Prayers for Sarah K.

Regular readers, especially those who “go back aways” may remember Sarah, an old friend to this site. She is a Lutheran (she calls herself a “fundamentalist”) and a very ladylike Southern Belle who always addresses me as “Miss A” which I think is adorable. Her life has not been easy; few lives are, but she has truly suffered and yet emerged from it with a heart capable of great love.

Sarah is exceedingly well-read, and not afraid to dazzle me when she thinks I need to get informed on something. Although we have never met, I know her for a kind, compassionate lady (and a military veteran) who loves dogs and who urges me toward the purchase of great pistols and to even better handbags to hold them.

I have not yet taken her advice on the hardware, but someday…

Sarah has had problems with her kidneys in the past, and today I have had a note that they appear to be failing. As we enter in to these most holy days, please include Sarah in your prayers. Thank you.

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  • Mila

    Will do.

  • Maggie Goff

    I just added her to my list. Will mention her during Divine Office all through each day. I do remember her, very fondly. Love to you, Sarah….

  • Manny

    Done. May the Lord shine upon her.

  • EBL

    I will.

  • Margaret Rose Realy

    She is on “the board”

  • Randy

    Praying for her, here family and friends.

  • mary phillips

    God bless Sarah with comfort, peace, joy, patience , and a great desire to see her Lord in His good time.

  • Toni

    Adding her to my list too!

  • Pete

    Can someone explain prayer to me please? I don’t understand why so many people do it. Thank you.

  • Gayle Miller

    Praying for her as I continue to pray for the recovery of my sister who has had a rough road since 3/12 – she is still in hospital and had a second surgery yesterday. Hopefully, this will resolve the ongoing problems at last.

    For both Sarah K and Linda E – may the Lord bless and keep you and restore you to far better health.

  • Gayle Miller

    Pete – we pray because we trust in the Lord God to protect and heal those we love. Prayer for our own selves tends to be selfish and not terribly useful, except to the extent that it reminds us that we aren’t on this earth unsupported and unloved. He always loves and supports us. God’s miracles are all around us – especially at this time of year when all that has been moribund bursts into exuberant life and reminds us that life is beautiful and good. Even the weeds remind us – although personally, I like to curb their enthusiasm!

  • MaryW

    Heading out soon for Stations and Veneration of the Cross. Will offer prayers for Sarah, and for your sister, Gayle.

  • Ruth H

    This seems to be a time to tell of a miracle. My nephew’s wife was diagnosed by THREE different physicians with multiple myleoma a few weeks ago. They kept it to themselves and a few close friends and relatives as they did not want their children or her parents to know. She donated for her brother to have a bone marrow transplant for the same cancer some years ago. He is still alive. If she had it, he would have it again.
    With the final blood test there WAS NO CANCER! More blood tests, still normal. No explanation other than God’s saving grace.
    I pray that Sarah can have the same outcome. However, I am not denying his grace even without the outcome we pray for.

  • Sarah’s Sister in Christ

    I will pray. Gladly. Good to know there is a fellow NRA type gal who also loves Christ and good handbags.

    Meanwhile, if y’all want to ask Our Lady of Loures ‘in person’, then here is the link to the live webcam at the Grotto of Lourdes:

    Jesus’ mum is busy caring for each of her Divine Son’s precious ones.

    Please also add to the two ladies above, my tiny niece “Little A”, aged 4, with Down Syndrome, who just got home after 6 days in hospital but who caught a bad bug and can barely lift her head.

  • NBW

    I will pray for her.

  • NBW

    and I will pray for Linda E and Little A.

  • Gayle Miller

    You are all such good folk – and Happy Easter to everyone! This is truly my favorite time of year! Bursting with exuberant life.