Best Rally Sign I’ve Yet Seen! UPDATES

Photo Credit: Tom Crowe

Grabbed off of Facebook, the best picture I’ve yet seen of the “Stand up” rallies, with the best sign. These are two of the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart — the novice is Sister Mary Joseph and the professed sister is Sister John Mary; they are part of a newish, growing community dedicated to the New Evangelization, and — if you can’t make it out — their sign reads: We fed you; we taught you; we nursed you; we visited you. Keep our conscience free!

Well done!

I snapped this out in front of a Congressman’s office today. There were about 150 people, mostly seniors –it’s hard to rally when you have to be in the office!

Kathryn Lopez is collecting pictures and posting them. If you have any, send them her way!

More pics here

I’m not sure how you gauge the number of participants, but I’m sure it was thousands if not tens of thousands, then again I heard just one venue in Kansas, among several, had over 500 people attending, so…who knows?

I’ll update later this evening with reports and such!

First Update: Okay, I have a photosource and credit for that great picture of the Sisters of Reparation. Sourced at Catholic Vote, picture credit goes to “CV blogger Tom Crowe at the Pittsburgh Rally for Religious Freedom.” I hope Mr. Crowe doesn’t mind my using the picture! It’s a winner!

Well, from the collections of pictures Thomas Peters has
, it looks like it may be “tens of thousands” after all!

From Omaha

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