Kitty Update

Thank you for your prayers for Kitty, and also for Gracie, Elizabeth and Jerry. I don’t yet have any information on the last three, but Kitty went home last night — the first time she’s gone to the ER and not ended up admitted — with some pain killers, some reassurances that her situation should resolve itself and the usual, “but if you start spiking a fever or vomiting, come back!”

We are, as ever, exceedingly grateful for your prayers and your generous spirits. Will update you on the rest as I get it!

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  • Pete

    Wonderful news! I hope the other three receive equally promising news soon. Let’s not forget though, it was down to the doctors, medicine and an incredibly adapted human body and immune system, not the whispered ramblings of strangers and friends alike.

  • NBW

    Praise be to God! I will continue to pray for her.

  • shana

    Elizabeth Update:

    She caught me on facebook today: doctors have diagnosed the problem and she said that it is going to take a lot of working with doctors to fix (she did not go into details.) She has regained use of her legs once more, too, and may be allowed to go home from the hospital today.

    She is very grateful for all the prayer.

  • shana

    Pete: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  • Pete

    Shana – I am not sure what relevance a Hamlet quote is but if you want to explain I would be grateful. Also, notice in your post that you say “it is going to take a lot of working with doctors to fix”. ‘Doctors’, not ‘god’. I always find it funny that people claim that god works through people to heal. If that is the case then why do we have doctors at all? Surely anyone is as useful if god is working inside them?

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    I have not had a chance to comment, but please rest assured of my prayers and the prayers of our community, for Kitty and others. For all of you who are touched by any of this; many prayers.

    [Thanks, Fran. -admin]

  • Daybrother

    Pete, I don’t know why you feel compelled to post anti-religion comments on a specifically religious blog but I can say with certainty that your mother or father should have spanked you before you grew into whatever you are. You have no sense of decorum, no sense of respect and you are a sorry excuse for a young man. Grow up.

    [I appear to be taking much less offense by Pete than you do. Thanks for your concern, but I've never minded atheists coming in here and rattling the bars, and he is very civil. I don't mind his comments, so needn't -admin]

  • Pete

    Daybrother – That isn’t very Christian is it?! Surely you should be praying for me and forgiving me? My parents didn’t ‘spank’ me and I am very glad of that. As for what I ‘grew into’, how about a well-rounded individual, who can argue coherently without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks and outspoken atheist. I think I have a very good sense of decorum as well as respect. Indeed, look through my posts on this blog and you will find nothing but respectful disagreement with several posters. I am interested in finding out what makes religious people think the way they do, and what justification they have for believing the things they do.

    Also for ‘whatever you are’, try published author, accomplished public speaker, and Oxford graduate.

  • Peggy Coffey

    Please keep us updated on Kitty. All of them are in my heart.

  • shana

    Pete, I am astonished that you claim that you did not understand the relevance of the Hamlet quote. Seriously, you graduated from Oxford and need me to explain that passage in light of your assertion that prayer is nothing but whispered ramblings? Or yesterday’s revelation that you [paraphrasing] associate prayer with being ignorant? And today that my update was ‘funny’ since it mentions doctors will have to work with the poor child I asked prayer for?

    I’m not sure that I, iggerant, funny Cat’lic that I happen to be, can help you out there.

    I’m also a little perplexed by your direct reply to me as well. It is as if you assume that Christians believe that God is an invisible Fairy Godmother with a pink star wand, granting wishes from atop a cloud if we fold our hands properly and ask nice enough. While I don’t doubt there are some who might be immature enough to think that is the case, I don’t know anyone who is Catholic that behaves that way with God. We ask for what we need, and God did ask us to do so. Whether He answers the way we want Him to is another matter entirely. Sometimes, what we want and what He knows is best for us are not the same things, which is why we pray, “Thy Will Be Done”, as Jesus taught us to do. Prayer doesn’t change God’s mind, but it often changes us.

    On the other hand, if you are truly serious about wanting to understand people who pray, and why we pray, and more importantly, the One we pray to, maybe you should take the advice of our hostess to you yesterday and spend time every day praying. If you ask God to reveal Himself to you in a way that you will understand, He will. He will for anyone who seeks Him, honestly seeking Truth.

    You might, as part of that experiment, also read the work of Blaise Pascal, his unfinished Pensées (free on Kindle) and realize that we’re setting you on the challenge of his Wager. Pascal was a funny, iggerant Cat’lic, too, you know, as well as a mathematician, philosopher and physicist. Then maybe you can read about an atheist scientist and pioneer in medical uses for radiation, and pick up “A Song for Nagasaki”. Takashi Nagai went searching for the truth of God, too. He also read Pensées in his search.

    If you are sincere in your search, any of us will help you. If you are just a troll under the bridge trying to yank the chains of a few Yanks for fun, as is so mind-numbingly dead common (which is probably why Daybrother wrote as he did), please spare us the wasted time.

  • Pete

    I am not a troll but at the same time I am not interested in searching for god. I have made up my mind about the supernatural and deities but would like to debate your opinions on these matters in an attempt to understand theists and, in particular, Christians better.

    I am busy right now and your interesting answer deserves a proper response which I will duly deliver later on.

    Have a nice day, and remember, there is no god.