These Dark-Eyed Babies are Killing Me!

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  • Marjorie Campbell

    I could watch that all day – and maybe just get down and rock out with these guys. Thanks for a great YouTube find!

  • Claire

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing! Babies brighten my day!


  • Tregonsee
  • RigelDog

    It’s especially cute that the baby in blue has perfect rhythm, and on the downbeat.

  • kmk

    The brother on the right is gonna get them into the trouble, and his bruddah on the left will get them out! : ) Adorable! And both the strong, silent type!

  • Me Too

    What hynotizing little imps! Love ‘em!

  • Me Too

    Typo: should read hypnotizing


  • katherine

    beyond adorable.

  • communication in marriage

    Thank you so much. Please do watch our other videos and share your opinions

  • Peter in Mpls.

    Anchoress – Is this spate of baby vids a message to your husband or to your sons?

    [Oh, heavens! I am 53 years old! No! :-) -admin]

  • Nancy

    If you can walk, you can dance, but apparently that’s not a necessary condition!