Chuck Colson’s Easter Gift

Chuck Colson is in grave condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage

Evangelical leader and frequent life and family spokesman Chuck Colson is in critical condition in hospital after undergoing surgery this weekend. He was hospitalized Friday after enduring a brain hemorrhage while speaking in Virginia at the Wilberforce Conference.

Colson underwent surgery on Saturday morning to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain. Colson became ill while speaking at the Wilberforce Weekend conference on Friday night.

This Easter, Colson and his family get to share in the sufferings of Christ and the anxieties and heartache known to Mary. Back in the day the nuns would say, “this is a special gift.”

It’s actually excellent theology, if we are able to, like Mary in Nazareth and Jesus at Gethsemane, say “yes”.

God always responds
to our “yes” with a “yes” that shares in his own glory.

It is a great mystery of faithfulness and love.

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