Longenecker Lands at Patheos!

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world…

Oh, wait, wrong scenario. Rewind.

Of all the blogs, on all the portals, in all the interwebz…I always thought Father Dwight Longenecker’s blog, Standing on my Head was one of the prettiest to read, and it had the added distinction of being at turns provocative, thoughtful and hilarious.

And now, he’s walked into Patheos and sat himself down at our table.

The fundamental things apply; Father Dwight tends to focus on them, which is a good thing, in an era of relativity!

He has an interesting Curriculum Vitae: raised in the Evangelical church, Father Dwight graduated from Bob Jones University and then took himself off to Oxford, to study Theology. He ended up being ordained in the Anglican church, serving, “as a curate, a school chaplain in Cambridge and a country parson on the Isle of Wight.” (Home of one of my favorite Benedictine Abbeys!)

Father Dwight, his wife Alison and their four children were received into the Catholic Church in 1995, and he spent the next decade writing books and doing freelance work, publishing in a wide variety of magazines on two continents.

In 2006, he accepted a post as Chaplain to St Joseph’s Catholic School in Greenville, South Carolina, which brought him full circle — more or less — back, as he writes “not only to his hometown, but also to the American Bible belt, and hometown of Bob Jones University.”

That same year, he was ordained as a Catholic priest under the special pastoral provision for married former Anglican clergy.

Longenecker has been described as a Happy Warrior and also as Just Another Old White Bald Angry Guy. His blog is a mixture of things English and American, Catholic and Anglican. He reviews movies and books, writes on theology, architecture, apologetics, art and poetry, and occasionally turns the reins over to his “guest bloggers” — alter egos (or as a few punny people have remarked, “altar” egos, and others have observed, “Not alter ego. Just ego”); they include Mantilla the Hon (a feisty Spanish ecclesiastical fashionista), Mrs Brady-Catholic-Old-Lady, The Vicar, Todd Unctuous — a rather dim MSM journalist — Duane Mandible (a right wing conspiracy nut) and everybody’s favorite: Caitlin O’Rourke, a nine year old Catholic tomboy.

He’s lively, that’s for sure! Please bookmark the page and welcome Father Dwight Longenecker to Patheos!

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