Springsteen, Sex Strikes and Shut Up, Stupids!

I have doctors appointments all afternoon, so let’s just do a quick lookaround:

Springsteen’s Phoniness finally clear: I’ve never bought his “working man” schtick, and his mot recent “big” songs have been lazy three-note drone-fests (Philadelphia, Secret Garden). Now the botoxed, hair-weaved, fake “everyman” who summers in the Hamptons (where his children showcase their equestrianism) is writing some pretty irresponsible lyrics that appear to advocate violence against the fatcats and bankers with whom he rubs elbows while munching arugula at the Classic.

Maybe he’s looking to be the new Che shirt. He was ever a phony and is a phony still.

A Sex Strike: brought to you by the same perpetual adolescents who have spent the last 40 years declaring that the sex drive is so powerful it cannot be resisted — voluntarily or not — and that life lived without sex was abnormal.

Withholding sex for manipulative gratification: the last refuge of insecure, immature and thoroughly miserable women.

“Just shut up, no one cares”: Lame, defensive and disappointing schtick from Jon Stewart, whom I usually like; he’s smarter than “shut up.” What happens when all a movement and ideology has to fall back on is, “shut up! And you’re not getting sex, either!” Sadly, with the entire Mainstream Media at its beck-and-call, the only option left may be precisely the violence Springsteen is crooning of, and — if the goal is simply to keep the power — lockdowns.

NOTE: For the record, I don’t think anyone should “shut up.” Not Limbaugh, not Bill Maher, not anyone. Let people speak, even if you find them tiresome or annoying. Roll your eyes, and laugh at them — that’s perfectly fair — but no “shut up.” That’s just dangerous.

People are stupid, voters are stupid: Politico Editor John Harris is calling voters “stupid”.

Hmmm…let me think: in 2004, voters who re-elected Bush were called “ineducable” by Susan Sontag. Then, in 2004, voters who elected Obama were called “smart.”

If voters are being called “stupid” again, that can only mean Obama isn’t polling too well.

Chris Matthews: “This isn’t as funny as I’m making it…”: Oh, honey, get help. Your bigotry and self-loathing is not funny at all, just troubling and sad. And your panel is pathetic.

The Underperforming Steven Chu; remember when he wanted us all to paint our rooftops white, to save the planet? By the way, did you know that George Clooney and Brangelina took a private jet for the two-hour drive from LA to Palm Springs? Saving the planet is for little people. Big people like Clooney get to sit next to Michelle Obama at official dinners, where the wine is so expensive the “transparency-obsessed” White House chooses not to talk about it. We 99% do not need to know that. It will just make us feel bad while we’re drinking our box wines. Shut up. No sex for you. You’re stupid.

Let’s remember where all of this troubling stuff started: With a president who told people to get in their neighbors face, who turned to the loyal opposition at their first meeting and arrogantly (insecurely) informed them “I won”; with a speaker who looked at the OWS movement and said “they are ours”; with a theatrical, gavel-carrying walk through an “threatening” crowd yelling n-words no one could hear and “spitting” in a manner that was the equivalent of Chris Matthews getting excited on any given night; with an over-empowered HHS secretary with an ax to grind, insisting that first amendment freedoms did not matter and that churches should be forced to violate their consciences or get out of ministry — no matter how long they’ve been at it and how effective they have been — altogether; with a hasty and phoney construct about a “war against women” with its latest version of Cindy Sheehan (Cindy2.0) in the form of a 30 year-old law student who can’t afford to have sex. Which, we have just learned, she should not be having anyway, because she should be on strike or something.

So now, it’s “shut up; no sex for you, stupid, women-haters who are not actually trying to ban contraceptives, but we want everyone to think so. And stop praying” All served up with a chaser that may be a call for (or promise of) violence.

A LOOK BACK: Peggy Noonan in 2005:

You’re a lobbyist or a senator or a cabinet chief, you’re an editor at a paper or a green-room schmoozer, you’re a doctor or lawyer or Indian chief, and you’re making your life a little fortress. That’s what I think a lot of the elites are up to.

The Mandated $1 Abortion Contribution of Obamacare: Reality or not? If the MSM ignores it, does it cease to go into effect?

“We are just days away from fundamentally transforming America as we know it”. They’re certainly redefining the meaning of the words human rights violations. Don’t roll your eyes; the press will take this seriously and give it credence. Freedom to vote without showing ID? That’s a right. And for all I know, it may well be. Freedom to live your conscience? Not so much. Go shut up, now and pray. But keep it to yourself. That’s freedom of worship, which is just as good as freedom of religion, whaddya mean we hate religion? You’re stupid. And sexually repressed.

Coming soon: No free speech for you! Only for you.

The Obama Flag: Never have we seen a cult so eager to slap a president’s face everywhere. Forgve me if I suggest that these very same idolators would have been (quite rightly and justifiably) outraged and concerned if they’d seen such a display of presidential affection in, say, 2003.

Smart Diplomacy scores another victory.

Releasing strategic oil reserves for political expediency. Because we’re too stupid to understand that our supplies must be reestablished at higher prices, or — worse — when we really need it, it won’t be there.

“We’re drilling all over this country; privately, anyway.

UPDATE: I didn’t mean for this post to seem as bitter as it does. But I am really tired of fakery and double standards, when things are as bad as they are, and yeah, I know it comes from both sides. But it’s always more troubling when it comes from a place of power.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    As Summer, and the election, approach, I am more and more fearful that actual violence is going to break out. This administration, for whatever reason, seems eager to “Get in our faces” and force confrontations.

    This is not the way our leaders should act.

    Hope you do well at the doctors, and come back with clean bill of health! God bless you!

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    As for Springsteen, he always was a phony. As you said, he’s probably looking to become the next popular T-shirt—from safely behind the lines, of course; he’s not going to fight himself, of course, just urge others towards violence.

    I’m afraid the wells of our popular culture are poisoned.

  • Ellen

    This year feels horribly like 1968, a true annus horribilis if there ever was one. I fully expect to see OWS violence and violence at the Republican convention. I pray that no deaths occur, and I fear riots if Himself is not re-elected.

    I’ve committed to saying 1000 memorares this year for the USA. 200 down, 800 to go.

    [Yes, a lot of people are feeling like this is a 1968 redux -admin]

  • GD Post

    This is my first time here, directed by HotAir. I really like the pace of the article, and the structure of it. VERY NICE!

  • http://egregioustwaddle.blogspot.com/ Joanne K McPortland

    Re: Springsteen. You say phony, I say persona. But then, I’ve always liked him, and I don’t ever confuse celebrities with people who actually, you know, have an impact on anything important. I also can’t get all worked up over expensive wine, because I like it too much myself. But I share your chagrin (if not your level of fire-breathing, which I suspect may be elevated a few degrees by fever) over most of the rest of this silliness.

    And “Oh honey, get help” to Chris Matthews made me yelp with laughter in a public place.

    Prayers for the health of your body and the peace of your soul!

    [I actually don't have a problem with the WH serving expensive wine. You'd expect excellent wine at a WH dinner. I have a problem with their not owning up to it, but pretending that if they don't mention it, then it's not real. It's phony. Just like Springsteen! Thanks for prayers. Heading to doc now. :-) -admin]

  • Screwauger

    I too came over based on a link by Ed Morrissey at HA. I very much like the timeliness and accuracy of this blog. Thank you!

  • Screwauger

    @ Joanne Mr. Springsteen is also famous for tax loopholes related to his expansive property which he would pay approx. $40,000 annually in taxes for albeit for the fact he has it listed as a “farm” and pays $4,000/yr. Those who live in glass houses…

  • Sarah

    Elizabeth, did you watch the video from Jon Stewart? His problem wasn’t that they brought up Bill Maher, but that they claim the Left hides behind comedy when just DAYS ago they defended Limbaugh because he was “just being absurd” and “it was a joke.”

    As a conservative, the Limbaugh fiasco was downright embarrassing.

    [I agree with you that Limbaugh stepped in it and also that idiot-language exists on both sides. But I have a problem with anyone saying "just shut up", particularly these days. The answer to our animosities lies in more talk, not less. That's the issue I had with Stewart, of whom I am a fan. One can't make a point of saying one supports all kinds of speech and then in the next breath say, "just shut up" unless one is trying to be deliberately ironic, which I don't think Stewart was doing, there. I could be wrong, of course. -admin]

  • Peggy R

    This is a funny, great, all-encompassing post. Makes me think of the title “Clarissa Explains It All” from 1980s Nickelodeon.

    Quite right on Springsteen, the phony. Those more recent hits are very flat with little variation in notes.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Unfortunately, when entertainers enter the political sphere, and start calling for violence, and set themselves up as spokespersons. . . it’s no longer a matter of persona. Though they themselves may think they’re just assuming another role. . . celbrities actually have played significant roles in shaping public opinion, and pushing along events.

    Yes, oh yes, it is starting to feel like 1968—”Dejas Voux, all over again!” We need to fast. and pray. and be watchful, as summer approaches.

  • dry valleys

    Apparently, Belgian politicians’ wives once refused to go to bed with them until they formed a coalition government. It does happen, it’s a fairly good way of getting a keen shagger to pay attention to the wishes of a wife he generally ignores.

    As for the wine, Obama will need it if he’s hosting David Shameron, who would probably die of horror on the spot if he had to drink the same stuff as poor people!

  • Bill M.

    Wow. I think someone had thumbtacks with her cornflakes this morning!

    (And I love it)

  • lovemysoldier

    Stewart normally yells “F*** OFF!” As he did on his show in 2008. McCain said something unremarkable in the press and that was his reponse. Shut up is an improvement.

    Here’s what he says while speaking at a university:
    Not safe for work.

    Stewart is no different than any of the others. Free speech for me. Not for thee.

  • kevin

    The Onion had a hilarious article on Bruce recently, singing for the down and out on Mars.


  • Mike M.

    The left is in full mob violence preparatory mode. They are panicked and the fangs are becoming more open by the day.

    It is a near certainty that violence will ensue. A miracle if it doesn’t.

    Wait until the Occupiers – who were on dress rehearsal last fall – are called up to report for real duty this summer.

    America, if it can, will earn its survival these next 8 months. If it falls, it will deserve its fate, sad to say. We let it all happen over decades. My plan is to pray the Rosary and to speak up as much as possible. But trouble will come this summer, and Obama will order it, and that is practically guaranteed. Our Manchurian president, our Cyborg Alynskyite who beyond belief occupies the Oval Office, will no way go down without trying every fascist trick there ever was.

  • Holly in Nebraska

    I thought back in the 2008 election that Obama’s picture was up too much. It reminded me of the regimes of China, Korea, and the old USSR. There were always huge pictures up of their dear leaders. You don’t seem to see it much in democracies. Until now.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Mike, the occupiers worry me, too.

    Unfortunately, they’ve got the MSM covering for them.

    (Yeah, Stewart’s just a classy guy, ain’t he? /Sarc.)

  • https://denythecat.blogspot.com Brian Sullivan

    I am stunned at the vitriol regarding Springsteen. Is there no room for characterization in music? If Springsteen is a phony, he’s a real phony. He knows that he’s not in Jersey anymore. That irony is always present is his music and performance, especially in the Catholic imagery. OK, “Working on a Dream” was not a good record by his standards. But listen to “The Rising” and “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.” When he hits the mark, there’s nobody better. I haven’t listened to “Wrecking Ball” yet. I don’t know where it falls on the Springsteen spectrum. But I know I’ll find and artist struggling with what it means to live in a fallen world, even is own.

  • Mike M.


    I am stunned at how low Springsteen has gone, how corrupted he has become, how infantile, mean and juvenile.

    There was no bigger fan of Springsteen than me. I know every word to all of his songs….until I heard him slander a good man (Bush) and praise a tyrant (Obama and the Dems) AS IF!!!!! it was self-evidently true!

    He is so far from New Jersey he is basically in Moscow.

    There were other indications. Something turned rotten in him and no one noticed including him.

    I will NEVER buy another Springsteen record or attend another Concert.

  • Peggy R

    Note: It looks like the time is off on the combox. It is now 5:17 pm central. It can’t be 9:57 pm as the most recent comment suggests.

  • conservativemama

    Oh Anchoress, I’m so with you on all this. When I need to vent like this I call my sister and we put it all out there.

    I’m a naturalized citizen. I teach children from around the world. I marvel at the gift that this country is. I marvel at our history, at all that we’ve achieved since 1607. Yes, we’ve committed our sins, but we’ve paid for them, atoned for them, and continue to do better, to move forward as human beings.

    There’s nothing better than seeing friendships among young people who if they lived in their home countries would hate one another. We give them a space to leave that behind and to know one another. I know this happens in this country because I see it everyday in my classroom. And I hear from these students about how nice this country is, how kind the people are. And they also tell me that other countries they’ve lived in on their way here were not so welcoming. The fact that we smile and greet one another is a surprise to many of them. An action that small.

    The left may want to tear down this country, but I will not abide it. I think they are the most selfish and arrogant when they engage in this self-loathing. It is greedy. They live in this nation of abundant freedoms and they toss them aside for nothing, for $9 birth control pills. They act like the caricature of the rich man who lights his cigars with $100 dollar bills. They treat their freedoms like those $100 bills.

    And I know it’s true because this country welcomed my parents me so long ago. Thank God, and I do everyday, for the United States.

  • JDC

    I sense there is some confusion on the issue of the strategic petroleum reserve.

    That oil is not just there “so we never have to use it.” It was specifically started in the 1970s following the embargo shocks to serve as what is more generally referred to as a “buffer stock.” The whole point of a buffer stock is to mitigate short-term price fluctuations. It is essentially a sort of intertemporal insurance.

    In other words, flooding the market with strategic reserve oil when prices spike is exactly the correct thing to do. Then you replenish your reserves when the price is low. If the price never dips low again, then it’s clear there are issues with production, and thus the problem is not short term. If the problem is not short term, then you need to adjust the stock’s target price range until it better fits the trend data.

    So, yeah, “stupid” is not the word I would use to describe employing the strategic oil reserve strategically – especially since nothing indicates that any of the present stoppages or speculative trends are permanent.

  • pink lady

    Oh thank you Elizabeth! That was great and sadly true! Bruce Springsteen is the skinny-Michael Moore. I went to many of his concerts in the 70s when he was mostly singing about the beach and romance, sigh. His last ok album was Born to Run; sorry Brian Sullivan , Bruce is just pure LA-LA land now, no NJ left in him; he’s just another forgettable rich guy now pretending to “get it”. When my crazy-liberal democrat parents started liking him because they saw him on msnbc, I knew he was over. Feel better please Elizabeth, you are much needed!!

  • Adam

    I’ve been reading about the prophets and the Babylonian exile this year. I don’t understand why conservatives like to point to the fall of Rome as an example of where our country is headed; the Old Testament gives a much clearer picture. The Jews of the Old Testament were the chosen people of God, and pretty much committed the same sins we’re committing now (sacrificing their kids, worshiping idols, etc.). God let them get utterly hosed in 721 B.C. and again in 587.

    You want some good horror reading tonight? Read the Book of the Prophet Zephaniah and then read Lamentations immediately after. Go on, they’re both short. Understand them in the context that one comes a few years before the fall of Jerusalem and the other comes just after. They’re pretty chilling.

  • Marym

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • kevin

    I think Bruce peaked with “Jersey Girl” live.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    One dollar! That’s what we’ve reduced the life of a child down to, one measely dollar. And I’m willing to bet they made it a dollar to add spite to injury. The pathetic horror of it all.

    As to Bruce Springstein, isn’t it sickening when a multi millionaire, spoiled ego driven rock star starts calling people “fat cats” and creates a cartoon characterization of their personas? For a man with really limited talent, he should just shut up about rich people. Of all the major rock stars, he has to be the most over rated of them all. He can’t sing, he can’t play guitar, and his supposed poetry is all trite crap. He should just be grateful that he’s convinced a bunch of kids he’s got talent enough to spend money on his records.

  • Peggy

    About Springsteen, the first of his songs that I heard was Born to Run. I loved it, and still do. He has a lousy voice, but that song is noisy and exciting, and sometimes that is what I want to hear. The second was Hungry Heart, the one where he dumps his wife and kids in Charm City so he can find self-actualization or -realization or something. He had a hungry heart. Did his wife and kids, Jack? All to a lively beat, too. Born in the USA is sour and shows up his vocal shortcomings as does that annoying Christmas mess he sings (Santa Claus is coming to Town).

  • Mark

    Anchoress, just got done with a bible study group with 37 people who come from all different backgrounds and political persuasions. We have been meeting for over 15 years. One reading got someone off on Obama and it opened a discussion we usually try to avoid, politics. When I tried to move it off that topic, a number of people asked if we could stay on it tonight as they are having problems finding silence within to be able to pray. I put it to the group and it was almost unanimous to open it up as many are having the same issue.

    We actually used our white board we use in the bible study to put up key points to list what was making everyone so anxious. I kind of went to those with long history of support for the Democratic Party first to see what was on their mind. i was shocked that so many are really angry with Obama because they see him dividing this country as they have never before seen with a President. When I logged in and saw your post tonight I could sense the same anger. They feel like they were lied to about ObamaCare and they hate the fact that so much money has gone out to Obama buddies for things that waste tax money. And they are angry that he seems like such a petulant child blaming Bush for everything or complaining about the America he was given to lead. Fourteen of this group spent the next hour laying into not only Obama but the Democratic Party and what it has become under fools like Pelosi and Reid. All had voted for Obama and seemed to need to vent how mad they were and how much they feel left out of any process with their selection in charge. The final straw was the arrogant position that Obama has taken with the Catholic Church and how the
    Democrats have distorted the real issue of religious liberty. For the first time they have seen how the entire MSM seems to be carrying water more for Obama and not seeming to care about the USA at all. The actually believed we were nuts when this topic came up from the right. It took a topic they saw and understood like this religious liberty thing to see how horrible the media was and had become as bad as the controlled media under totalitarian states. All fourteen have said that no matter who runs against Obama and any other Democrat that they are voting against them….14-0. The last time any had voted for a Republican was Ronald Reagan second term and that was only 4 of them. I would not allow anyone to pile on as I sensed these folks needed to vent. They closed with the fact that while continually whining about the worst economy since the great depresssion, it had no impact on the Obama’s and their spending spree. The said it must make FDR roll over in his grave because this crew is so tone deaf to what it takes to lead. If they cared, they would set the tone of sacrifice. If the issues were that dire, they would stay on the job and not have their face all over playing golf and taking separte jets to vacation because his wife would not wait a day to save the country money. It would be like the president of a company laying off people and every week going off for a nice trip on company money. We can’t have four more years of these spoiled kids pretending to be actual leaders.

    What we found was that in hearing these people speak out, it made the others feel better because they assumed all democrats were lined up behind this crap because that is what they see in the media and polls. They found some hope that Americans were not all that far apart when it came to seeing really bad leadership that does not have a clue or have a moral fibre. The group instead thanked them for their courage.

    But one clinker on the night that there was universal agreement that this summer is going to get violent and that this president will put gasoline on that fire if he sees he is losing. Several people have indicated that they have purchased weapons to protect their families if things go as they are worried about. If not, they will leave it out of sight forever. You have to know this crowd to see how shocking that statement was to me.

  • http://flyoverpilgrim.blogspot.com Rebecca

    Elizabeth, I hope you are feeling better.

    As far as Mr Springsteen, the first and only song I liked was “Born to Run.” I still turn up the radio if I hear it. But I listen to nothing else of his.

    I am so interested to see you use the same language I have, when referring to the current President: idol (and variants). You said: “Forgve me if I suggest that these very same idolators would have been (quite rightly and justifiably) outraged and concerned if they’d seen such a display of presidential affection in, say, 2003.”

    We are seeing idolatry so many places in our society today. I weep. And I try to not despair, for what good does that do? We must do what we can, and ask the Lord to have mercy on us all.

  • http://tomperna.org Tom Perna

    I have read your blog at different times and every time I read it…I love it. I am working on a post for my blog and will add your blog address to my post. My post is called – Operation Catechize the Catholics. It’s based on an article I read from the National Catholic Register yesterday. God Bless!

  • Joseph

    Great blog post, don’t apologize! Springsteen had a few good songs (but “Born in the USA” reeks, and his singing on it was atrocious), but I was never a fan, and I never understood the cult of personality about him. I am a working man, a true “1 %ter”, trying to make ends meet, and he doesn’t speak for me anymore than Michael Moore does. Or President Obama.

    The sex strikes make me think of the Ropers from the TV sitcom “Three’s Company”. Stanley should be so lucky!

  • Joseph

    Oops! I meant to say a true “99%ter”. Yikes!

  • kevin

    don’t hate me but I have to say that Bruce is a lyrical genius. yes, his politics stink to high Heaven and make me want to turn him off. But not much competes with “the screen door slams, Mary’s dress waves, . . . So you’re scared and you’re thinking that maybe we ain’t that young anymore, Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night
    You ain’t a beauty but, hey, you’re alright.”

  • http://breadhere.wordpress.com/ Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    I am just going to say this here in public, so that there is no mystery or subterfuge about it. Your voice, which less than a year ago in Rome, rang out about clarity and charity in Catholic blogging.

    Today you exhibit very little charity except for those who you deem worthy of your charity. Very nicely done Elizabeth. Talk about mob mode and mentality, what you do here is completely irresponsible.

    Shut up stupids? This post and those words are the tip of the iceberg. Your blog has developed into a mountain of shrill vitriol; it is like Rome before the fall. You skewer others in public to humiliate them for blood sport while your crowds cheer.

    What has happened to you? And why are you wasting your considerable gifts on this kind of thing? God help you.

    [When I spoke of "charity and clarity" I also admitted that I was as prone to failure as anyone else, if not more so. I have not said "shut up stupids" to anyone. I never tell anyone to "shut up" -- or, for that matter, tell them they're failing in charity, because (again) I do that a lot, myself -- I was making a point about what I'd linked to, which was someone else saying "shut up." I also never call anyone "stupid." Had you followed the link, you'd have seen John Harris calling people "stupid" (and with a bit of venom) simply because he didn't like the polls he was reading. I was making the point -- and I thought it was pretty clear -- that the people who call voters "stupid" today, called them "smart" in 2008 and "ineducable" in 2004. And yes, I hope God helps me. Thank you for that -admin]

  • Gail Finke

    Did you see this yesterday? “Magician” Obama makes world problems “disappear.” http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304459804577281442625441150.html
    Thought it went well with your other links.

  • Gail Finke

    I live in Cincinnati. Two weeks ago, dozens of tornadoes struck west, south, and east of year. Entire small towns were wiped out. Earlier this week, President Obama and the British Prime Minister went to the beginning of March Madness — NCAA basketball games at a Catholic college an hour north of here in Dayton, to the tune of half a million dollars (according to reports). Talk about tone deaf! It’s nice that he and the Prime Minister enjoyed something fun and American. I get that. But he couldn’t spare a few hours to visit one of the devastated areas within an hour and a half of Dayton? Isn’t that what an actual leader would do? Yet nothing seems to stick with this president. No one gets angry. No local newspaper or television reports even mentioned this — only local talk radio. When I watch the nightly news, the smiling anchors report nothing but good news for the President and his reelection campaign, with rosy jobs and housing reports that seem to come from another planet. He has been to 103 fundraisers this year — and it’s only the middle of March! When does he DO anything?

    Fran: Charity in blogging does not mean ignoring reality.

  • gs

    I hope all went well at the docs.

  • dry valleys

    Yes, Gail Finke, and if Obama had done that, he would have been condemned as a fake shedding crocodile tears over the fate of these unfortunate people. Also, if Springsteen had issued a statement in support of the Tea Party (as members of the Velvet Underground and Megadeth had done) those attacking him would be praising him.

    Actually, Camoron faced a similar thing when he once didn’t cancel a trip to Rwanda after floods struck his constituency. Yet he couldn’t have stopped the waters flowing, and if he’d just stood round saying “FLOODS ARE BAAAAAD, MAN” he’d have been seen in the way people are now seeing Springsteen, since obviously he didn’t suffer himself from any flood damage.

  • Peggy

    Fran Rossi S: I think you misunderstood a few things. Anchoress is not telling anyone to shut up or calling anyone stupid. Jon Stewart said “shut up”. Ed Harris of Politico called voters and poll respondents “stupid”‘ many times during his recent C-Span appearance. The Anchoress does not approve. She makes that clear.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Gail, yes, Obama should have taken some time to visit the flood stricken areas, to show his support for the people there. That’s the kind of thing a leader is supposed to do.

    But Obama is more interested in amusing himself than being a leader.

    (Sigh), It looks as if “Charity” these days does mean ignoring reality—especially when it comes to celebrities, who, I guess, are supposed to be above criticism, no matter how outrageous their statements are, or how creepy the caues they support—unless they’re conservative talk show hosts, in which case everything they do, or say, is constantly under the microscope. Did Rush Limbaugh call that fair flower of Georgetown a slut? Egads, fetch me my horsewhip, Smithers! The cad must be taught a lesson! Springsteen allies himself with a violent, anti-capitalist movement, and sings propaganda songs in its support? You can’t criticize him! He’s an artist!

    What Rush needs to do is get a guitar, and sing a song over the airwaves—something with a good beat, and catchy lyrics—”Hey, hey, hey, I’m in the USA today! I was born in the USA! And that’s okay, hey, hey, hey!”

    Something like that.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Seriously, if you had any entertainer connected with the Tea Party singing about getting guns, and bringing the bad guys down, the collective hysteria and outrage from the Left would be a sight to behold.

    Bruce, if you feel so sorry for the working man, why not share some of your wealth with them?

    (And the price of a child’s life is now $1.00. The times we live in. . . )

    (Oh Bruce, old Bruce, hey, hey, hey,
    Ya wanna be a T-shirt, just like Che?
    Ya say ya wanna get a gun?
    But you’ll be hiding under your fancy couch,
    When the fight gets really run!—no applause please, just throw money!)

    [Well, in fairness, Ted Nugent is a nut who says some odd stuff. But he has nowhere near the reach of a Springsteen -admin]

  • doc

    Were the tornado victims the “correct” sort of victims? Remember, our cultural elite have created designated victims and designated oppressors. This is why New Orleans, the chocolate city, according to Mayor Nagin, was the perfect club to be used by the media and the Democrats (sorry for the repitition) to beat President Bush and the Republicans. It doesn’t matter that the ineptitude and failures in Democrat controlled Louisianna and Democrat controlled New Orleans made the Louisianna tragedy far worse than it should have been. The whole point was to seize an opportunity to damage a political foe. The corporate media will have to save their outrage for the next government-caused natural disaster for President Romney or President Santorum (okay, unlikely).

    Mark, I sincerely hope that your little group is indicative of the voting public, nationally. A historic defeat for this president and his party is quite necessary at this time.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    The tornado victims were not on the designated victim list; therefore, they do not count, and, in fact, don’t really exist.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, yes, the above is /Sarc.

  • Bertha

    If the tornado victims were a large group of sexually active
    women who were unable to get their birth control pills, Obama would have been there in a heartbeat. Maybe that’s crass, but I couldn’t resist.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Crass, but funny! :)

    (Or, maybe if they’d been a large group of 30-something “schoolgirls”, who were unable to vacation in Italy. . . )

    (Crass, but we live for it!)

  • dry valleys

    Listen to a recent Megadeth album, or anything by the people calling themselves Lynyrd Skynyrd (the actual Lynyrd Skynyrd are now called “Drive-By Truckers”) and then you’ll find a good sound conservative message. It’s just a shame it’s not very good music :)

  • Joan Buckner

    There aren’t many blogs that that I actually put in my favorites, but this blog post just got you there. I’ll actually even take the time to bookmark your site at some social bookmarking sites!