Joe Biden Channels Ray Stantz – UPDATED

Joe Biden, bless his heart, reveals that he never wanted to be a Mayor or anything like that, because that’s too much like having a real job, requiring real work and, you know, real accountability:

Vice President Joe Biden offered a frank assessment of his career in remarks at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago Thursday night. According to a White House pool report, Biden, surrounded by the city’s movers and shakers, praised former Mayor Richard M. Daley and then said: “I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.”

Biden was elected to the Senate in November 1972, when he was 29 years old. When he took office in January 1973, he had turned 30, the minimum age set in the Constitution for membership in the Senate. Biden served in the Senate from that time until January 2009, when he became vice president.

Just warms the cockles of your hard-working, private-sector heart, doesn’t it?

Read Byron York’s whole piece.

Go get ’em, Ray!:

The guy who has never worked a real job in the private sector is calling for a global minimum tax.

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