroughfare we were shocked to see how many businesses were gone — restaurants that had been around for 20 years — closed. Small businesses my kids used to patronize — shuttered and disappeared. Even realtor offices were closed — not surprising given the market, but still.

Medical office “parks” had signs advertising available space. The gas prices were the highest we have seen in our lifetimes. My husband remarked that those businesses having managed to stay open with gas at $3.50 a gallon might yet see their doors close as already-struggling customers have to re-budget and re=-prioritize their spending, and everyone needs $4.50 a gallon gas to get to work or — as is often the case, to just go look for work.

Very depressing. And I don’t think we’re anywhere near out of the woods yet.

But by all means, let’s keep pretending that there is a “contraception crisis” looming before us — not the actual “constitutional crisis”.

Let’s keep making believe that entities besides Democrats, Democrat operatives and the Mainstream Media are talking about banning contraception.

Let’s keep promulgating the utter lie — and that’s all it is, a big, fat lie — that some mean, out-of-touch bishops are trying to take women’s birth control away from them! You know, the birth control that the CDC reports (pdf) 99% of American women call readily available and affordable.

Let’s keep talking about a 30-year old student/activist (who attends one of the priciest schools in the country) whining to congress that her birth control should be free, and pretending that this is a real issue.

Let’s keep pretending — along with the phonies who act out cases of the vapors when they think it’s politically expedient to do so, that a radio talk show host who used vulgarisms about her is somehow more misogynistic and more vulgar than the cable-tv hosts who have called conservative women c***s, or the cable-news guys who call them “sluts” or “bags of meat with lipstick”. Etc. Etc.

I mean, let me be clear — I think Limbaugh went down a foolish and unconstructive route with his vulgarisms. But excuse me if I remain unpersuaded by the hysterics and demands for “repudiations” from people who were not the tiniest bit scandalized when other women — the wrong sorts of women, not “real” women, I guess — were called names that were equally as vulgar if not more so. Spare me the theatrics, please. If Limbaugh is to be burned if effigy, let him be joined by Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and others to be named later.

If you’re not willing to do that, then shut up. Stop pretending.

You’re not willing to stop? You want to keep pretending that the churches who have served the nation since its founding — who helped build the nation by providing services that the government was in no way prepared to address — are suddenly impediments to liberty, even as they fight for their constitutional rights, and in so doing, fight for ours, too.

The nation is in genuine crisis — take a look around your neighborhood; unless you’re living in the Upper West Side, Georgetown, Beacon Hill or Beverly Hills, it’s not looking too good, is it? And this is the crap that we are reading about and hearing about, endlessly, endlessly, because the genuine crises are not allowed to be discussed.

The pretending must continue, you see — the theatrics must go on, the misdirection must be prolonged — until all remedies are too late. And these cynical people believe you are stupid enough to be distracted long enough for that to happen.

For the love of God, prove them wrong.

Don’t pretend. Don’t accept their framing or the narrative that some crappy, make-believe manufactured “crisis” is what you should be thinking about. Keep your eye on what is central to the continued existence of the nation, and keep talking about it: the first amendment and the first amendment and the first amendment.

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A church that doesn’t provoke any crisis, a gospel that doesn’t unsettle, a Word of God that doesn’t get under anyone’s skin, what kind of gospel is that? Preachers who avoid every thorny matter so as not to be harassed do not light up the world!
- Archbishop Oscar Romero

Quotes of the Day at Hot Air

The Naked Politics

UPDATE II: Commenter Kevin, below gets an Instalanche for his suggestion on red wine!. First time that’s ever happened before! Congrats Kevin. And thanks, Glenn!

Egregious Twaddle was thinking on similar lines

UPDATE III: Total Political War:
What is happening goes beyond Obama’s call for people to argue with their neighbors and get in their faces. It goes far beyond Bill Clinton’s politics of personal destruction directed at accusers, and beyond name-calling by right wing pundits.

This total war, in which no one is allowed to be non-political and neighbors and clients become mere pressure points, is a dangerous development.

Jen Hartline pipes in!

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  • Joe Odegaard

    The unemploymnet is a weighed and found wanting.
    the unsustainable debt is a weighed and found wanting.
    The projection of weakness to our enemies is a weighed and found wanting.
    The over-controlling over-reach of the government is a weighed and found wanting.

    Let us talk about these things.

    I weep for my country.

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  • Thomas

    The rot is deeper, more profound, than even this suggests.

    Georgetown University rightly condemned Limbaugh’s words. But it did more than that: It described them as uncivil, and contrasted them with the “civility” implicit in attempts to conscript Catholics and Catholic institutions to violate their consciences. It described the question of whether Catholics should be conscripted as “a legitimate question of public policy.” An insistence on conscription was deemed “respectful.”

    That was consistent with the response from the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics. JME published an article arguing for the permissibility of infanticide, re-styled helpfully as ‘after birth abortion.’ The editor complained about the response:

    “What is disturbing is not the arguments in this paper nor its publication in an ethics journal. It is the hostile, abusive, threatening responses that it has elicited. More than ever, proper academic discussion and freedom are under threat from fanatics opposed to the very values of a liberal society.”

    We have a society where it’s open to debate whether Catholics have a right to live their faith, and open to debate whether infants have a right to life. And yet we continue to pretend that civility and even liberal society survive.

  • kevin

    I see a ton of empty space out there and closed restaurants too. Gas prices are getting insane and I remembering 2008 that our intrepid media were all over Bush 43 for it night and day. Obama, he gets a pass. This country has never recovered from the great recession and Obama has made it much worse. Half the problem is Obama himself; he inspires no confidence. He doesn’t understand capitalism or, if he does, hates it. He is worse than Jimmy Carter on many fronts.

    The audacity of this Fluke person and her testimony has had me thinking. We all know that the medical community has recognized the benefits of red wine for the human heart. Resveratrol is found in the tannins apparently. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Therefore I think it is high time that insurance policies cover red wine. Does the Obama administration have any idea what a good bottle of cabernet sauvignon costs? I spend at least $3000 a year on red wine a year and it’s breaking the bank. So please Kathleen Sebelius, include free red wine in the HHS mandate. Let’s eradicate heart disease once and for all!

  • Patricia Patton

    This is what you’ve said that I can agree with: hate speech is not acceptable, not toward anybody for any purpose, and yes, we have a lot of significant issues to deal with, including the most equitable and just allocation of health care resources in a country that pretty much invented freedom of worship. What I’d really like to see addressed though is how we can foster dialogue, promote civility in our differences of opinion, and maintain respect for one another despite radically differing notions of what faith and honor ask of us.

    [I suspect that would have to start from the head down, since everyone sees the leadership. If they can't handle it, the rest won't. And maybe people must be willing to stop pretending. Right now, pretending is to the fore. -admin]

  • Manny

    Brilliant blog. Absolutely right on. Obama and company twisted the debate. This is about religious freedom and conscience. Like all cons, this will not stand in the long run. They may have won the initial battle, but they will lose this war.

    As I’m watching this video, the thought occurred to me on whether Obama even has a conscience, or understands the word. Anyone that can support the killing of babies from failed abortions cannot have a conscience. He cannot understand how people with conscience react. This man is an abomination, pun intended. We must make him a one termer. This cannot stand.

  • Jane Hartman

    Manny, I really hope you’re right. But just 4 years ago, the word was out that Obama was in league with Planned Parenthood and he was the only politician that actually had a perfect rating from NARAL. And still Catholics voted for him, Notre Dame honored him, Sr. Carol Keehan joined him….I think Obama knows exactly what he’s doing as a Constitutional lawyer and he’s he’s succeeding very well at what he was placed to do. And through his arrogance and intellectualism, he’s appealing to most folks. But I hope you’re right. I pray you’re right.

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  • Thomas

    Patricia, one way to promote civility would be for the federal government to abandon the pretense that it is necessary, just, appropriate or legal for it to conscript Catholics and their institutions into the provision of contraception. Governments at all levels in this country have promoted contraception for decades without any resistance from Catholics. That deference to the majority wasn’t enough. The federal government is spending $3.6 trillion this year, but needs Catholics and their institutions to hand out contraceptives. It doesn’t have enough. The HHS mandate is just an assertion of dominance, essentially a mixture of totalitarianism and bigotry. A policy founded out of spite and recognizing no legal limits isn’t one likely to promote civility.

  • Bender

    There IS a “contraception crisis” looming before us. A HUGE one. And it is not one that we should shy away from or seek to avoid in our haste to argue the constitutional issues or the questions of conscience and religious liberty.

    The “contraception crisis” that does loom before us is the crisis of ignorance and misinformation and disinformation regarding the Good News that the Church offers the world in the context of human sexuality.

    It is time to stop playing defense on contraception and start promoting the Church’s supremely positive teachings on it. And NOT merely the bishops and priests promoting and explaining the Church’s teachings — ALL OF US. We are ALL called, as part of our Confirmation duty, to join in the mission of the Church to be a witness for Christ. SO START WITNESSING YOU LAY PEOPLE.

    People moan and complain all the time about how they never hear any homilies on Humanae Vitae. Well go out and start teaching it and explaining it to people yourself! Get off your butts and read Blessed John Paul II’s many, many writings on Theology of the Body, as well as those works by Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict on the matter of human sexuality.

    Be a light of truth yourself, all of you. Don’t act like it is the job of “the Church” to do it. Wrong — it is YOUR job; you are in the Church, so it is YOUR mission to carry out. Tell the world the Good News regarding contraception — that we are all called to love, called to the fullness of love, not partial love, not love that holds some part of us back, but complete love, love that is so full and so complete that it is by its very nature unitive and fruitful. Teach that we are all made in the image of God, not just any God, but the Triune God, who is a loving communion (unitive) of persons in one divine creative being (fruitful), and we are called, in our relationships, to a dynamic love that is unitive and fruitful, and not to actions that are by their nature static and sterile and destructive of unity.

    It is time to take the initative and END the “contraception crisis” that is so pervasive in our contraceptive culture.

  • bridgit

    Bender that was fantastic. I’ve been thinking the same thing for awhile. What I have in mind to promote a culture of life will take a while to come to fruition but you have encouraged me to try and do it. Thank you.

  • Amy

    Pray for the Supreme Court Justices who will have the final voice in ObamaCare in coming weeks. Have Masses said for them. Ask God to give them the wisdom to see through the lies, to not eat of this forbidden fruit. Our eyes are already opened. Pray that theirs will also be opened.

  • fiestamom

    Yesterday I got some groceries, and I felt despair looking at the prices that have gone up up up, and the sizes which have gone down down down. I grocery shop a couple of times a week, but yesterday it hit me hard. Everything costs so much more, for a lot less. But the press talks about Limbaugh, last week it was Susan G Komen, before that Donald Trump, before that I’m sure it was some other evil misdeed done by a member of the Republican party.

    I listen to Rush, so I don’t worry about him financially. But I admit, I’m scared about the free speech. Obama’s open, brazen attack on the First amendment with the Catholic Church, and the now Rush. Look at how the left attacked Susan G. Komen, they forced Glen Beck and Imus off the air (and I don’t even like Glen Beck!!).

    Amy, what a good suggestion. I have been praying for the Supremes, but didn’t think to offer a Mass for them.

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  • Momma Kyle

    Dear Anchoress,
    The problem is growing—we do have a contraception problem–too much contraception—not enough babies (and grown men who are babies, but that is another discusssion) Now, in the Washington Post, Santorum and Romney are criticised—because they produced too many children (according to the writer).
    First they want Catholics to provide birth control, then they want us to use it.

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  • Ellen

    I have very elderly parents – one is on medicaid. My son in law just lost his job. I haven’t gotten a decent raise in three years and am getting older. My health is good, but what will the future bring?

    I’ll admit to feeling terribly troubled. All I can do is work hard, pray harder and keep myself informed.

  • John

    The pop culture is never tentative about promoting its “value” system. It sets the agenda for what people see on TV and read in newspapers — and the cardboard cutout stories they tell always have a villain who looks remarkably like me. Except very distorted.

    On the one hand I still have hope that the alternative media (this site and others) can lessen the effect of pop culture bigotry. On the other hand, the other side runs so many vital institutions — bureaucracies, courts, schools. As much as I want to turn away and live apart I see it is not an option. Their side means to make me conform. I have to rebut their sermons, knowing I will be publicly accused of sermonizing.

  • Peggy

    So much of this “crisis” is manufactured. HHS drops this bomb on us, but suspends the actual explosion for one year—safely after the election, of course. Meanwhile he acts as if there is no “there” there (he will have more time next year…) so he issues no more clarifications and brooks no discussion. Meanwhile, we are exercised and intemperate remarks are exploited, many women and democrats are spun up and manipulated, and the press carries Obama’s water.

    watching this political operation unfold is making me cynical. It truly would not surprise me if Obama ends up compromising on the mandate—next year, after the election—and has planned that all along. He might not. We don’t matter to Obama because we would not be voting for him anyway. Meanwhile we suffer, and it is a rotten thing to do to fellow Americans.

  • Cathym

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you!!

  • Dad of Six-

    Patricia Patton says: “This is what you’ve said that I can agree with: hate speech is not acceptable, not toward anybody for any purpose, and yes, we have a lot of significant issues to deal with, including the most equitable and just allocation of health care resources in a country that pretty much invented freedom of worship.”

    The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    Nothing in there about freedom of worship.

  • John

    Oh, and just for clarity’s sake: if the objective is “equitable and just allocation of health care resources” then the federal government is not where anyone should be looking. It is neither competent nor authorized to allocate human resources, and its many layers of empire-building bureaucrats and profiteering politicians guarantee that its efforts will reduce care — and throttle back individual liberty.

  • jkm

    Congrats to Kevin. I made the red wine suggestion back in January, in this post: — I’m glad it’s taking off! :)

  • Sherry

    Raising a virtual glass of red wine.

  • Howard

    By all means, please reassure people that the bishops don’t want to take their contraceptives away from them. Nor their pornography. Nor their recreational drugs. Then, after you have convinced the public of all this, try to convince them that the bishops are really religious figures and deserve respect as such from the law.


  • Jacob Morgan

    A couple of points, first of all, making Catholicisim ilicit could also make it exciting. Young people want meaningful lives. I dare say there would be more vocations to underground seminaries.

    The other point has to do with the narrative, it is bigger than using contraceptive availability to distract from the country going to pot. The source of so much evil is the media. I calll them the mouthpiece of Satan. That media is ultimately one and the same with the progressive movement that also operates the Democratic party, a party unrecognizable from what it once was.

    The narrative is about the “media party”, i.e., a relatively small, elite, group of America haters who run the media and the democratic party who conspire to 1) cut America down to size, and 2) replace real freedom with bogus liberties that are really just government hand outs and 3) use what is left to mold as per their superior vision of what a society ought to look like, even if that includes mass arrests, mass killings, making Mass illegal. THAT is what is going on, that is what peole need to talk about. That is what will enrage people. This is the real 99 percent vs the 1 percent.

  • Pattie

    New-Speak and Double-Speak have already arrived, albeit a bit more than two decades after Orwell predicted in his novel “1984″.

    Read or re-read the book and ask yourself how close we are to this imaginary world, where Big Brother knows all, knows best, and silences all critics. A world where have the wrong IDEAS brings death. I am frightened for the future of America and the western world.

  • Jeff

    The crisis is one of theft, a grave sin that each of us will need to answer. The loss of liberty is the fruit. You want your freedom or a sandwich? Long ago, the Church started accepting the role of redistributing wealth through its charities with government money. Today, in my diocese the main function of Catholic Charities is to hook the less unfortunate into the government entitlement programs. Thus, replacing God’s works of charity with government handouts (the most evil fruit of this theft). What is the source of this money? We have a preferential tax system that takes from some and gives to others – this is theft by definition. It is no different than you reaching into your neighbor’s pocket and given his money to someone else. The intention does not matter if evil be the means.

  • kevin

    Wait what’s an instalanche? I feel like I’ve won something, awesome. Sorry for the typos in that post.

    JKM, great minds think alike. Men’s heath health is at stake, women’s too. We can’t afford to go broke buying high quality red wine any more! We’re better than that, yes we are. Yes we can.

  • kevin

    Ok i get it now. That is great. Hopefully it’s not overloading your server Anchoress.

  • Bender

    Bridgit — the left, not merely in this country, but all over the world, has for decades been trying to push the idea that to be “against” contraception is to be anti-woman. That to be pro-woman, one must advocate for and adopt measures that suppress and destroy those parts of a woman’s body that are unique and exclusive to women.

    Once again, they are pushing the argument that to oppose the contraceptive mandate is to be against women. In other words, Obama, et al., are saying that the Church and the Catholic Faith are inherently anti-women.

    This specific fight is NOT one that we can ignore or seek to avoid. We cannot, by our silence and refusal to join with the enemy on the battlefield on this issue, essentially allow the repulsive lie that they promote to stand and flourish.

    And it is the duty of women especially — you are now being called to duty — it is especially upon you women to defend the authentic dignity of woman. Rather than avoidance of the matter, you need to be out there shouting from the top of your lungs that contraception is anti-woman, that contraception is an attack on women, born of an ideology that hates and despises women in their very womanness, an ideology that says that equality means that women are exactly like men. It is an ideology that seeks to objectify women, destroying her healthy body, so that she might be available for the pleasure of men, even if she aids and abets in her own objectification.

    It is Barack Obama who is anti-woman. It is Kathleen Sebelius who is anti-woman. It is Sandra Fluke who is anti-woman. It is the Democrat Party and the left who are anti-woman. All of NOW is anti-woman.

    You can be silent no more. It is time to push back. Hard.

  • Bender

    What I have in mind to promote a culture of life will take a while to come to fruition

    By the way, Bridgit, blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (and they will) because of your doing that.

  • Lorna Smith

    I am a first-time visitor to this website, and it really concerns me to think that a fair number of Catholics are delusional enough to read this, and Heaven forbid, believe it!! What ever happened to the socially-responsible Roman Catholics who stood behind JFK and his progressive social policies that so helped the poorest among us and those in need of medical help? The Republican Party found a way to co-opt the Christian Right Movement, tricking them to vote WAY against their best interests in the name of “religious freedom” or as Karl Rove said, by throwing them “red meat” to keep them riled up!
    They are now doing it to the Catholics……Look again, Republican policies are NOT in your best interest unless you happen to be among the wealthiest 1% of the population. The rest of the world is laughing at us, and we deserve it! By the way, my religious philosophy is “live and let live”. I won’t tell you how to live your life; please stay out of mine!

    [It's too bad that as a "first time reader" you can't know that I'm really into the social justice aspect of our faith and the "living and let living" part, too. But I don't extend "live and let live" to include the sublimation of constitutional rights for the benefit of a fake "crisis" and a governmental power grab. My commitment to social justice demands that I hold my government accountable to truth, not politically expedient fiction-admin]

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Loran, I don’t recall that Jesus personally founded the Democratic party, at any time during His ministry on earth.

    Also, He did not teach “Live and let live”; 60′s era social tolerance was not the message He came to bring.

    This is not a Democrat/Republican thing; this is about the Catholic Church’s respect for life—a position it held long before there were Democrats, Republicans or a United States of America—and the injustice of demanding any business, or institution, be forced to pay for a service it doesn’t wish to provide, for any reason, be it religious, lack of money or just because they don’t feel like it. This is unconstitutional.

    (Speaking of Republican/Democrat. . . I’m not a Republican, but do you really think the Democrats, and their policies, are in our best interests? Unless, of course, you’re a wealthy Hollywood celebrity, a professinal “activist” or a wealthy liberal, who doesn’t actually have to live with the poverty and social chaos all those swell progressive social policies have caused. As for the rest of the world—well, a large part of it seems to be busy rioting over burned Korans, and killing us, while the rest of it is fighting among its own people, or alternately laughing at us, while trying to figure out various ways to get more money from us, and/or get us to intervene in those conflicts where they’re fighting each other.)

  • kevin

    Lorna, you remember who freed the slaves? Abraham Lincoln. Remember what party he was? Yep, Republican.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Lorna, sorry about the misspelling of your name! That was accidental!

    (Must remember never to post until I’ve swallowed copious amounts of caffeine. . . )

  • John

    Y’know, if you really want to help “the poorest among us and those in need of medical help” you would not do it by further empowering a wasteful and inefficient federal government. Nor would you wink at that government’s efforts to violate the integrity of, yes, the very hospitals that serve those in need of help! Lorna seems to be putting partisanship above charity, even as she accuses people like me of bad motives.

    They want to dismiss me as delusional but then they demand that I be civil when conforming to their diktats. Nice neighbors, eh?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I don’t recall Christ making any member of the Kennedy clan an apostle, during His earthly ministry. (And their lives were hardly good examples for the rest of us.)

    (Lorna, your remark about the “1%” indicates you may have been taken in by the violent, anti-semetic, Marxist OWS movement.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    P Buchta, and what is the alternative you suggest?

    Buy into the Democratic stance, hook, line and sinker?

    This isn’t about political parties.

    This is about Catholic teaching, which existed before America was a gleam in Christopher Columbus’s eye.

    It’s also about religious freedom, and the freedom of a business, any business, to run itself in the way it sees fit.

    Stop pretending this is all an eeeeeeevil plot, devised by them bad ol’ eeeeeeeeevil Republicans.

  • mark

    While I agree that Religious Freedom is the key issue here, the Catholic Church has always championed “women’s health care” through natural birth control, either by abstinence or “Natural Family Planning”.

    Which is healthier for women? Taking artificial drugs that have potentially life threatening negative health consequences or using natural means that are just as effective, without any negative side effects?

    Why do we allow others to dishonestly frame the argument for the government mandating insurance coverage of “artificial birth control & abortion inducing drugs” as “women’s rights” or “women’s health care?”

  • bridgit

    You are absolutely right again Bender. It really is up to women to reclaim womanhood and all that entails. The next couple of decades will be crucial I think. it’s very difficult to speak out. I’ve already gotten into a huge battle about the HHS mandate with a cousin of mine of facebook. He left the Church years ago and naturally he “knows better”. Heh. It made me sick too my stomach to argue with him even though I had my sister and another cousin backing me up! It’s all very depressing. Lots of prayer and fasting needed. On a more hopeful note alot of the younger women in my family are refusing to use birth control. My daughter and two twenty-something nieces all refuse and all three are now pregnant! My daughter is on her second, one of my niece’s is on her second also and the other is on her third. They all want more children too.

  • Mary

    Elizabeth, you go girl!!!

  • Brian English

    “I don’t recall Christ making any member of the Kennedy clan an apostle, during His earthly ministry.”

    I believe that appears in the Gospels right after Jesus explains to the apostles, “Whatever you lobby the Emperor and the Roman Senate to do for the least of these, that you have lobbied the Emperor and the Roman Senate to do for me.”

  • conservativemama

    I’ve also seen stores and restaurants that have been around for decades shut their doors. This administration is destroying this country in so many different ways. But of course, it’s our fault as well. We allowed the culture to go far down a destructive, dehumanizing road. Not all of us, but enough of us.

    What I would give to have a strong conservative candidate with Churchill’s eloquence at this time in our history.

  • RLM

    Terrific post – you hit the nail on the head, Ms. Scalia. I have also been thinking about how the mainstream media seems to be determined to set the terms of the debate in a way that benefits Obama and the Democrats. So, now we have a huge national debate about whether or not the Church and Republicans should be allowed to “take away” women’s birth control. Of course, no one is taking anything away from anyone else – oh, wait, except for the government’s failure to recognize the limits imposed on it by our religious liberties!

    In addition, the media is using these smoke & mirrors tactics so as to distract from the abysmal state of the economy. And, guess what? It’s working – a recent NBC/WSJ poll puts Obama’s approval rating at 50% – this is despite the fact that this so called “economic recovery” is astonishingly weak compared to historical trends. This is despite the fact that the kind of inflation that really matters – i.e. the kind that includes food and gas prices – is incredibly high, so families are spending more at the pump and the grocery store for less. This is despite the fact that unemployment is at 8.3%. When G.W. Bush oversaw a more robust recovery with 5% unemployment, the media was calling it a “jobless recovery” – note how they haven’t resurrected the term and applied it to Obama’s recovery. This is despite the fact that a key factor in the lowering unemployment figure is a large number of workers dropping out of the workforce entirely or being forced into an early retirement due to an inability to find a job.

    No one is talking about these issues. Why? Because then Obama would have to run on his record. No, much better to scare people into thinking the Church and the GOP are coming after their birth control. That’ll get them voting for Obama!

  • RLM

    @Lorna… you know that the top 1% of the population is incredibly left-leaning, right? Go to an Ivy League school and ask the future titan of industry which party they identify with – you will hear very few state that they are Republicans!
    Did you know that Wall Street was a HUGE contributor to Obama’s 2008 campaign? That the Silicon Valley millionaires and billionaires also contributed huge amounts to help launch him into the presidency?
    Before you start parroting back OWS propaganda, do some fact checking… You may be surprised to find that the Democrats and the left have been very good to the 1%. But then, of course, that would require you to do some critical analysis — are you ready for that?

  • Jen

    Bravo, Elizabeth! You blow away the surrounding dust and laser in on the truth, as always. Thank you! Bless your courageous heart! :)

  • John

    I too see the economic malaise as deeply related to our cultural drift and moral breakdown. If collectivizing property creates poverty (and it does), what should we expect if we likewise try to collectivize our conscience?

    Voluntary community nurtures human dignity in ways government programs never can. But the latter is now crowding out the former, much to our peril.