Prayers for Kitty and Three Others…

Some of you may remember that about six months ago my son’s fiance “Kitty” dealt with a burst appendix and many complications. She’s been having increasing pain and discomfort for the past few days, and today it reached the point where she really couldn’t function, so they are waiting for doctors to tell them whether they can do an office visit or must go back to the ER.

I haven’t spoken to Kitty, but I can imagine she is feeling pretty upset, if not by the pain, then by the potential havoc this may wreck on her semester and her clients. The illness last year set her graduation back, messed up her internship hours and otherwise put all of the things she’s working for — certification, etc — on hold. I know she does not want that, again.

So, if you could, please whisper up a prayer for Kitty, and for my son, too.

And while we’re praying, reader Sarah — who believes your prayers helped when her kidneys appeared to be shutting down — sends this note:

A friend’s 10 month old niece awoke Monday morning with a high fever and was rushed to the ER. Parents were told little Gracie has a lymph node infection, severe, and she was ambulanced to another hospital. By that time, her groin lymph nodes had swollen to the point they couldn’t put her diaper on. She will be operated on this afternoon and the surgeon asked the parents to get everyone they know to pray. He said “she needs a lot of prayer.”

I know I am asking a lot. I know you aren’t running a prayer site. But, it may be your prayers for me were answered with such alacrity I would tell my friend so she could ask for these prayers for Gracie. Would you please ask for prayers for her?

Yes, let us keep Gracie in our prayers, as well.

Meanwhile Shana — a longtime friend of this blog — is also writing, asking for prayers, for a friend of one of her daughters:

Elizabeth, who is 16, began having seizures a few weeks ago and doctors cannot figure out why she has them. They even hesitate to call them seizures because much of the time she is completely conscious when she has them, but cannot control her body’s movements. Tonight, she completely lost the use of her legs. She cannot make them move. Her family rushed her to Pittsburgh to one of the better hospitals there in hopes that some doctor can figure it all out.

Please keep poor Elizabeth in your prayers, E. And her parents. they must be FRANTIC. Her dad, Paul, is legally blind (and that was an improvement after extensive eye surgery late last year. He is also considered disabled while his eyes heal and he prepares for possibly another surgery). Her mother, Rebecca, is pregnant with their 8th (or is it 9th? Elizabeth is their eldest.) They’re in the crucible rather deep and hot right now! Thank you!

Wow. Clearly we need to pray for the whole family, and for a proper diagnosis and treatment for Elizabeth.

Finally, if you will, someone else has asked for prayers — a man named Jerry, who lost his job about 6-8 months ago. He’s a smart, capable, guy who has been floating his resume and looking for work, but so far nothing is surfacing, and the situation is becoming a bit dire, by now.

Kitty, Gracie, Elizabeth and Jerry. There is a whole world of hurt out there, and a whole world that needs prayers, of course. While we do, if we can prayer for some by name, all the better. Thanks.

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  • Ellen

    There are so many people who need prayers. My son in law lost his job two months ago, and so far no luck. He and my daughter have a 4 month old son and they are feeling the pinch. I’ve been praying for them every day.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Heartfelt prayers going up.

  • @MbernadetteE

    Oh, gracious. Just from the description (and the names), I realized I know Elizabeth and her family. Members of the same parish for many years. Thank you simply for posting this and reminding us that the world constantly needs our prayers.

  • Cathym

    Will do – God bless all

  • Dad of Six

    Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in they mercy hear and answer me.

    Ss Stanislaus and Gemma Galgani, pray for us! Amen

  • fiestamom

    Praying for all.

  • Kathleen

    Praying for all these intentions! and offering up some Easter candy which I had planned to binge on. We are never so powerful as when we pray together.

  • Pete

    All the cases you mention are very concerning and I hope all (with particular reference to the ill people) are swiftly resolved resulting in speedy and full recoveries.

    However, prayer is not the answer. It may seem like it works (although the first commenter claims to have been praying for months with no success) but it does nothing. In fact, a study has shown that people who were ill and knew they were being prayed for actually declined medically. At the best it shows that prayer is ineffective and random, and at worst it shows that prayer is detrimental.

    Don’t get me wrong, I honestly hope all the people here who are adversely affected have positive outcomes to their respective situations but praying to a ‘god’ is an utter futile gesture.

    Remember: a pair of hands at work is worth more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

    Have a nice day, and remember, there is no god.

  • Paula

    I understand fully, as my daughter & husband are in need of healing, also. I have just prayed for each person mentioned in the writing & down the comments. I especially pray for anyone who lacks faith, that they come to know there is a God and believe He does hear & answer our prayers, especially in those desperate, hopeless moments when we get down on our knees and just honestly give it all up to Him. His timing & answers are not always what we want but I truly believe He reaches out to love and draw us near through every one of our circumstances. God Bless all the families here!

  • Pete

    Paula, please provide some empirical evidence or proof that prayer is useful, or works, or is beneficial in a medical/miracle form. If you do then not only will I support you but join you in prayer. I just find the whole thing to be completely ludicrous and very close to, if not actually, a mild form of mental illness.

    Have a nice day, and remember, there is no god.

    [There is no proof, Pete. If it requires proof, it's not faith. And that's the answer you're going to keep getting. Sorry. If you really need proof you will have to go to the Source and be willing to risk a little and open up a conversation with the Being you deny. If you're not willing to risk a dialogue with that Being, nothing at all that is written here will matter a whit. -admin]

  • Pete

    I view the word ‘faith’ as a synonym of ‘ignorance’. Do I need faith to know that water boils at 100C at sea-level? No. Do I need faith to know that if I drop something it fall to the floor? No.

    However, don’t you find it a bit disturbing that you need faith to love this being you believe in? Surely if ‘god’ was so powerful then it wouldn’t be possible to not believe in him the same way that no-one believes the Earth is flat or that gravity doesn’t exist.

    How can I open this dialogue though? If you mean by praying then I am willing to carry out a pretty simple experiment. I will pray that, this Friday, I win the lottery. Not the small prizes, but the big jackpot. If I win, then he exists, if I don’t then he doesn’t.

    Obviously I know you are going to tell me that it doesn’t work like that etc etc, but why not? How can I open a dialogue with someone or something if I don’t know if they are listening?

    [I can tell you that you cannot open any sort of constructive dialogue with the pronouncement -- made to people of faith -- that the word "faith" is synonymous with the word "ignorance." Even with my eyes and ears turned toward you, you cannot possibly know if I am reading or hearing or listening unless I respond. I could choose not to. That doesn't prove I have not heard or seen, it proves only that a choice has been made not to respond. I could make that choice for many reasons -- because I am busy, because I am bored, because I have determined you are not acting in good faith, or because I want to see if you're persistent. As I said, you just have to open up and take a chance. That's faith. -admin]

  • Denise

    Praying for all as requested. No doubt in my mind prayer “works” whether answered the way we ask or not.

    Pete, link to study please… Would like to read for myself.

  • Mark Greta

    It seems like Pete is in great need of prayer that his blindness be removed.

    I will add all those mentioned to my prayer list and send it out to the parish prayer team.

    However, would like to add a small request for prayers as well. Just got a call from by grandson who was married just a year ago. Today they recieved word that his wife Catherine Marie breast exam shows what they believe to be cancer so she is going in for surgery on Friday. Catherine was my granddaughters name who was killed in an abortion mill so her entry into our family was a blessing in many ways and she is an amazing girl. She spent a year as a missionary in Africa and now works with children who have severe family issues in their lives and who have suffered horribly as a result. She has pulled in many in the family to help which has been a major blessing to all those who gave time and talent. I was just at the orphage last week working with an eight year old boy who had cigarette burns all over his body put there by his “mother” and her loverboy. Pray that this girl is not removed from our family and our community for we need her in our lives.

  • There’s Proof

    I work at a med ctr, one of the top 10 in the US. There are studies that show those who had prayers did far better than those who did not have prayers. Our campus now encourages all the spiritual help our patients can get. We have people of ALL faiths and no faith literally light up when a chaplain enters the room. Chaplains can be of all stripes too. But the people know they are in need and need prayer. And the chaplains pray with them. I heard this from the Catholic Chaplain, a priest.

    I’m going to pray for those who don’t believe in prayer. I want their hearts to heal so they can also participate in one of the world’s greatest loving events: interceding on another’s behalf.

    We just listed, Sarah, Elizabeth, Baby Gracie and Miss Kitty on our parish rosary list. They’ll get about 50 to 100 rosaries tomorrow a.m., April 12.

  • Pete

    Admin – Well if your idea of god also reacts the same to prayer as you do to my comments (i.e. he might not respond “because I am busy, because I am bored, because I have determined you are not acting in good faith, or because I want to see if you’re persistent.”) why call him god? Surely the all powerful, all knowing, far-reaching deity you believe had enough power to create this world from nothing would be able to hear and answer a prayer. Maybe not immediately no, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, but I watched as a friend of mine (years ago when we were teenagers) die over a period of 2 years from a very aggressive and painful form of cancer. His parents and family were intensely religious (I never have been) but look what good it did them. They now say that gods contribution to the whole ordeal was to accept him into heaven. Why, then, did it take two agonising years to do that?

    Anyway, I am taking that chance, the lottery is tonight.

    Denise – Certainly, here it is.

    Mark – Don’t worry, I have always been ‘blind’ and I am doing fine so far. I would suggest you need to look at your own life and beliefs and maybe make some more rational choices perhaps? I hope Catherine gets better and the advances in cancer treatments would suggest that she will. I hope for her quick and full recovery.

  • Pete

    There’s proof – Sorry, I seemed to have misread the number of comments. My main point about prayer is that there shouldn’t even be room for doubt about its significance or power. As I said earlier, no-one doubts gravity or the spherical nature of the planet because they are indisputable, scientific fact. If prayer was as certain to work as you seem to think why are there doubters in the world (like me)? What specific evidence or proof can you show me that prayer exists. I can direct you to Isaac Newton and a photo of the Earth taken from space as proof of my assumptions. Where is yours?

    Also, if any one of the people you pray for dies, or gets worse, how can you say prayer works? I mean, if you did it right, and god was there, why would he save one and not the other? Surely the first time a prayed for person dies it refutes the whole idea that god is both omnipotent and benevolent. Either he is one, and not the other, or neither. Which wouldn’t make him god.

  • Mark Greta

    Will continue to pray for Pete and all other lost souls. How sad to be shut off from God. Hard for me to imagine a worse condition in need of prayer.

  • Pete

    Mark – I find it interesting that you announce your intention to pray in public. What do you think that this achieves? Obviously as I am an atheist, I don’t believe in the power of prayer and just see it as a waste of time. I know that you disagree with me on this but why do you (and a lot of Christians) seem to think that prayer will become more powerful or heard more loudly if the intention to do it is made public?

    If the reason you do it is to inform others of your (good?) intentions then is there really any point in doing it? Either you pray (with or without their knowledge) and there is a miracle (read, coincidence) so therefore they know you prayer, or you don’t pray and whatever happens is covered up with some it-was-gods-will…-…one-more-angel-in-heaven…-…something-better-will-come-along… etc etc mumbo-jumbo.

    So, not only do I not see the value of prayer, but I also don’t see the value of announcing your intention to pray.

    PS. Instead of praying, maybe feed the hungry? If it makes you feel better then you can say you are doing it on behalf of me maybe? It’s up to you Mark. But remember, a pair of hands at work is worth more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

    Have a nice day, and remember, there is no god.