Unreal Hotel in Too-Real World

Anthony Esolen has an absolute must-read over at Crisis Magazine.

Many are the strange things going on in the Unreal Hotel.

In Room 101, a man and woman are lying together, and in more ways than one.

In Room 102, it is a man and a man.

In Room 103, a fellow named George, who has grown weary of his life, is meeting surreptitiously with his physician, Dr. Felix, to determine what will be the best medicine for him to take to bring his days to an appropriate end.

In Room 104, two teenagers, drunk with terror and glee, spin the nearly empty chamber of a revolver, while their friends look on and place bets.

In Room 105, a young girl, her boyfriend looking on from the corner, dials the nearest women’s health center to make an appointment to snuff out the life they have begotten.

In Room 106, Mr. and Mrs. Mobile sit anxiously by the telephone, waiting to hear whether their boy, whose ultrasound image they have seen, possesses a certain chromosomal anomaly which will instantly transform him from the prospective Michael, Junior, to an unfortunate object to be discarded.

In Room 107, a caseworker from an adoption agency writes “approved” below the application of two women for a baby boy, and “disapproved” below the application of a married couple, adding the explanation, “too fat.”

In Room 108, a lobbyist hunkers over his desk, writing up new regulations for his employer’s industry, regulations which will effectually drive many of his employer’s competitors out of business. When he finishes with this, he takes from his briefcase a speech on economic freedom, to correct the grammar and add incendiary flourishes.

In places this piece is beautiful, in places it is difficult. Yes, it challenges much of our current formulas. Hey, it’s Lent. Be willing to be challenged.

Read the whole thing and if you’re really brave, pass it around.

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  • john primm

    Woof…our priest yesterday, 3rd of Lent, spoke of Jesus’ cleaning out the moneychangers and animal merchants on the Temple grounds and how sometimes we need to remember that Jesus was not just ‘meek and mild’ but also pushes us to clean out our ‘courtyards of cr_p’ (my expression not his)…great link Anchoress, and I hope whatever it was bothering you has gone away.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Anchoress, good to have you back! I presume you are feeling better now? Stay on the mend, and God be with you.

    [I'm not at full speed yet, but better, thanks. -admin]

  • Mark

    Anchoress, not surprised you were taken down with illness. Your writing is not the favorite blog of the evil one. He is roaming the world in full force today and feels so close to the total destruction of both America and the Catholic Church that he can hardly contain his glee. Folks like you speaking out need to be driven down. You have been in my daily prayers as I have seen you become ever more aware of the evil that is being thrust on the world. I have a mass said for your health and intentions each and every week and you are added to our daily rosary list along with the Bishops and priests on the front lines.