Sad Emo 2 Year Old!

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If you think about it, it’s the same song…but I think this one goes down for a nap better! Flexible cartilage is a wonderful thing!

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  • NY Mom

    Call me antiquated and old-fashioned, but I cringe when I see toddlers singing along to pop songs with mature themes, even if only emotional ones. Whatever happened to the “Wheels on the Bus”, or “I’m a Little Teapot”? In other words, what happened to innocence? And isn’t it cute enough anymore?

    [I'm pretty old-fashioned when it comes to kids, but I don't think this is something "new" or a breach of innocence. When I was that age, my parents got quite a kick out of my dramatics as I sang along with Tony Bennet "Tender is the Night" and "Once Upon a Time" (Or Brenda Lee singing "I'm Sorry") and mangling the lyrics as I tried to emote. That's innocence, too. -admin]

  • robin

    Oh, my, what cuties. Well, I can’t sing or dance, but I can sure hit the floor in a solid nap.

  • Mark

    Had to laugh when I came up tonight as saw these two. I had two great grandaughters today for about 2 hours who are just slightly older than these two. Mom had a sick one who needed to see the doctor and gave me the honor of watching them. We had a blast. Did some face painting, some dress ups, and some good ol fashioned party time singing. Their favorite’s seem to be the ol time religion gospel songs that their great grandma loved. I also have a two year old boy enamored with the songs on Lawrence Welk reruns which I have never figured out. Another duo comes over and wants to watch the “fresh beat band” which gets very annoying on the third time through. I think God sends them when He sees me needing help on patience.

  • Mixed Feelings

    Gyrating for a baby? Nah. Can’t be good. I love that the kid is gifted physically and has obvious musical gifts, but it looks so sad to see moves usually done in a sexual manner by pop singers on babies. Like lost innocence. Yeah, the kid is innocent but the adults are a tad exploitive.

    Bumping and grinding on a toddler? What about that millstone and the depths of the sea? Sure came to mind when I saw this.

    The kids isn’t being allowed to be innocent. Its already mimicking the garbage in the pop culture. The child is beautiful but the situation is creepy.

    And we all wring our hands and wonder why the young tweens are so sexualized.

    I’m grateful that my parents threw out 3 new TVs when I was 3 and did their utmost to preserve our childhoods and let us be children as long as possible in this sometimes twisted culture. They tried to protect us, not use us for cheap laughs.

    St. Joseph, please protect these little ones from their dim witted parents. Amen.

  • Elizabeth K.

    Very cute, and very sweet and innocent as well. And Mark, I think it’s lovely that it actually takes until the third time through for you to feel annoyed with that show, because I find it annoying from the get-go!

  • NJ Gamer

    Mixed Feelings, I shared your thoughts at first. Then I realized that the child has no idea what the song is about. Without listening to the lyrics, you have to admit that it is an upbeat, happy song. The child is just moving exuberantly to the music.

    Think about the “Hokey Pokey.” If one put suggestive lyrics to that song, some might think it exploitive as well. There certainly is a lot of gyrating in that song.

  • Stacey

    Oh my goodness! The little girl singing Adele sounds SO much like my oldest, who also couldn’t say her letter Ls. “Never find someone yike you”.

    She’d say, “Yet’s eat. I yike yunch!”

    She’s going to graduate from high school this year and be gone.

    Now I am emo.