This Cat thinks it’s a Dog!

Yes. It’s a cat video on the internet, on my blog. I’m sorry. But it’s so cute I can’t stand it.

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  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    I love it! And FWIW, I used a Lolcat to introduce a short post on Ignatian spirituality and the need to address one another with charity. Must be Cat Friday. And yes, if you are wondering, I actually was giving reflective thought to my own behavior about charitable interactions.

  • Gayle Miller

    Rusty the magnificent thinks he is a dog also – not that he plays fetch or anything – he has sufficient catly dignity to refrain from that – but he barks when he wants to go out on the deck and he follows me all over the house chirping at me to play with him! And of course, I absolutely love every inch of him! And his brother Buddy – the class clown!

    (Never want to leave out Buddy – he’s very sensitive to slights!)

  • lovemysoldier

    Love cat vids. All of my cats since childhood have fetched, jumped, talked, walked up to the spot I point at and sat on command. Not all of them were interested in Bang! You’re dead! That requires a tolerant kitteh. Frisbee style jumping off wall catches are great exercise for cats who get the nightly crazies.

    They know a skill for life by the third time they’ve done it. Comes in handy, too. If an indoor cat gets out or goes after the drapes, call for sit. He’ll hold it until you pick him up or release him.

    Even a well trained cat will take an eh-eh or no command as a green light for mischief. He’s probably thinking, “I’ve got her attention now. Unleash havoc!” The sit command is effective for interrupting misdeeds. Cats are like men in that way. Hold your nagging words and just divert them with a new action.

    All commands must have hand gestures. Cats respond well to gestures while learning. If you try verbal only, well, good luck with that. After they’ve learned the task, verbal only is fine. But who can resist silently ordering a cat to jump on an unsuspecting spouse?

    A few seconds a day for a week or two and you, too, can have a happy cat (or control of your own personal Loki — lookout world!).

  • Kate

    One of my cats would play fetch when he was younger. He would also scavenge the neighborhood to bring me interesting things like kids’ toys that got left out in people’s yards. Another learned to lie down on command, and another one was so smart he learned to lie down just by watching the first one. But most of the others mainly learned things like where the food dishes were and what the sound of the can opener means. :)

  • Bill M.

    I hope to heck this is a sign that felines are evolving in the direction of canines.

  • tomg51

    My cat learned that being spun around on the wood floor made him bite me.

    No wait, I learned that.

  • Anya

    We have a cat that plays the piano, the first time I heard it was in the middle of the night when I had my 4 yr old grandson over. I thought it was him tapping on the keys, but when I went to investigate I found him lying on the sofa, sound asleep. Then I discovered the cat wanted to go down the basement where his food and litter box are kept and the door was shut. Now he’s made it a habit (albeit annoying at times) to stand with his front paws on the piano tapping the keys whenever we aren’t reading his other signals for food or litter box. The same cat, a big fat white fluffy allows my grandson to use him as a head rest when he is lying on the floor watching tv.

  • Renee

    Since we’re cat-sharing, I would just like to say that my beloved kitty has only one eye, and this in no way impairs her. I’ve seen her catch a bird in mid-air, more than once! Sometime in April of this year, she will reach the ripe old age of 21! I was thinking about this the other day, and our son was 16 and a sophomore in high school when we adopted her…and he’s now 37, and when he comes over and sits on the sofa, she quickly jumps up and spends the entire time that he is here on his lap. She can no longer tolerate regular cat food, so the vet said to feed her baby food and give her bottled water…and we do, and she loves it! (She’s partial to Beechnut Pureed Chicken.) We will be sad when she is gone, and will miss that motorboat purr and sandpaper kisses, but for now we will thoroughly enjoy what time we have left with her.

  • Non-Franciscan

    I’m always humbled and instructed by how loving and devoted animal lovers are. Tho’ my patron is St. Francis of Assisi himself, I’m not that into animals. Was not raised with them.

    After reading these comments, I realize how much love God gives some of His children to care for His small creatures. Just beautiful.