Springsteen, Sex Strikes and Shut Up, Stupids!

I have doctors appointments all afternoon, so let’s just do a quick lookaround:

Springsteen’s Phoniness finally clear: I’ve never bought his “working man” schtick, and his mot recent “big” songs have been lazy three-note drone-fests (Philadelphia, Secret Garden). Now the botoxed, hair-weaved, fake “everyman” who summers in the Hamptons (where his children showcase their equestrianism) is writing some pretty irresponsible lyrics that appear to advocate violence against the fatcats and bankers with whom he rubs elbows while munching arugula at the Classic.

Maybe he’s looking to be the new Che shirt. He was ever a phony and is a phony still.

A Sex Strike: brought to you by the same perpetual adolescents who have spent the last 40 years declaring that the sex drive is so powerful it cannot be resisted — voluntarily or not — and that life lived without sex was abnormal.

Withholding sex for manipulative gratification: the last refuge of insecure, immature and thoroughly miserable women.

“Just shut up, no one cares”: Lame, defensive and disappointing schtick from Jon Stewart, whom I usually like; he’s smarter than “shut up.” What happens when all a movement and ideology has to fall back on is, “shut up! And you’re not getting sex, either!” Sadly, with the entire Mainstream Media at its beck-and-call, the only option left may be precisely the violence Springsteen is crooning of, and — if the goal is simply to keep the power — lockdowns.

NOTE: For the record, I don’t think anyone should “shut up.” Not Limbaugh, not Bill Maher, not anyone. Let people speak, even if you find them tiresome or annoying. Roll your eyes, and laugh at them — that’s perfectly fair — but no “shut up.” That’s just dangerous.

People are stupid, voters are stupid: Politico Editor John Harris is calling voters “stupid”.

Hmmm…let me think: in 2004, voters who re-elected Bush were called “ineducable” by Susan Sontag. Then, in 2004, voters who elected Obama were called “smart.”

If voters are being called “stupid” again, that can only mean Obama isn’t polling too well.

Chris Matthews: “This isn’t as funny as I’m making it…”: Oh, honey, get help. Your bigotry and self-loathing is not funny at all, just troubling and sad. And your panel is pathetic.

The Underperforming Steven Chu; remember when he wanted us all to paint our rooftops white, to save the planet? By the way, did you know that George Clooney and Brangelina took a private jet for the two-hour drive from LA to Palm Springs? Saving the planet is for little people. Big people like Clooney get to sit next to Michelle Obama at official dinners, where the wine is so expensive the “transparency-obsessed” White House chooses not to talk about it. We 99% do not need to know that. It will just make us feel bad while we’re drinking our box wines. Shut up. No sex for you. You’re stupid.

Let’s remember where all of this troubling stuff started: With a president who told people to get in their neighbors face, who turned to the loyal opposition at their first meeting and arrogantly (insecurely) informed them “I won”; with a speaker who looked at the OWS movement and said “they are ours”; with a theatrical, gavel-carrying walk through an “threatening” crowd yelling n-words no one could hear and “spitting” in a manner that was the equivalent of Chris Matthews getting excited on any given night; with an over-empowered HHS secretary with an ax to grind, insisting that first amendment freedoms did not matter and that churches should be forced to violate their consciences or get out of ministry — no matter how long they’ve been at it and how effective they have been — altogether; with a hasty and phoney construct about a “war against women” with its latest version of Cindy Sheehan (Cindy2.0) in the form of a 30 year-old law student who can’t afford to have sex. Which, we have just learned, she should not be having anyway, because she should be on strike or something.

So now, it’s “shut up; no sex for you, stupid, women-haters who are not actually trying to ban contraceptives, but we want everyone to think so. And stop praying” All served up with a chaser that may be a call for (or promise of) violence.

A LOOK BACK: Peggy Noonan in 2005:

You’re a lobbyist or a senator or a cabinet chief, you’re an editor at a paper or a green-room schmoozer, you’re a doctor or lawyer or Indian chief, and you’re making your life a little fortress. That’s what I think a lot of the elites are up to.

The Mandated $1 Abortion Contribution of Obamacare: Reality or not? If the MSM ignores it, does it cease to go into effect?

“We are just days away from fundamentally transforming America as we know it”. They’re certainly redefining the meaning of the words human rights violations. Don’t roll your eyes; the press will take this seriously and give it credence. Freedom to vote without showing ID? That’s a right. And for all I know, it may well be. Freedom to live your conscience? Not so much. Go shut up, now and pray. But keep it to yourself. That’s freedom of worship, which is just as good as freedom of religion, whaddya mean we hate religion? You’re stupid. And sexually repressed.

Coming soon: No free speech for you! Only for you.

The Obama Flag: Never have we seen a cult so eager to slap a president’s face everywhere. Forgve me if I suggest that these very same idolators would have been (quite rightly and justifiably) outraged and concerned if they’d seen such a display of presidential affection in, say, 2003.

Smart Diplomacy scores another victory.

Releasing strategic oil reserves for political expediency. Because we’re too stupid to understand that our supplies must be reestablished at higher prices, or — worse — when we really need it, it won’t be there.

“We’re drilling all over this country; privately, anyway.

UPDATE: I didn’t mean for this post to seem as bitter as it does. But I am really tired of fakery and double standards, when things are as bad as they are, and yeah, I know it comes from both sides. But it’s always more troubling when it comes from a place of power.

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  • Mark

    Fran, give me a break. America is just about done with tolerance and political correctness where the secular state godless government and their media pawns decide on speech freedom based on what beneifts their viewpoint. Only fools are still buying into that lunacy. Dare someone to speak out in a way that does not meet their goals and the full force of hate is flushed from the god of anything goes currently holding power in the white house. Our rights do not come from the Creator, but from government that is separated by a wall of lies from any religous teaching that does not bow to the god of the party.

    I hope Anchoress continues to use her talent focused on actual reality and truth and aims it where she sees it no matter who the party is putting for it garbage. I notice you question only that which is at odds with your party god and his values and jump on in support when someone is preaching his message. that is sad. but it is not American where we do have freedom of speech and are supposed to have a wall around government to prevent it from interfering in any religious activity and stopping it from establishing this secular atheist state religion no one ever voted for.

  • http://spirlaw.wordpress.com Br. Robert Sylvester, CSC

    Excellent work.

    I think you will enjoy my blog (http://spirlaw.wordpress.com). I am the Director of the Initiative on Spirituality in the Professions at the Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. We have been focused on a practical evangelization – attending to the addcited, alcoholic, depressed, suicidal … broken in the legal community in Washington, D.C. and nationally. It is a spiritual care ministry which rests on a competent critique of exclusionary secular culture (largely leftist Frankfort School stuff so much the mind-set of academia) and the range of illnesses it brings and disordered ideas it pushes.

    I am a lawyer who worked here for 30 years, trained in economics and American foreign policy and theology. I am a late vocation – I raised a family, buried a lovely and remarkable Jewish wife (the best Christian I ever met), done my time as an Infantry officer, and survived a “lively” violent, in your face, Irish Mob neighborhood in Boston (there is no other place as instructive ya’ know – God wraps gifts in strange ribbons).

    Come take a visit. You’ll like what you see. We are growing relentlessly – smart view of the enemy the culture is, and Boston honesty and opposition, a portion of human development and plenty of deep faith and practical spiritual insight and care.

    All good comes from the inside out and depends on the individual in relationship with God, then one another.

    Give is a try. Get well – I just went through a bout of severe sinus infection. Have a pint if ye’ be willing.

    Dia Dhuit (God be with you),

    Br. Bobby