BHO: Mr. Spontaneity – UPDATED

Seems to me he’s having a hard time hiding his anger. And the angrier he gets, the more he struggles. Any creature trapped in a net knows that flailing about only further ensnares. No-Drama Obama needs to chill; if he can’t relax, he’s toast.

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He’s just reading. It’s just words. He’s not feeling any of it.

Meanwhile, I can hear Michael McDonald singing “takin’ it to the street!” When you’re not equipped to deal with realities, and reason has fled, all that’s left are tantrums.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll says Obama has jumped the shark. I’m not sure that’s possible as long as the press continues to extoll him as the most fabulous of the fabulous political creatures; the media has not yet satisfied it’s need to demonstrate obsequious wonder at his mere being. I am not sure if they will ever have their fill. After all, they did hang all of their credibility on “he’s the smartest man ever to be president” rack. Along with “he’s taking a step down to become president” and, of course, “he’s sort of God.”

After those antes, you can only expect the press to remain “all in” and see this hand played through to the bitter end, and damn reputations or credibility; that’s already shot.

Instapundit wonders if Obama’s anger is owning him:

He hasn’t had a lot of practice dealing with criticism and frustration. And — judging by the whole constellation of actions coming out of his operation — they know something I don’t that’s got them genuinely nervous.

A while back, I speculated that the GOP should employ a picador strategy to get Obama to lose his cool, but apparently that wasn’t even necessary, as he had a lot less cool than I thought.

Both gents linked to this piece — thanks, guys!

More (and more links) re our “petulant president”.

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  • SteveM


    You want President Empty Suit, I’ll show you President Empty Suit:

    The Nitwit-in-Chief is a clueless mess…

    P.S. Too bad Romney is also a clueless mess…

    P.P.S. Re: Obama/Romney – It’s a Harvard Idiot-Savant thing…

  • kevin

    Yes there is none of the spontaneous wit of say a John F. Kennedy about this guy at all. He’s never really witty or joyful in my opinion; he’s angry, captious and repetitive. This is a man who had the way paved for him since a very young age. the imminent prospect of the Supreme Court giving him a failing grade on the ACA, a huge “F,” is clearly sending him over the edge. As Rush said once, this is someone whose C’s were made A’s all along the way.

  • Evil Otto

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” -Yoda

    Unfortunately, we’re the ones suffering because of him.

  • Hogarth Kramer

    Perhaps the Peter Principle should be renamed. Actually, no. This is an entirely new situation. This is not a person that has been promoted to the limits of his abilities; that happened long ago. This is a person that has been promoted beyond a level where affirmative action is all that is needed.

    The Obama Principle: In a hierarchy belabored with liberal values of identity over competence, a certain chosen few will advance well beyond their abilities.

  • Astro

    It’s kind of like watching one of those Occupy-Wall-Street echo-chanting public addresses, only Obama’s doing with himself.

  • SKay

    I HOPE he is toast considering his ongoing war on the Church and freedom of religion.
    If he is re-elected -as he said to the Russians(who do not have the best interests of the United States at heart)-he will have much more “flexability”.

  • dry valleys

    Not remarking on specific incidents, but on principle anger can be good if it gives people a desire to put right whatever injustice makes them angry. Nick Cleggeron used to do transcendental meditation, but then stopped because he found he was so laid-back he stopped caring about the world’s troubles because he was just fine within himself. You do, though, have to distinguish that from incoherent outbursts of rage like those the man across the road from me ofteen makes.

  • mcnorman

    Mr. Cool just isn’t all that, is he?

  • MarkJ

    Obama is “Through Being Cool”:

  • Quayle

    SteveM, you are just wrong about Romney.

    There are a lot of really smart people with lots of money that would put their money in a fund for Romney to watch over, in a second.

    He could raise a huge investment fund almost immediately, people trust him that much.

    So why don’t you?

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  • Lawrence Cunningham

    Ah, yes, what would Holy Week be without at least one snotty shot at the President.

    [It's not a snotty shot at all. It is an observation. The president's anger is betraying him. It's not my fault -admin]

  • doc

    Yes, what any week be without more spitting on the American people and trampling of the rule of law by this president, his party, and his sycophant media?

  • craig

    “Ah, yes, what would Holy Week be without at least one snotty shot at the President.”

    ‘We have no king but Caesar’ is indeed a quotation heard during Holy Week, but not a sentiment that one should emulate.

  • WarEagle

    SteveM – So why don’t you?

    He has not shown me a single thing on which to trust him. He has changed his public positions on traditional conservative issues when it suits his political future (appointing liberal judges in Mass, pro-abortion in Mass, and above all ROMNEYCARE!!!!). He is not steady or trustworthy in my opinion, and his dumb advisor’s ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ remark only enforces it. I trust Santorum or Ron Paul much more than Romney.

  • Eric


    If I were looking for an investment advisor, I’d hire Romney in a shot.
    But I’m not looking for an investment advisor. I’m looking for a President.
    In particular, I’m looking for a President who can lead America back from the brink. And quite frankly, Romney strikes me as a manager of the status quo, and not a leader.
    Which is a good thing for an investment advisor. But not the kind of President we need.

  • dry valleys

    Unlike Gingrich and Santorum, Romney doesn’t embroil himself in culture war issues. Unlike Paul, he doesn’t care for ideological purity. So he’ll probably go along with whatever abortion laws he finds, isn’t bothered about gays, takes a relaxed view of immigration, and will even bring in Romneycare, though he’ll also repeal the very similar Obamacare if that’s what it takes.

    But he is, in fact, a real true-blooded conservative because he fulfils the historical mission of conservatism down the ages, which is to serve the needs and wishes of the 1%. They aren’t, I’m afraid, bothered about any of your social issues. Romney and his counterpart David Shameron understand this, and will adapt to the conditions they find themselves in accordingly. This is why Romney might win, even though he’s only got two concerns, himself and his constituency (in which most people reading this are NOT included).

  • dry valleys

    “After throwing his support behind several gun control laws at the early stage of his political career, most notably, the Brady Act, Romney has reevaluated his position is now opposed to any further gun control legislations”

    They didn’t say “throwing his weight”, presumably because he hasn’t got any weight to throw, as a result of being utterly hollow.

  • huxley

    Elizabeth: Good insights. Even in 2008 I was concerned that Obama had never been tested by serious setbacks in life, unlike most other American presidents.

    Obama has glided from strength to strength — from a prep school in Hawaii, to Columbia, to Harvard Law, to Editor of the Law Review, to being sought to write a memoir, to the Illinois State Senate, to the US Senate, and finally the US Presidency without ever suffering a loss and having the opportunity to learn from it.

    Even JFK, our richest, most glamorous president in modern times, had fought in WWII, been injured, dealt with physical pain on a daily basis, and failed in his first attempt for the presidential nomination.

    Obama has had a magical career. It is a string of successes that couldn’t last. It is our misfortune that he will learn these lessons late in life as President of the United States.

  • Gayle Miller

    Holy Week or not, we must be aware of the dangers posed by the man in the Oval Office who is rapidly spinning counter-clockwise due to his anger issues. He has been coddled and never chastised throughout his life and now that he is being expected to perform up to the level of the high office he holds, he can’t hack it, pure and simple. He reminds me of my late nephew throwing himself on the ground and screaming when anyone had the temerity to say “no” to him! It didn’t happen often enough to be frank as it would have made him better able to deal with the real world. BHO cannot handle reality and thus he ignores it.

    He is a failed president and ultimately he could easily become a failed human being! Unless you are able to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them, you become a pathetic case of arrested development! Which is highly dangerous in a man who has the nuclear suitcase always at hand – or hasn’t anyone considered that, yet?

  • IcePilot

    Trusting Romney:
    I trust he will support our allies and impede our enemies.
    That he will slow the growth of both spending and government.

    Not as far as I would go, but orders of magnitude better than the incumbent.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Honestly, Valleys, shouldn’t you be more worried about what’s happening in your own country than Mitt Romney—a man you can’t even vote for? (He’s no great shakes, but he’s better than Obama.) I mean—”Red Ken Livingstone?” George Galloway? The growth of “Londonistan”? Yes, yes, I know—only conservatives can do wrong. This is because everyone who holds any kind of conservative stance is the enemy, and must be destroyed. Or something. Red Ken and Galloway supposedly represent the British working class.* That’s all that really matters. (Sigh). Carry on.

    (I say “supposedly” because they seem more interested in supporting Islam than they do non-Moslem Britains; they actually don’t seem to like the latter very much.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I think Romney is better than the current incumbent.

    I’m not crazy about him, but I’ll vote for him. The time to worry about finding the perfect Republican candidate was back in 2008. Sadly, we let the press and the media do a lot of our picking and choosing for us. Never let your opponent choose your candidate. What we’ve got now, is—well, it’s what we’ve got!

    Maybe it’s better we don’t idolize politicians, and set them on pedestals as “The One” and as some great hope who will rescue the country, and save us from ourselves.

    I think a much more watchful attitude towards our politicians, and a refusal to let them get away with anything, even if they’re supposedly on “our” side, would be a great step forward.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And may you all have a blessed and inspiring Holy Week!

    (Our Triodion doesn’t start until next week; your Easter Sunday will be our Palm Sunday.)

  • Mark Greta

    Rhinestone Suderman says
    “I think Romney is better than the current incumbent.”

    No, I believe he means “I am certain beyond any possible error that Romney is better than the current incumbent.”

    At this point, only those lost in some other world reality are still supporting BHO.

    Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ the question: What is truth?

    The answer to this is that BHO is the most pro abortion president in history and has his party of death has killed nine times more innocent babies than Jews killed my Hitler while he was in power. Given a second term of maximum “flexibility” he will do the same to the USA that he and his party have done to all these children. If we did not speak out, even during Holy Week, even the stones would cry out our shame.

  • Manny

    I guess they put the same reel in the teleprompter.

    I better just refrain from further comment. This man has reached a point with me that rises to revulsion. Best not to say what I totally feel. What he did to Cardinal Dolan is absolutely unforgivable and the sign of true lack of moral character.

    On the bright side, I finally looked up what “jumping the shark” means. Haha, no wonder I never got it. I’m pop culture illiterate. :)

  • Kara

    After reading the whole post before viewing the video, I guess I was expecting a different sort of video. I didn’t see anger; calmness without much emotion or passion, yes. I certainly don’t disagree with many of the points you made but this particular video didn’t appear to me to be an accurate illustration of an angry president – just one who repeats himself on budget discussions. I saw more of the anger when talking about the de-funding of Texas when the state refused to comply with abortion “care”.

  • Patrick

    Regarding Romney supporting the “1%” … there are plenty of middle class Republicans who don’t want high taxes to pay for failed social services that only exacerbate the problems they’re supposed to solve (think about it, if they actually solved the problems, who would vote Democrat?) … Romney is a pragmatic right-centrist fiscal conservative which, while not particularly inspiring, is nevertheless an improvement over Obama’s neo-socialism and “black liberationism” (which doesn’t really help blacks at all). Is Romney a charismatic or even an interesting person? No. Does he have a grand vision for the nation? Doubtful. But will he be responsible for anything like Solyndra or the 2700-page “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” unconstitutional monstrosity that is the PPACA? Probably not.

  • dry valleys

    Rhinestone Suderman- I (like most actively left-wing people) abhor George Galloway for his love of tyranny, and would definitely have supported the official Labour candidate over him. I’m less negative about Livingstone, but I “support” him only to the extent you support Romney. And going further, I don’t see why you keep trying to suggest that I have no place commenting on American affairs, or that it’s only possible to care about one thing.

    It’s quite simple, any sane person would care about the US situation because the entire world is affected by who leads the most powerful country on earth in obvious ways. Given what I think, wouldn’t you expect me to take an interest in the US presidential election? It would be a dereliction if I didn’t. Your decision, not mine, but it’s perfectly reasonable for anyone anywhere to take a view.

    I like talking to people of opposing views, you included, believe it or not. And it is true what I said about Romney, in fact social cons and libertarians who are consistent in their ideology think that as much as I do. Yet it is business interests that will always come first. That is why he is the most likely nominee.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Mark Greta, if Obama gets another term, he’s going to pull out all the stops, and do all the things he’s been longing to do, but has been holding back on, because he wants to be re-elected. If he gets a second term, there will be no stopping him! (And, yes, he will go all out, for abortion.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Whatever, Valleys, whatever.