BHO: Mr. Spontaneity – UPDATED

Seems to me he’s having a hard time hiding his anger. And the angrier he gets, the more he struggles. Any creature trapped in a net knows that flailing about only further ensnares. No-Drama Obama needs to chill; if he can’t relax, he’s toast.

He’s just reading. It’s just words. He’s not feeling any of it.

Meanwhile, I can hear Michael McDonald singing “takin’ it to the street!” When you’re not equipped to deal with realities, and reason has fled, all that’s left are tantrums.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll says Obama has jumped the shark. I’m not sure that’s possible as long as the press continues to extoll him as the most fabulous of the fabulous political creatures; the media has not yet satisfied it’s need to demonstrate obsequious wonder at his mere being. I am not sure if they will ever have their fill. After all, they did hang all of their credibility on “he’s the smartest man ever to be president” rack. Along with “he’s taking a step down to become president” and, of course, “he’s sort of God.”

After those antes, you can only expect the press to remain “all in” and see this hand played through to the bitter end, and damn reputations or credibility; that’s already shot.

Instapundit wonders if Obama’s anger is owning him:

He hasn’t had a lot of practice dealing with criticism and frustration. And — judging by the whole constellation of actions coming out of his operation — they know something I don’t that’s got them genuinely nervous.

A while back, I speculated that the GOP should employ a picador strategy to get Obama to lose his cool, but apparently that wasn’t even necessary, as he had a lot less cool than I thought.

Both gents linked to this piece — thanks, guys!

More (and more links) re our “petulant president”.

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