And now, Miguel! – UPDATED

Look at that little punim!

I keep meaning to mention the Christian Foundation for Children and the Aging. My husband and I signed up with them about a year and a half ago, and became acquainted — long distance — with little Miguel Angel, who seems fortuitously named for this family of Archangel devotees! I have to scan a new picture of him, as he’s grown a lot since this one, and seems full of beans and vinegar in the new snapshot!

CFCA is a terrific organization we encountered through the church — you can sponsor children of any age, or aged adults who are living in terrible poverty and need help. I was able to meet some of their reps last year, in Pittsburgh, during the CPA convention and they encouraged me to go to Central America sometime to meet Miguel and his family. You can do that! I don’t know if we’ll be heading down that way any time soon, but I’ve since spoken with other CFCA donors who have had the chance to actually meet and develop real relationships with the folks they sponsor — it seems like something totally worth doing. In the meantime we enjoy receiving updates on our wee Miguel who, it turns out, likes to play soccer.

Soccer. Sigh. I must send him some baseball stuff….

UPDATE: By pure co-incidence, Lisa Hendy is writing about CFCA today, too. On her facebook thread, there is a discussion of mission trips!

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  • Dave

    My wife and I have been sponsoring folks through CFCA for ~15 years; it’s only $30 a month per person, and almost all the funds go to support the sponsee. We have ~8 folks between us, and it’s always interesting to read their letters and cards we receive from the various foundations.

    A very worthwhile organization. They don’t spend a lot of $ on fundraising.

    Glad to see you’re onboard with them.

    Dave in Durham, NC

  • vanderleun

    “Look at that little punim!”

    I have and all I can say is, “Boy, that George W. Bush sure gets around!”

  • Lisa Hendey

    Thanks for mentioning my post Elizabeth and for your family’s support of Miguel. What a wonderful thing that we can share the good news about organizations like CFCA through our blogs! Miguel is one lucky little boy to have such a cool sponsor!

  • Mark

    We have been blessed to be able to support many kids over the last number of years and it is a joy. I would encourage all to do this if they can. We have one wall filled with kids pictures and letters and this is where Greta chose to pray. It also was where we had pictures of moms and thier babies who had been headed toward abortion. The funny part was that Greta knew each one by name. I have chosen that room to sleep since she left me waiting for our reunion. My kids moved in a twin bed for me. I feel closer to her here than anywhere else on the planet. Now I am trying to learn their names and keep up this one of her many missions in life.

  • Will

    My wife and I recently went on our first Caribbean cruise. There is much beauty and much poverty in the islands we visited. A Carib Native in the island-nation of Dominica asked us to spread the word to encourage more tourists in his country. More tourists hopefully means more jobs for them.

  • Chris V

    I feel bad. I’ve been sponsoring a child and an aged with CFCA for over a decade now, but not once have I written back. I think I’m already with a third child (the others having grown up or left) and maybe a second aged (I think the first one passed away). God bless those who keep in touch with their foster children/parents.