Caine’s Arcade: Resourceful, Can-do Stuff

Andrew Malcolm slipped this into twitter last night and it just completely charmed me. Young Caine is a small businessman within his community; he’s got a dream, a clever head and an open heart. He has everything he needs to succeed in America: curiosity, imagination, vision, ambition, energy, optimism and openness. He also has a “government” (in the form of his father) that is happy to see him dream and explore ideas and avenues, one that’s willing to let him run with his head and sink or swim without a lot of hand-holding or oversight.

People say kids don’t do this stuff, anymore — create things out of cardboard boxes and their own imaginations. Obviously, they do.

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A long time ago, I wrote: America is wide-awake and dreaming glorious dreams. I wonder if she still is? I’m not sure I would write it, today, when it seems we’re being told to put away dreaming and stop thinking that free markets work.

Young Caine demonstrates that people still want to dream, and that their dreams are not especially outsized. But increasingly, I wonder if the culture is amenable toward allowing people their dreams, and that makes this seem bittersweet, to me.

If people know they’re allowed to dream, and to aspire, and to build, they will do it. It is part of our divinely-sparked nature to create, because we are, after all, made in the image of the Creator, himself — full of wonder, intention and consent.

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  • dry valleys

    Do you follow someone called Penelope Trunk? I read her blog and her homeschooling blog with great interest, and she encourages her school-age children in similar ventures. (Also she shares your interest in this Pioneer Woman). Perhaps not to everyone’s tastes but I like it.

  • Cathym

    Thank you so much for posting this video – I will have a big smile on my face the rest of the day!! :-)

  • Victor

    With humanities help Caine was finally Abel, I mean able to fulfill his dream and with God’s help “IT” is just the beginning.

    Keep up the good words and works.


  • Richard

    Thank you.

  • BarbS

    This was an absolute treasure! It reminded me of my childhood when my parents gave me empty cans and cereal boxes and I built a pretty elaborate “grocery store” and charged my friends and their friends a penny for an oatmeal container or an empty can. I also built a cafeteria line and a small diner in the basement (no real food, of course). We liked to pretend we owned a business like that.

    This child’s imagination is delightful and I love how it went viral.

    I hope children can dream. Sadly, I’m sure Caine is breaking some idiotic city code or state or federal regulation :-(

  • Nicky

    I truly love you…thank you for sharing your thoughts, imperfections and ideas with us. Our continued prayers for your friends and your son’s fiance.

  • We Came to Play!!!!

    Caine for President!!!

    We like Caine!

    Caine is getting shared with everyone I know.

    That’s my kind of guy.